That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Tony Perez and why he won’t appear at Jeter’s Hall of Fame inducton; Raiders get set to say goodbye to Oakland; plus more

USA Today file photo: Tony Perez and Andrew Dawson former Miami Marlins executives at the 2016 MLB Draft are considering sitting out the Hall of Fame induction boycotting their former boss Miami Marlins owner Derek Jeter, who is going into the Hall of Fame.

On That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Former Cincinnati Reds first baseman Tony Perez was a super star, a big part of Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine. Then he retired and later became the Reds manager, but was fired after about a month by the then late Reds owner Marge Schott. It was a firing that shocked not only Perez but also the team and many in the organization.

#2 After Perez’ firing at the Reds, he was later hired in Florida, joining the Miami Marlins as a front office executive. Then when Derek Jeter bought and fired former Marlin players Andre Dawson, Jeff Conine, former manager Jack McKeon and Perez. The four have said including Hall of Famers Dawson and Perez said their leaning towards boycotting Jeter’s induction at Cooperstown.

#3 With Perez considering not appearing at the Baseball Hall of Fame induction of Jeter and joined by three other big name ex-Marlins, how does this fly in the face of a Jeter induction and will this be more of a distraction at the Hall of Fame inductions as this most likely will be the topic of conversation at the Hall on the day in question?

#4 This being the Oakland Raiders’ final season in Oakland. The Raiders are in camp and play their first preseason game on August 10th against the Dallas Cowboys at the Coliseum. There will be a lot memories left as the Raiders will close out this season in Oakland.

#5 The Raiders have been the subject of the HBO special “Hard Knocks”. HBO had approached nearly all 30 teams about doing a “Hard Knocks” special, but didn’t get a yes. Fans and viewers have said the Oakland Raiders, who have bucked the NFL and the commissioner in decades past, would be the perfect team to do the special on. Raiders general manager Mike Mayock says does not approve of the special on his team, but nonetheless, the production crew is in camp and in production.

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Kevin Johnson featured on HBO Real Sports


by Charlie O. Mallonee

Sexual innuendo, police investigations, hush money, possible cover ups and political intrigue. No that is the latest plot line of the television show, “Scandal”. It is the latest plot line of allegations directed at Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

On Sunday evening, the lead story on “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” was about Kevin Johnson and the allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior dating back 20 years. Real Sports is an investigative program that looks at various issues related to the sporting world and also profiles sports figures.

The investigative piece featured the stories of three women who have accused Johnson of unwanted sexual advances. One of the women is from the Phoenix area and her accusations date back to the time of Johnson’s playing days in the National Basketball Association.

The woman – who was 16-years old at the time – claims she saw Johnson as mentor before the NBA star changed the nature of the relationship. The woman went to the police who had her call Johnson in order to trap him into a confession. When that did not work, the investigation faded away.

Eventually, the woman and her family accepted a settlement for at least $200,000 in exchange for keeping the matter confidential. She now says accepting the money was a mistake. She also admits that money is now gone but claims she is speaking out because that is what should have happened 20-years ago.

The Real Sports story also features two young women who were students and then interns at the St. Hope Academy. Both claim that Johnson made unwanted sexual advances toward them.


Real Sports also focused on the stories of a former teacher and foundation employee at the St. Hope Academy and Foundation. They also claim to have knowledge of inappropriate sexual behavior by Johnson. Both individuals have resigned from their positions because of what they perceive as Johnson’s inappropriate actions.

The program also references a more recent incident where an employee in the Sacramento City Manger’s office claims Johnson made unwanted sexual advances  toward her. That employee put in a claim to receive $200,000 from the City of Sacramento because of Johnson’s actions. The city council voted to deny that claim.

Real Sports implied that the city employee may have received payment from Johnson.

Johnson recently announced that he would not seek a third term as Mayor of Sacramento. There is nothing specific to connect the accusations and the decision not to run but the timing of the events is interesting.

The man who kept the Kings in Sacramento, spearheaded the building of an new arena, has been a champion of innovative education, was an up and coming political figure and will soon be a NBA Hall of Famer is now the subject of some very negative news reporting that cannot be helpful to his future and legacy.

Because Real Sports is an HBO program, it will be repeated by the network multiple times giving readers a chance to watch the reports and draw their own conclusions.