Latest on A’s Staying or Moving Saga; Nev Gov Lombardo open to A’s move to Vegas

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo address in the state of the state speech on Mon Jan 23, 2023 at the Assembly Chamber at the Legislature in Carson City. Lombardo is open to financing an Oakland A’s move to Las Vegas but without using public funds (Nevada Independent photo)

Latest on A’s Staying or Moving Saga

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By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–In November 2022, the voters of the State of Nevada elected Joe Lombardo (Republican) to be their next governor over Steve Sisolak (Democrat) who had told the Oakland A’s that the State will not be raising money so the A’s can build a new stadium in Las Vegas.

However, the current governor Joe Lombardo and the A’s recently met and; “discussed what options the team had in regards to public-private partnership opportunities. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal Lombardo on Wednesday night through a spokesperson said that although he “isn’t in favor of creating a new tax to lure a professional team to the state, there could be other avenues to entice an interested franchise.”

Baseball Commissioner who is in favor of the A’s leaving Oakland, because he doesn’t see a way the City of Oakland can keep the team, also met with the new elected governor Lombardo. who “hinted at and have chatted with the A’s about remain to be seen” this according to the governor spokesman.

The A’s however “appear to have zeroed in on a potential Las Vegas site.”The A’s have been looking at a potential site in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Festival Ground on the north end of the Strip and the other one, the Tropicana site on the south end. Earlier this month a spokesperson for Phil Ruffin, a casino magnate, said there had been no recent talks between him and the A;s regarding the festival grounds site.

Next, the Bally’s Corporation President George Papanier, in charge of the company’s casino operation confirmed that talks between them and the A’s on the Tropicana site “were ongoing”.

We could, could have some Breaking News this year, why? because this cannot go forever. This was one of the lines from “Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour” which was a radio show that ran from 1934-1948, when it made the transition to television as the “Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour” and ran until 1970; It goes like this: “round and round it goes, where does she stops, nobody knows”.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Will new Nevada governor be open to using public money for new A’s stadium

Oakland A’s president David Kaval said the deadline has been set for December for the City of Oakland to decide on a new Howard Terminal in downtown Oakland (AP News file photo)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury in your latest column you talked about newly elected governor Joe Lombardo and whether he would approve public money to bring the Oakland A’s to Nevada he hasn’t talked about which way he’s leaning on public support for the A’s.

#2 Nevada governor Steve Sisolak did support funding for the Raiders to the tune of $750 million, Sisolak supported the Vegas Golden Knight, Las Vegas Aces, and Formula 1 Grand Prix. Sisolak was not in favor of using tax money to build an A’s stadium.

#3 MLB scheduled two pre season games on Mar 4 and 5 at the Triple A minor league Aviators Stadium between the Oakland A’s and Cincinnati Reds in what can be called a show case game in the possible future of an A’s move.

#4 In the meantime the Oakland’s mayors race is neck and neck between Loren Taylor who is leading Sheng Thao with thousands of votes yet to be counted. Probably (whomever wins) wants to keep the A’s in Oakland. 

#5 A’s team president David Kaval left little doubt that if there no decision on the A’s Howard Terminal Stadium by December the Oakland stadium proposal will be dead.

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