That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: “The Martian” signs with the Yankees, 16-year-old swings like something out of this world

photo from 16-year-old prospect from the Dominican Republic Jasson Dominguez has been said that he’s better than Mike Trout at age 16.

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez

He is Jasson Domínguez, a 16-year-old from the Dominican Republic, and the New York Yankees signed him to a $5 million bonus. Scouts have drawn comparison with Mike Trout and the great Yankee legend Mickey Mantle. Scouts reported that “El Marciano”, who swings from both sides of the plate, has power, speed, and a sensational arm. They nicknamed him “El Marciano”, which is Spanish for “The Martian”, because according to those that have seen him, “there is no way he is from this world.”

Domínguez, without a doubt, is the top international prospect in this year’s class. Other comments about El Marciano: “He is 16, but with a body of a man.” Domínguez was no secret to scouts of other teams like the LA Angels, Texas Rangers, and Tampa Bay Rays, who were also very interested in signing him. He is regarded as the top prospect to come from Latin America in at least a decade.

One general manager said, “He is like a Mike Trout, but he is better than Trout was at 16”. Jasson Domínguez will not play this year, but next year, he will join other Yankee prospects inside their very deep minor league system.

I do not have a commentary on him, because I have not seen him yet.

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