The Fantasy Football Doctors Thanksgiving Weekend Show: Finish off the holiday a winner!


Your hosts: Dr. Vasu Vaddiparty & Dr. Charlie O

  • Fitzmagic is over. Is Winston a good play this week?

  • Tom Brady is nursing his knee. Should you still start the “O.G.”?

  • How well will Russell Wilson play in Carolina?

  • How will Cam Newton fare vs. the Seahawks at home in Carolina?

  • Can “Big Ben” keep it going in Denver against the Broncos?

  • Is Eli Manning the sleeper QB play of the week?

  • Matt Breida is a must start at RB vs. the Bucs

  • Peyton Barber may be a strong start in the backfield vs. the 49ers

  • The Pats’ Sony Michel could be a big play with Brady having a bum knee

  • Look for Doug Baldwin to be a prime target for Russell Wilson

  • What will Josh Gordon do on Sunday for the Pats vs. the Jets?

  • DJ Moore should see lots of targets from Cam Newton

  • The Steelers’ Vance McDonald will have another productive game at TE in Denver

  • The Broncos’ TE Jeff Heuerman is expected to do well versus the Steelers

Turkey Fantasy

Do you want to win? Of course, you do! Push play and find out who to start and sit to come away with a victory this weekend. The playoffs are coming!

Fantasy Football Doctors Podcast NFL Week 6


your hosts: Dr. Vasu Vaddiparty & Dr. Charlie O

  • Is Jameis Winston the start of the week?

  • Could Matt Ryan be the QB to use this Sunday?

  • Why you should avoid Derek Carr

  • T,J. Yeldon–Start ’em

  • Beast Mode–You’ve got to be kidding

  • Aaron Jones will get another chance to be the man in Green Bay

  • Is the Andy Dalton and Tyler Boyd matchup a good play?

  • Will the Niners’ George Kittle score you points on Sunday?

The answers to these questions and much more on this week’s edition of the Fantasy Football Doctors.

NFL Week 4: Fantasy Football Doctors podcast has right prescription for you to win on Sunday

ff cartoon

hosts Dr. Vasu Vaddiparty & Dr. Charlie O

  • Is this the week Tom Brady and the Pats get it together on the field?

  • How will Aaron Rodgers fare versus the very tough and energized Buffalo Bills defense?

  • Who is going to start for Tampa Bay – Jameis Winston or Ryan Fitzpatrick?

  • Why has there been so much fantasy buzz this week about Eli Manning?

  • Will Matt Breida have a larger role in the 49ers offense with Beathard at QB?

  • Is the game where Marshawn Lynch has a real impact for the Raiders?

  • Should you take a chance and start Giovani Bernard?

  • Will this be the game that the Pats begin using Josh Gordon?

  • Doug Baldwin says he is ready to play – should you add him to your lineup?

Vasu and Charlie O have the answers to these questions and many more in this week’s podcast.

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Charlie O. Finley Was Controversial and Innovative

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By: Amaury Pi-Gonzalez

When Charlie O. Finley, the controversial but successful businessman and owner of the Oakland Athletics, told me in 1977: “Yes, you can broadcast in Mexican,” little could he have envisioned that Hispanics would be the largest minority in California and in the United States some 40 years later.

I never really knew if Finley believed Mexican was an actual language when in fact it’s a nationality. Today, there are 33 different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean–most of them with Spanish as their main language. In Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, Portuguese is the official language. So, regardless of what Finley believed, the fact remains that he was an old school baseball owner who was much involved with his team as he had a passion of the game. He could talk baseball with the best of them. He was an insurance magnate, and when he became involved with baseball as owner, he challenged tradition and changed the game in many ways, especially the marketing with his loco promotions. By the way, the classic A’s Front Office was just a handful of folks–mostly his relatives–who actually used the three World Series trophies to file the mail.

This is what Glenn Dickey wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle about Finley in 1996: “The irony of Charlie Finley’s life was that everybody seemed to focus on what he did poorly and ignore what he did well. His promotions were farcical, often disastrous, but the man put together a baseball team that was the only non-Yankee team to win three straight World Series for the American League.”

But among his many crazy promotions–like the live mascot, a mule called Charlie-O–my all-time favorite was Harvey the Rabbit. And this season, the A’s brought the rabbit back. We now see this mechanical rabbit prior to each game at the Coliseum.

The original Harvey the Rabbit was something special. He was a mechanical rabbit who rose from the grassy ground behind home plate near the umpire with a basket full of baseballs for the umpire to put in play.

Among Finley’s promotions
  • Orange baseballs: Tried in a few exhibition games, but hitters found it too hard to pick up the spin.
  • Hired Stanley Burrell (who would later gain worldwide fame as rapper MC Hammer) as Executive Vice President when he was just a teenager to be his “eyes and ears.” Burrell would called Finley on the telephone to give him exclusive updates of what was happening in the game. Sometimes, Burrell will bring us coffee or soda to our broadcasting booth. Burrell was a great kid.
  • Offered players $300 bonuses to grow mustaches during the championships. For star Hall of Fame relief pitcher Rollie Fingers, the handlebar mustaches he grew for Finley became a trademark.

Finley lived in Chicago, where he died in 1996. He was a great salesman who made a fortune. His flamboyant marketing revolutionized baseball. He changed the traditional uniforms that were white and gray with black shoes and dressed his A’s with Green and Gold uniforms with white shoes, allowed facial hair, which has been making a comeback in baseball in recent years.

Finley owned and operated the Kansas City and Oakland A’s for 20 years. He would come to Oakland for a series of games, sit behind the A’s dugout many times wearing a green blazer and waving an A’s pennant on his right hand. He was passionate and involved like George Steinbrenner was with the New York Yankees years later.

More often than not, Finley would be in his “owners box” at the Coliseum. You could see his reactions to the game. When the team lost, he would not be happy and depending. When they lost, he would be furious. I remember him walking by the press box many times with Sarge (bodyguard) and his friends and/or associates screaming and complaining about a play, an umpire or even his own manager.

Finley was not what they call “politically correct” today. He said what he had in mind. After winning three consecutive World Series, he refused to pay his players millions of dollars to stay with the A’s. So one by one, Catfish, Reggie, Campy and others said “adios” to Oakland.

Finley was the A’s owner as well as their Numero Uno fan. Seldom an owner dominates such way that becomes the face of a franchise, but he was that man.

The only owner today among professional sports that reminds me of Finley is Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner Mark Cuban, but aside from Cuban, who also appears on TV on Shark Tank, most baseball owners today are not like Finley. Depending on what you like, that could be good or bad for the game of baseball.

Different times, different baseball…

SacKings Podcast: Ben Stram of FANRAG Sports grades the Kings 2017 NBA Draft

by Charlie O Mallonee


The 2017 NBA Draft is history and now it is time to evaluate how well each team did in the draft. The Kings turned three picks into four selections by trading the 10th pick to Portland in exchange for the number 15 and 20 selections. Was that a good move by the Kings?

NBA Draft expert Ben Stram of FANRAG Sports  breaks down the Kings selections and gives the team an overall grade for their choices.


Did he like the selection of De’Aaron Fox at number five?

Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival
Point guard De’Aaron Fox is now a Sacramento King

What did Ben think of trading away Zach Collins for the 15th and 20th picks?


Is Harry Giles worth the risk of dealing with his injury riddled past?


Will Justin Jackson be an impact player?

J Jackson
Justin Jackson the Kings #15 overall draft pick

How will Frank Mason III fit into the Kings youth movement?

Kings second round selection Frank Mason

We also asked Ben who lives in the Chicago area about the impact of the Jimmy Butler trade to the T-Wolves?


Ben also gives a grade to the 2017 NBA Draft as a whole.

If you are a Kings fan, this will be 18-minutes and 30-seconds well spent. Enjoy.

Kings arena: anti arena group to ally with non-union contractors

by Ken Gimblin

SACRAMENTO–The new ownership of the Sacramento Kings might have to dig in at the ballot box politically this coming June as a anti arena group has geared up to oppose the new arena proposal. The new group Voters for a Fair Arena Deal will not be working with Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed To Pork or STOP. Non-union contractors who appeared at one of the Kings rallies at the Westfield mall the site of the proposed new Kings arena are joining the protest against the new arena and plan to support VFAD.

The non-union contractors are upset that they were not included in any process of the new arena build, the new arena is expected to be built by only union labor.VFAD is separating itself from the better known group STOP due to questionable petition gathering by STOP and how signatures were gathered by STOP were in question. Also STOP’s involvement with Seattle hedge fund manager Chris Hansen who paid $50,000 to have signatures gathered by STOP. Hansen who lost his bid to move the Kings to Seattle might have been seeking a way to stop the Kings from building a new arena in Sacramento if it were put to a vote regarding public funding.

Hansen later said he had nothing to do with paying the $50,000 for the signature gathering after receiving heavy criticism by city and NBA officials behind closed doors sources say to put a ballot measure to have any new public funding for any new sports facilities built in Sacramento to be voter approved first.

The public’s share of subsidizing the new Kings arena downtown is around $258 million. Hansen later backtracked after realizing he might have damaged his chances to buy, build a new arena, and own an NBA team in Seattle. VFAD is going forward with the petition campaign saying they want the public funds policed for new sports facilities which should be voted on by the Sacramento voters.

The non-union contractors who will not be involved in any of the construction work are willing to contribute to the ballot measure effort by donating $15,000-$25,000. VFAD will not be joining STOP to work in concert with getting the measure on the ballot distancing themselves from STOP because of what is considered questionable campaigning in obtaining the petition signatures and their involvement with Hansen.

Community activist Craig Powell from the group Eye on Sacramento said, “we are not opposed to the new arena, we are not opposed to the public subsidy for an arena. What we are in favor for is a subsidy we can afford.” Craig has said that the price tag of $258 million in public subsidies is too much and will do damage to the city budget.

Ken Gimblin is covering the Sacramento Kings for Sportstalk with game day reporters Tony Renteria and Charlie O