Podcast: Will Tiger accident end the career of one of the greatest golfers ever?

Photo of crash scene of Tiger Woods SUV crash in Palos Verdes CA. Tiger was the lone driver and no one else was in the vehicle at the time of the accident at 7:00AM on Tue Feb 23, 2021 (CNN image)

By David Zizmor

The good news is that the vehicle accident involving Tiger Woods at Palos Verdes is not life threatening it initially sounded like there was at least one broken leg and he might have two broken legs. He did have surgery this afternoon for the broken legs.

Tiger was already recovering from back surgery a back procedure that he already underwent in December so it wasn’t like he was in perfect health to begin with but it certainly wasn’t a threat to his career.

Knowing the way Tiger would operate he’s going to do his best to come back when you look back on his career your talking about one of the greatest golfers of all time from 1997-2000.

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