NHL podcast with Daniel Dullum: NHL puts together another successful All-Star Game

dailyherald.com photo: Pacific Division’s Marc-Andre Fleury, left, of the Vegas Golden Knights, defends against a shot-attempt by Central Division’s Patrick Kane, of the Chicago Blackhawks, during the second half of a semifinal of the NHL hockey All-Star Game in San Jose, Calif., Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019

On the NHL podcast with Daniel:

1 Metropolitan Division wins All-Star 3-on-3

2 Pacific Division loses 10-4 to Central; Metro beats Atlantic 7-4

3 Many highlights in Skills Competition

4 Brenna Decker to get her NHL Skills money; Kendall Coyne Schofield wows fans at Fastest Skater event

5 Austin Matthews honors ex-Shark Patrick Marleau in All-Star Skills Competition

6 Puck electronic tracking is coming to the NHL

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