NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors World Champions After Beating Boston 103-90

Golden State Warriors celebrate World Championship victory at TD Garden in Boston after defeating the Boston Celtics in six games on Thu Jun 16, 2022 (@warriors photo)

Golden State Warriors World Champions After Beating Boston 103-90

By Barbara Mason

Thursday night the Golden State Warriors took on the Boston Celtics and closed it out in six games winning the NBA Finals 103-90 at TD Garden.

The Warriors were 0-3 in playoff play when they had the chance to close out a series on the road. On the flip side of the coin the Boston Celtics have a 3-0 record in elimination games.

Teams leading 3-2 going into a game six have an 81% chance of winning. The last team to blow a 3-2 lead however, was the Warriors against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016.

Game 6 recap: The Celtics came into the first quarter on fire taking a 12-2 lead in the opening minutes. A couple of turnovers from the Warriors and a couple of three’s from Jaylen Brown was the difference in this game with a long long way to go. Three minutes into this game Klay Thompson was already in foul trouble and later Kevon Looney would find himself in foul trouble as well with two fouls. In a 17 point turnaround the Warriors took a 27-22 lead after 12 minutes.

The Warriors took a 15 point in the first two minutes of the second quarter. Marcus Smart had his third foul in the quarter but the Celtics were fighting their way back into this game trailing 37-29 with a lot of time left in the second.

Looney picked up his third foul in the second quarter. With under three minutes left in the first half the Warriors had taken an 18 point lead 51-33. Draymond Green was having an amazing game offensively and defensively with five points, five assists and seven rebounds. Golden State led at the half 54-39 with the Splash Brothers each turning in 12 points.

Boston turned a 22 point Warrior lead into 12 in the closing minutes of the third quarter, With under two minutes left in the third Boston had made a real push trailing 76-66 after three. It had been a 16-4 run for the Celtics despite a 17 turnover tally.

Golden State turned it on in the fourth quarter leading 101-86 with 1:30 remaining in the game. There would be no collapse for the Warriors in this game. The Celtic turnovers were a huge factor in the Boston loss. The Golden State Warriors were the NBA World Champions. The final was 103-90. It was nothing short of a finals masterpiece.

Curry was back after a tough game five with 34 points, seven assists and seven rebounds. Green was amazing with 17 rebounds, eight assists and 12 points. This was a real team effort that could not have been accomplished had it not been for every single player on the floor tonight.

A rough start for the Warriors turned into a glorious finish. “I’m so proud of our group. I thank God everyday that I get to play this game at the highest level with some amazing people,” said Curry the NBA Most Valuable Player after the game. “What we’ve been through in the past few years: it’s amazing. We hit rock bottom with injuries. We never take this for granted because you never know when you will be back here” he said.

It was a massive celebration for the Warriors on center court and a tough pill to swallow for the Celtics watching their opponents celebrate on their home floor. There was a huge celebration back at Chase Center with a watch party inside and out.

The Warriors now have their fourth championship in eight years, a level that few teams have been able to reach. They came so far in the past three years, going from worst in the league to world champions making this championship probably the sweetest they have ever celebrated.

NBA Finals/Golden State Warriors podcast with Barbara Mason: Warriors at the top of the mount again defeat Celtics 103-90; Win NBA Championship in six games

The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) high fives teammate guard Gary Payton II (0) in second quarter action at TD Garden in Boston on Thu Jun 15, 2022 in game 6 of the NBA Finals (AP News photo)

On Golden State Warriors podcast with Barbara:

The Golden State Warriors put away their fourth NBA title in eight years, with a defeat over the Boston Celtics at TD Garden in Boston on Thursday night 103-90. There was no stopping Warrior guard Stephen Curry who scored 34 points and receive the NBA Finals trophy for the Finals MVP.

The win awarded Golden State their seventh franchise trophy since winning their first one back in the 1974-75 season. After winning five straight championships the Warriors cooled off for three season which included a season worst for them three seasons ago.

For Warriors head coach Steve Kerr it was his ninth championship overall including five times as a player, his sixth as a head coach and his fourth title as coach of the Warriors.

Barbara Mason was the Golden State Warriors beat writer for the 2021-22 season at Also our thanks for to Jerry Feitelberg and David Zizmor for their podcasts on Warriors basketball this season.

Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Griner could be out of Russian jail in July; Mistakes the Celtics have made; plus more headlines

WNBA star and Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner mug shot from Russian jail. Griner could be released by the Russian government by July 2022 after being held since Feb 17, 2022. The Russians had wanted a prisoner swap Griner to the US for the Merchant of Death Viktor Bout. (file photo from NY Post)

On Headline Sports podcast with Jessica:

#1 WNBA star Britney Griner reportedly will have to stay in a Russia jail another 18 days and could be released by July. Griner is being held in Russia after being accused of having hashish oil in her suit case while trying to leave the country. Griner has been in jail since Feb 17th and is facing 10 years upon conviction.

#2 Jessica as game 6 of the NBA Finals will tip off on Thursday night the Boston Celtics have struggled losing games four and five to the Golden State Warriors who are now on the brink of winning the NBA Championship. Celtics mistakes described are a cross court pass intercepted, a dribble hand off is dropped, and a lob pass is picked off.

#3 Jessica, wanted to ask you about a female minor league announcer of the Lynchburg Hillcats the single A minor league affiliate of the Cleveland Guardians. Maura Sheridan whose story is making huge headlines after being sexually assaulted by minor league pitcher Daritzon Feliz of the Hillcats. Sheridan in August 2021. Feliz was let go by the Hillcats but the Hillcats further put out a job posting at the beginning of this season for Sheridan’s job. The Hillcats didn’t want any liability on road games with their announcers so they posted Sheridan’s job out.

#4 Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow speaking out on gun control during a press conference on Monday saying that there should be a law making it hard for people to buy those crazy guns. Burrow also said that no one should be able to just go in and buy one saying you have to go through the process to just go in and buy one.

#5 In another case of on the job harassment Phoenix Suns female employee Melissa Fender Panagiotakopoulos who reported that she was the target of bullying, retaliation from her employers after she complained of gender equity and misconduct. The Panagiotakopoulos had been with the Suns since 2007 and worked for eight years as a senior employee and resigned in May. Panagiotakopoulos had wrote a complaint letter to all 16 of the team’s ownership group.

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NBA Finals/Golden State Warriors podcast with David Zizmor: Warriors can close it out on Thursday in Boston

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins, middle, shoots against Boston Celtics guard Derrick White, left, and center Al Horford during the first half of Game 5 at Chase Center in San Francisco on Mon Jun 13, 2022 (AP News photo)

On the NBA Finals/Golden State Warriors podcast with David:

#1 David, talk a little about game 5 as the Golden State Warriors move up on the Boston Celtics 3-2 and could finish the finals off on Thursday night to win the championship.

#2 Dave, what was the key to the Celtics shutting Stephen Curry down in game 5 they held him to only 16 points but while the double teaming worked the Warriors Andrew Wiggins led with 26 points.

#3 Just how tough will it be for Golden State to win game 6, the Celtics have been tough at home, they have one of the best defenses in the NBA and they have that crowd that’s been on Draymond Green all series long.

David did the Warriors podcasts throughout the 2022-23 season and will return with Headline Sports on Wednesdays at

That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: A’s could get close to getting ballpark but affordable housing a huge issue; plus much more news

Artists rendition of inside of an Oakland A’s Howard Terminal ballpark. The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission votes on the park on Thu Jun 30, 2022

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury top story is the vote with the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission on June 30 a huge vote that will help decide to keep the A’s in Oakland.

#2 One of the points that you raised a big hurdle for the A’s to get this one is that they need to address the affordable housing project issue with the city of Oakland. The city is asking for 450 apartment for affordable housing out of 3,000 units. Will owner John Fisher and the A’s bend to the City’s will?

#3 Amaury, turning to the NBA Finals it was back and forth for awhile but the Golden State Warriors as expected with the home floor put away game 5 and moved ahead of the Boston Celtics at the Chase Center on Monday night.

#4 Amaury talk about Warrior forward Draymond Green a little pushing and shoving underneath the basket with the Celtics which drew a crowd but punches thrown at 4:40 remaining in the game. Frustrations for the Celtics and Green doing some trash talking towards the end of the game later Green fouled out of the game.

#5 The Oakland A’s open a three game series at Fenway Park tonight. The Boston Red Sox are hot they’ve won eight of their last ten the A’s are not they’ve lost nine of their last ten games. A’s starting Jared Koenig (0-1, ERA 9.00) the Sox will be going with Nick Pivetta (5-5, ERA 3.78) a 4:10 pm PDT first pitch.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Heritage Hall of Fame Museum and does News and Commentary at

Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Warriors Thompson wants to win it badly; Giants surprise with weekend sweep of LA; plus more

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) says he wants to win the NBA Finals badly after being laid off the last two NBA seasons with injuries (file photo by USA Today)

On Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria:

#1 Tony, I know you have a lot to say about the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors in game 5 of the NBA Finals last night at Chase Center in San Francisco. Warriors series tied up at 2-2 the Warriors Andrew Wiggins who at one time contemplated taking a Covid 19 vaccine shot or stay off the team that was nine months ago Wiggins thought the better of it and where he is now? He led the Warriors with 26 points last night to go up 3-2 in the series.

#2 Game six is in Boston is on Thursday night the Warriors Klay Thompson was quoted as saying “I want to frigging win” remarking on his long three year wait after sitting out two straight seasons with an ACL and Achilles injuries.

#3 Tony have to ask you about the recent sweep of the San Francisco Giants over the Los Angeles Dodgers there are a lot of people in baseball who are shocked about three straight over a Dodger team like this.

#4 The Oakland A’s will try and pick up a win in Boston tonight. They won only one game on the current road trip which started in getting swept in two games in Atlanta and then getting losing three of four games in Cleveland needless to say it’s been tough sledding for Oakland as they open for three games tonight in Boston.

#5 Tony, Phil Mickelson met with the media on Monday at the US Open and he was needless to say very uneasy in the meeting. He was evasive, dodged some of the questions, he wasn’t nervous but it was obvious that he didn’t want to be at the podium and afraid of questions regarding his book in consideration about joining Saudi Super Golf League.

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NBA Finals game 5 recap: Warriors Take Series Lead Beating Boston 104-94

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart (36) drives around the Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) as the Celtics forward Jaylen Brown (0) puts on a block during first half action at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Mon Jun 13, 2022 (AP News photo)

Warriors Take Series Lead Beating Boston 104-94

By Barbara Mason

It has come down to a game five for the Golden State Warriors and while this is not mathematically a must win, the team does not want to go back to Boston trailing in the series. They won’t have to worry about that after putting away the Celtics with a ten point 104-94 win to go up 3-2 in the series on Monday night at Chase Center.

The Warriors came out with a vengeance in the first quarter leading after 12 minutes 27-16. The Warriors only had two turnovers to the Boston Celtics four and Golden State’s defense was absolutely terrific to start the game. Draymond Green had a great start and the familiar fire was back.

The Celtics started to heat up in the second quarter and it only took Boston three and a half minutes to cut the Warriors lead in half. The Celtics began to hit shots and organize putting Golden State a bit out of rhythm.

Everything that went right in the first quarter came to a screeching halt in the second quarter. In the final four minutes of the quarter the Warriors got back on track leading at the half 51-39 in this roller coaster of a game. Andrew Wiggins was the high scorer for the half with 16 points and a nice defensive effort with seven rebounds. After a slow start Stephen Curry finished the half with 10 points.

Jaylen Brown was two of ten in the half and the Warriors were doing a great job containing him. The Celtics had nine turnovers which really hurt them. Golden State had to keep the pressure on in the second half.

Boston flipped the switch to start the third quarter. They scored five unanswered baskets and cut Golden State’s lead to two points in less than two minutes. At 6:49 the Celtics had tied the game at 55. The first lead of the game for Boston came at 6:27 and the Warriors were barely hanging on in this game. Golden State was able to take back the lead, albeit a slim one, 75-74 as the third quarter came to an end.

Golden State came in with great energy in the fourth quarter and with under four minutes left in the game the Warriors had a 93-82 point lead. In game four it was the Curry show and in game five Andrew Wiggins took over with 26 points and an amazing 13 rebounds. The final was 104-94 and Golden State had taken a 3-2 series lead going back to Boston.

It was a tough night for Curry. He went 0-9 from downtown and finished with 16 points. You could see the disappointment etched on his face but his teammates rallied around him and they lifted the team to their first series lead. Klay Thompson had 21 points and Draymond Green had a great defensive game and finished with eight points.

This was the first time that Boston had lost back to back games. The Warriors put together some great quarters and when push came to shove they finished this game. The Warriors didn’t come this far just to come this far and they played like it. There were some ebb and flow moments but they rode it out to get within one game of being the world champions.

Game six will be in Boston on Thursday night. Tipoff is scheduled for 6:00 PM.

NBA Finals/Golden State Warriors podcast with Barbara Mason: Will Curry’s leg be up to game 5 action?; Celtics defense still a concern for Golden State

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) winces in pain as Boston Celtics point guard Marcus Smart (36) is landing on Curry’s leg with the Celtics center Al Horford (41) is reaching underneath Curry and Warriors shooting guard Jordan Poole (3) tries to reach underneath Holford for the battle of the basketball during game 3 at TD Garden in Boston on Wed Jun 5, 2022. Curry recovered in game 4 scoring 43 points (Sports Illustrated photo)

On the Warriors podcast with Barbara Mason:

#1 Barbara, how much of a concern will it be for the Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry who hurt his leg in game 3 in Boston and has he recovered well enough that he can start game 5 tonight at Chase Center?

#2 The Boston Celtics who have won two of the four games played in this tied up series 2-2 are noted for their strong defense how much pressure is on the Celtics to execute the defense and shut down the Curry and Thompson.

#3 Barbara now talk about how much pressure is on the Curry and Thompson to tally points and keep scoring down on the defensive end to a minimum to stay ahead of the Celtics.

#4 Barbara, take a listen to what the Celtics Jaylen Brown said that the Celtics are taking a lot of positives out of anything saying that the team could be in a better position but being 2-2 is nothing to sneeze about either and that the Celtics can learn from their mistakes and improve on them starting tonight in game 5.

#5 Barbara any concern before tonight’s game the Celtics have had better luck in the playoffs away from home than they have at TD Garden. Do you see any advantage for the Celtics tonight on the road in San Francisco for game 5?

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NBA Finals/Golden State Warriors podcast with David Zizmor: In game 4 it was all Curry to take Warriors home

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is exhaulted after things move in the right direction in the fourth quarter against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden in game 4 of the NBA Finals (AP News photo)

On the NBA Finals Warriors podcast:

#1 Stephen Curry led the way for the Golden State Warriors with 43 points in game four on Friday night at TD Garden in Boston. Curry was instrumental in the Warriors tying the series at 2-2 and avoiding coming back to San Francisco down 3-1.

#2 Curry teammate Klay Thompson said Curry carried the team on his back and on Monday night at Chase Center the team needs to reciprocate and help Curry out.

#3 Dave with game five now in San Francisco on Monday night and the series tied at 2-2 how much pressure is it on the Boston Celtics to win this one and how much pressure is on Golden State to stay head of Boston before going back to TD Garden for game six.

Dave Zizmor does Warrior podcasts during the NBA Finals at

Warriors Tie Up Series 2-2 Beating Celtics 107-97

Boston Celtics center Robert Williams III (44) passes the ball against Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) in NBA Finals action game 4 at TD Garden in Boston on Fri Jun 10, 2022 (AP News photo)

Warriors Tie Up Series 2-2 Beating Celtics 107-97

By Barbara Mason

The Golden State Warriors took a brief lead in the third quarter of game three but couldn’t handle the size of the Boston Celtics as well as Boston’s home crowd. Klay Thompson had a 25 point game and scored 18 points in game four on Friday night’s in Golden State’s game 4 win over the Celtics 107-97.

Jordan Poole was off in game three and Draymond Green admitted in his podcast that he let the crowd and the game atmosphere get to him. Of course the Golden State coaching staff would put together a plan to contain Jason Tatum and Jaylon Brown but the Warriors needed a lot of help from Poole, Wiggins and Thompson.

The Celtics held a one point lead after one quarter. Again Golden State got a bit of a slow start something that has haunted them throughout these playoffs. At the half Boston held a 54-49 lead in a hotly contested game.

At the end of the third quarter the Warriors led 79-78. Robert Williams III continued to be a problem with 12 rebounds and Tatum, Brown and Marcus Smart were having a good offensive game. The Warriors would have to pull out all the stops to win this game.

Golden State did just that in the fourth quarter. They fought for every possession in the final quarter and their persistence paid off. In the final minutes they began to pull away and finished off this game 107-97.

Stephen Curry had a brilliant game with 43 points and it was Curry to the rescue willing his team to the win. He was seven of 14 from downtown with ten rebounds. The Warriors still await Thompson and Poole to come unleashed in game five.

The Warriors are hopeful Kevon Looney will start the next game. Another big moment were the 16 rebounds and 17 points from Andrew Wiggins.

Golden State did just enough to win this game and now this series is tied coming back to Chase Center in game five. The team will need all hands on deck for the remainder of this series.

“This was big big for our team. I am just thankful for everyone on this team. We knew how big this game was. We do this together,” said Curry after the game.

“This is the strongest he has ever been in his career,” said Head Coach Steve Kerr of Curry. “Everybody was emotional tonight. We needed more physicality than we had in game three.” he said.

Monday evening the Warriors will be back at Chase Center for Game Five. Tipoff is scheduled for 6:00 PM.