NCAA basketball podcast with Michelle Richardson: Indiana University says mascot, logo and name have to go; Ex-Rugters player arrested for murder; plus more

Valparaiso Crusaders head coach Matt Lottich (right) with Sheldon Edwards (13) and Ben Krikke (23) come back to the bench during a time out in their game against Drake on Sun Feb 7, 2021. The team name Crusaders, logo, and mascot are being done away with. (AP News photo)

On the NCAA basketball podcast with Michelle:

#1 Michelle, Indiana University Valparaiso said it’s changing the name from Crusaders to something else. The University is made up of Lutherans and the student president Kaitlyn Stienhiser said the Crusader name doesn’t represent the core values of the university and that logos, the nickname, the mascot will all have to go.

#2 Former Rutgers Scarlet Knights basketball player Logan Kelly 26 was arrested for murder. Kelly is accused of slashing a Tijuana night club employee’s throat. Kelly had walked up behind the employee and killed the woman. He was detained by club employees and arrested. The woman was 19 years old. Kelly played for Rutgers during the 2012-2013 season.

#3 NAIA school Bluefield College in Virginia had it’s game forfeited by the university’s president David Olive because the players were taking a knee during the national anthem. Olive who is white ordered the players to stop taking a knee before the anthem and suspended all players involved in the kneeling saying they were disrespecting the flag, the country and the military veterans.  Olive said he supported their message but didn’t want them taking a knee before games. There could be some political blow back for Olive here.

Michelle’s Final thoughts

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