Jury still out on Tolzien, McCoy or Daniels for number two quarterback spot

By David Zizmor

SANTA CLARA–The 49ers who completed their second pre season game on Friday night was an uneventful match in Kansas City although they did manage to win the game 15-13. As we saw in the first game this wasn’t much of a match up it was obviously the intrigue involved with former 49ers quarterback and now Chief Alex Smith facing the 49ers for the first time ever and seeing him in another uniform was certainly strange.

The 49ers are concerned from a roster stand point this wasn’t exactly a big deal of a game were not seeing a lot of competition and were not seeing the starters for all that long 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick only played one series and that series was uneventful it was highlighted by a big 50 plus yard run by running back Frank Gore. Kaepernick he looked so good in practice and in the first game there was really no reason to run.

There was no need having Kaepernick go onto the field and get hurt, the 49ers immediately shifted to back up mode partly because the back up quarterback situation is a little bit more tumultuous and the 49ers need to make a decision about the number two guy behind Kaepernick whether it’s going to be Scott Tolzien, Colt McCoy, or B.J. Daniels who the 49ers drafted this year. From that prospective it’s not sure if the 49ers got a whole lot of answers.

None of these guys really separated themselves from the field and they all had okay games but nothing particularly note worthy, you could see Tolzien was 3-8, McCoy was 3-6, Daniels probably had the best game going 6-9 for 72 yards including a little bit of scrambling 4-13. You have to note that he threw the only touchdown pass in the game. You have to note that Daniels was playing in the fourth quarter when they were going at third and fourth string guys or in other words players that won’t even make it to the NFL when the season starts.

Most of those guys might make it to the practice squad at that. Daniels had a good game and could see that and you could see the raw talent. The 49ers liked when they drafted him but he wasn’t only going against high quality opponents. McCoy and Tolzien were going to get slightly better and they had a little bit tougher time. The 49ers looked at their performance and said “oh boy we got to be a little concerned with how their playing, because none of these guys are separating themselves and making it obvious whose going to be the number two quarterback.

It’s a bit of a concern if Kaepernick gets hurt and if your comparing McCoy and Tolzien and the reason to separate Tolzien from McCoy is that McCoy has started about 20 games in his NFL career. So at least he has the experience being under center when it counts. Tolzien has been in the league for a couple of years and knows the 49ers system a little bit better because he’s been with the team for a couple of years but at the same time he’s never taken the field and that’s got to be a little bit of a concern you never know how a player is going to respond under pressure.

David Zizmor covers the NFL for Sportstalk Radio