That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: From Defecting his Country to World Series MVP

The Atlanta Braves Jorge Soler holds the 2021 World Series MVP Award in the Braves defeat of the Houston Astros on Tue Nov 3, 2021 at Truist Park in Cobb County GA (photo by the New York Times)

From Defecting his Country to World Series MVP

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

Amaury Pi-González

Although there are no diplomatic relations between the US and communist Cuba, that has not stopped dozens of Cuban baseball players escaping the island for years now. They have traveled via small homemade rafts in the middle of the night (very dangerous journey) or when their national team plays in a foreign country. They ask for political exile. Later, these players find their dreams, to play in the major leagues.

Jorge Soler of the Atlanta Braves in one of those Cuban players. He just won unanimously the Most Valuable Player of the 2021 World Series. Their first World Series championship since 1995. After leaving Cuba, under awful circumstances, Soler was signed by the Chicago Cubs to a 9-year $30 million contract.

In 2016 was traded to Kansas City for reliever Wade Davis, two years later he fractured a toe in his right foot and missed the rest of the season. With the Kansas City Royals. Jorge Soler established their new season home run record. In 2019 Soler’s 48 home runs, broke the previously home run record for the Royals, held by Mike Mustakas of 38 home runs in 2017.

During the NLDS on October 12 Soler tested positive for covid a few hours before the Braves played the decisive Game 4 against the Milwaukee Brewers. He had to leave the stadium and remain away from the team for at least 10 days, also missing the first 4 games of the NLCS against the LA Dodgers. He returned last Thursday for the World Series and the rest (like they say) it is history.

The slugging outfielder has come full circle with a great performance in the 2021 World Series, especially the 3 run home run in the third inning of the six game, a line-shot over 440 feet, that left Minute Maid Park, “A la calle” into the street. The Braves won 7-0 against the Houston Astros and that home run was crucial to open the scoring as the Astros were under pressure against great pitching for 6 innings from their star left-hander Max Fried.

World Series MVP Jorge Soler from Pinar del Río, Cuba (province famous for producing the best cigars in the world) hit, .300 with 6 hits, 4 home runs, 6 runs batted-in, 4 runs scored and 3 walks.

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That’s Amaury’s World Series News and Commentary podcast: Miracle Astros come back and keep coming back

Houston Astro Jose Altuve gets congratulations after scoring on a single in the top of the eighth inning against the Atlanta Braves in game 5 of the 2021 World Series at Truist Field in Cobb County (AP News photo)

On That’s Amaruy’s News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury, it really says a lot about the Houston Astros that they could come back after the Atlanta Braves hit a grand slam in the first inning and the score twice in the second and third innings and three times in the top of the fifth in game four.

#2 How remarkable is it for the Astros who were down 3-1 have now cut the lead to just one game for the Braves at 3-2. The series goes back to Houston for games six and possibly game seven.

#3 If the Astros can pull it off at Minute Maid Field tonight and force a game 7 what will they say about about manager Dusty Baker whose been a bit of a strategist in this World Series?

#4 It looks like last game 5 will be one that will be for the ages if the Astros come back and win games six and seven it will be game 5 that will long be talked about by both sides the Braves and Astros.

#5 Amaury talk about the pitching match ups for tonight’s game in Houston. The Braves have announced that Max Fried will go in game six and the Astros will start Luis Garcia for tonight.

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World Series podcast with Michael Duca: Astros get key hitting in 2nd inning and from Altuve to tie series

Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker oversees the Astros tying up the series in game 2 at Minute Maid Field against the Atlanta Braves on Wed Oct 27, 2021 (AP News photo)

On the World Series podcast with Michael:

#1 Michael with the Houston Astros winning it they proved they won’t go quietly in the night tying up the series against the Atlanta Braves 1-1.

#2 Astros got a four run second inning off Atlanta Braves starter Max Fried. Fried just struggled to keep runners off base with pitching five innings, seven hits and six runs.

#3 The Astros Jose Altuve kept things alive with a run scored in first and a home run in the bottom of the seventh inning. Altuve has been clutch in the post season and in game 2 was no exception.

#4 Astros starter Jose Urquidy pitched five innings, gave up six hits and two runs and had all his pitches working for him to keep a challenging Braves line up off balance on Wednesday night.

#5 Game three moves to Atlanta the Astros will start Luis Garcia and for the Braves Ian Anderson will oppose Garcia a 5:09 pm first pitch in Cobb County how do you see this series moving back to Atlanta?

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: World Series in Atlanta is better than All Star Game

MLB 2021 World Series logo ( image)

World Series in Atlanta is better than All Star Game

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

Amaurty Pi-González

The Atlanta Braves eliminated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the sixth game of the NLCS and they are now in the World Series for the first time since 1999. We remember what happened last summer when Major League Baseball relocated the 2021 All Star Game from Truist Park in Atlanta, because of a new voting law in the State of Georgia.

Now the Braves will have a chance to play in two (maybe three) games of the 2021 World Series that begins next Tuesday at Minute Maid Park in Houston, the home of the American League Champions, who took care of the Boston Red Sox. Because the Astros ended with the better record as they won the AL West, they will have the home-field advantage and host games 1 and 2, and possibly (if necessary) games 6 and 7 also at Houston. While the Braves are scheduled to play games 3 and 4 and 5 (if necessary) in Atlanta.

That voting law that Major League Baseball objected and then moved the All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, Colorado, has not changed. That is still the law of the State of Georgia, plus the All Star Game is one game with a week of festivities, however, now Atlanta is in a much better situation, instead of one game in July, they will have 2, maybe 3 games in the World Series.

This will generate the revenue and some of the prestige and exposure that the City of Atlanta has lost after Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred ordered the game moved from Atlanta to Denver. It is easy if you ask any baseball fan, what you prefer: your city MLB team ballpark to host the All-Star Game, or to be in the World Series.

There is zero competition. It is the World Series. At the end MLB has to eat crow. The law in Georgia was not reversed and the Braves are now in the Fall Classic, which is a much prized event than the All Star Game. Atlanta, Georgia is laughing all the way to the bank.

Some sarcastic remarks made on social media posted stuff like “Mr.Manfred, would you now also move the World Series out of Atlanta for a “neutral” city, while others in Georgia made comments like “Who needs the MLB All Star Game when you get to play in the World Series?”

I have maintained for years that sports leagues should stay away from politics, but that seems to be impossible these days in our country. And it happens from leagues, fans, government and so on, everybody wants to be in this soup and not only in the US, but in some cases it has international repercussions.

Example: Last week Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter called China’s leader Xi Jinping a, “brutal dictator” on social media and spoke into the camera, about the culture genocide in Tibet. Immediately the television carrier of NBA in China banned all Boston Celtics games inside China, a market of 1.4 billion people. That would never happen here in the US, but in China the communist government controls all media and they do not allow any criticism against the communist party of their leaders. Free speech is a commodity that China does not understand.

The last time the Atlanta Braves played in the World Series was 1999 as they were swept by the New York Yankees. In 1995 the Braves won their only World Series championship since they play in Atlanta as they defeated the Cleveland Indians in six (6) games. The Houston Astros are favorites to win it and give manager Dusty Baker his first World Series title.

Dusty Baker will be the second oldest manager (72 years) to reach the Fall Classic. Only Jack McKeon was older (by days not years than Dusty), when he took the Florida Marlins to the 2003 World Series to win it in six (6) games over the New York Yankees. Last time Dusty took a team to the World Series was in 2002 when he lost in seven (7) games to the Los Angeles Angels.

I was there in Anaheim with the Giants broadcasting and I know how Dusty felt after that last seventh game. I wish Dusty a better outcome this time, he is a good manager and even a better man. Never heard a player on his teams or the opposition said anything negative about Dusty Baker. The ultimate players manager.

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MLBCS podcast with Michael Duca: Braves one away from fall classic; Astros on the brink take 3-2 lead game 6 goes back to Houston

The balls were flying out of Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Wed Oct 20, 2021 in game 4 of the NLCS as the Atlanta Braves Eddie Rosario connected for one of four Braves home runs this one being hit the top of the second inning (AP News photo)

On the MLBCS podcast with Michael Duca:

#1 Miguel, what has gone wrong with the Los Angeles Dodgers (1-3) they lost the first two games of this NLCS on ninth inning walks off, they nearly lost game 3 the Atlanta Braves (3-1) had a 5-2 lead but the Dodgers got a eighth inning four run rally, in game 4 not so lucky the Braves win a laugher 9-2 with game 5 in LA tonight.

#2 Did the first two loses of this series kind of take the wind out of the Dodgers sails or were they pretty mentally exhausted from the NLDS with the San Francisco Giants going the whole five games.

#3 How much has been placed on Jose Urias he came in as a reliever in game 2 pitched the eighth in relief was shelled for three hits and two earned runs and started yesterday in game 4 went five innings, gave up five runs on eight hits in his start.

#4 Turning to the Houston Astros, the Astros took a three games to two lead on the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday night at Fenway Park with a convincing 9-1 lead. This was the Red Sox best chance to take the lead in the series at home but the Astros came out hitting and now home field on Friday night at Minute Maid Field and could win it to advance to the World Series in game 6.

#5 You had many a conversation with Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker and he’s done a whale of a job managing this club to get this far know him talk about his relationships with his players and the job he’s done this season.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Yankees give Boone 3 more years; Nets will feel Irving’s absence; plus more

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone seen talking to the media before the AL Wild Card game on Mon Oct 4, 2021 at Fenway Park in Boston has signed a three year deal with the Yankees for three years to remain as manager. (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Jessica:

#1 New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone will return next season. Boone signed for a three contract and has an option for 2025. Yankees managing partner Hal Steinbrenner said that Boone has acumen and brings respect in the clubhouse.

#2 Boone and the Yankees finished in third in the AL East and lost to the Boston Red Sox in the Wild Card game that put Boone’s future with the Yankees in jeopardy. Steinbrenner felt that Boone had the respect of the players to return and make a run at the post season.

#3 Jessica turning to the NBA the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks who battled in an opening night game in Milwaukee. The Bucks held the lead for pretty much of the game later to win it 127-104. It’s early to tell but without Kyrie Irving in for the Nets does his absence from the team for Covid-19 protocol issues have an impact on the team?

#4 Taking a look at the MLB post season. The Atlanta Braves have had such a hold on the Dodgers winning the first two games of the series by two walk off hits in the ninth in Atlanta. The Braves taking a significant lead on the Dodgers on Tuesday night 5-2 in Los Angeles. The Dodgers made a comeback 6-5 to win game 3 with a 2-1 Braves margin. The Braves now with a 3-1 series lead won a laugher in game 4 on Wednesday night need one more win to sweep the series.

#5 It’s been a series the Houston Astros have a 3-2 lead on the Boston Red Sox taking a 9-1 laugher in Boston in game 5. The Astros had their biggest inning in the top of the sixth scoring five runs and now returning to Houston on Friday night for game 6 and they are the brink of eliminating the Red Sox needing just one more win.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Red Sox wait for Astros or White Sox; Braves on the brink; Giants coming off some miracle pitching need one more

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora (left) is Amaury’s pick for the 2021 Manager of the Year Award here he has a laugh with bench coach Tim Hyers (right) during game 3 of the ALDS against the Tampa Bay Rays Sat Oct 9, 2021 at Fenway Park in Boston (AP News photo)

On That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary:

#1 The Boston Red Sox who have had their share of walk off wins now wait for their next opponent after getting a ninth inning walk off in their game four victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday night. The Red Sox will face either the Houston Astros or the Chicago White Sox.

#2 The Houston Astros who have a 2-1 ALDS series lead over the Chicago White Sox tonight at Guarantee Rate Field in Chicago need one more to advance to the ALCS and face the Boston Red Sox. But not before battling with Tony LaRussa’s White Sox. Chicago knows they have their backs to the wall against a very well prepared Dusty Baker’s Houston Astros.

#3 The Atlanta Braves have had just nothing short of great pitching in their last two games against the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLDS. The Braves got two back to back shutouts by scores of 3-0 to take a 2-1 lead in the series after the Brewers took game 1. The Brewers will be starting Eric Lauer a left hander against the Braves Charlie Morton in game five today at Trusit Park in Cobb County.

#4 The San Francisco Giants got their wins on shutouts against the Los Angeles Dodgers mighty line up. The Dodgers are without Max Muncy and Clayton Kershaw during this NLDS did that handicap them? The Dodgers got an offensive outburst in game 2 with a 9-2 win against Giants starter Kevin Gausman. The Giants got shutouts out of pitchers Logan Webb and Alex Webb in games 1 and 2 but really depend on starter Anthony DeScafani who matches up against the Dodgers Tony Gonsolin in game four tonight at Dodgers Stadium.

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San Francisco Giants podcast with Charlie O: Belt seeing ball well; Wood looks like he never missed a step great start on return

San Francisco Giants slugger Brandon Belt arrives in the dugout after hitting a forth inning two run home run against the San Diego Padres on Mon Sep 13, 2021 at Oracle Park in San Francisco (AP News photo)

San Francisco Giants podcast with Charlie O:

#1 Charlie, the Giants in this last homestand split four with the San Diego Padres and won the three game series from the Atlanta Braves. Both clubs could give the Giants fits but manager Gabe Kapler had to be pretty happy with the way they played.

#2 Brandon Belt has been on a tear lately on he nearly hit two home runs on Thursday clearing the fence once and hitting into a double that look like it had the distance. Later in the game in the sixth Padres right fielder Jurickson Profar caught a Belt drive in deep right center.

#3 You have to hand it to the Giants pitching staff on Saturday for the fine piece of work they turned in getting a great start out of Alex Wood who just came out of Covid 19 quarantine and pitched three innings four strike outs, Wood was followed by six relivers who combined to shut out the Atlanta Braves on Saturday 2-0.

#4 Giants pitcher Johnny Cueto’s rehab from an elbow injury is coming along Cueto played catch for the second day in a row throwing some 120 feet. The Giants are hoping to see him back out on the hill on Sep 27 and 28th he will be throwing in bullpen sessions and looking past Sep 27 the Giants would like to get him ready for post season.

#5 Former San Francisco Giants owner Bob Lurie was on hand to be honored on the Giants Wall of Fame. Lurie who saved the Giants from moving to Toronto in 1976 when he purchased the team with the late Bud Herseth. Later Lurie sold the team to the late Peter Magown and the late Walter Shorenstein at the end of the 1992 season preventing the Giants from moving to Tampa Bay. Giants CEO Larry Baer said of Lurie, “Bob’s fingerprints are all over Oracle Park”

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Rosario goes cycling in Braves victory 3-0

Eddie Rosario who hit for the cycle for the Atlanta Braves is jubilant after hitting a triple against the San Francisco Giants in the fifth inning at Oracle Park in San Francisco on Sun Sep 19, 2021 (AP News photo)

By Jeremy Kahn

SAN FRANCISCO-Wouldnt you know that it would be a former member of the San Francisco Giants that cost them a big weekend sweep.

Adam Duvall hit a two-run home run off of Anthony DeSclafani in the top of the seventh inning, helping the Atlanta Braves to salvage the finale of the three-game series with a 3-0 victory over the Giants before a crowd of 32,210 at Oracle Park.

Max Fried was absolutely fantastic for the Braves, as he went seven innings, allowing zero runs on three hits, walking just one and striking out five on his way to raising his record to 12-7 on the record and with the win, the Braves will remain in first place over the Philadelphia Phillies.

On the other side of things, the Giants lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers was reduced to one game in the National League with the loss and the Dodgers 8-5 victory over the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ballpark.

It was a huge day for Rosario, who hit for the cycle, as he went 4 for-4 on the afternoon against Giants pitching. Rosario came up in the top of the ninth inning with a chance at the getting the cycle, and got it when he singled off of Kervin Castro. Rosario doubled in the second, tripled in the fifth, homered in the seventh and singled in the ninth to complete only the second cycle since the ballpark opened on April 11, 2000.

This was the fourth cycle of the season in Major League Baseball this season, as Trea Turner, then of the Washington Nationals, Jake Cronenworth of the San Diego Padres and Rosarios teammate Freddie Freeman also hit one and it was the 10th cycle in Braves history.

DeSclafani went the first six innings and was looking fantastic until he gave a double to Austin Riley that Austin Slater brought back into the ballpark like Steven Duggar did with a ball hit by Jorge Soler. In all, DeSclafani went six innings, allowing two runs on six hits, did not walk a batter and struck out six and his record fell to 12-7 on the season.

Immediately following the Duvall home run off of DeSclafani, Zack Littell came on and was greeted rather unceremoniously, as Rosario made it back-to-back home runs to lengthen the Braves lead.

Unfortunately for the Giants, they were unable to get anything going against Fried, who baffled them on all afternoon.

Former Dodgers outfielder and Bay Area Joc Pederson, who went to Palo Alto High School went 2-for-4 with a single and a double.

With a chance to break the game wide open in the top of the eighth inning, after Ozzie Albies and Freddie Freeman each singled off of Jose Alvarez with one out in the inning, Camilio Doval came on and was able to get out of the jam, as he got Riley to fly out to Darin Ruf in left field for the second out of the inning and then Doval struck out Duvall to end the inning.

Former Giants closer Will Smith came on in the bottom of the ninth inning and retired the Giants in order to get his 33rd save.

NOTES: Eric Byrnes came up with the only other cycle in the history of the 21-year old ballpark, when completed the cycle on June 29, 2003 as a member of the Oakland Athletics, when the ballpark was then known as Pacific Bell Park.

Byrnes went 5-for-5 on the afternoon, with a single, two doubles, a triple and a home run in a 5-2 win over the Giants.

Felix Rodriguez gave up the triple that Byrnes needed in the top of the ninth inning to complete the cycle.

UP NEXT: After an off-day on Monday, the Giants will open their final road trip of the regular season, as they head off on a two-city, six-game road trip to San Diego to face the San Diego Padres on Tuesday night, and then head to Colorado to face the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field beginning on Friday night.

Casali drives in both runs in Giants win 2-0

San Francisco Giants hitter Curt Casali swings for a two RBI single as Atlanta Braves catcher Travis d’Arnau looks on in the fourth inning at Oracle Park in San Francisco Sat Sep 18, 2021 (AP News photo)

By Jeremy Kahn

SAN FRANCISCO-Alex Wood made his return to the starting rotation, but his return was a short one.

Wood, who was reinstated from the injured list prior to the game went only three innings, allowing zero runs on zero hits, walking no one, striking out four and hit by a batter and the San Francisco Giants defeated the Atlanta Braves 2-0 before a crowd of 32,058 at Oracle Park.

With the victory, the Giants maintained their two-game lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers, who defeated the Cincinnati Reds 5-1 earlier on Saturday at Great American Ballpark.

On the other side of things, this was the fourth loss in a row for the Braves and their lead in the National League East now stands at one game over the Philadelphia Phillies, who have won four in a row.

The Giants finally got to Charlie Morton in the bottom of the fourth inning, Curt Casali hit a two-run single to right field that scored both LaMonte Wade, Jr., and Brandon Crawford with what proved to be the only runs of the game.

Wade, Jr., walked to lead off the inning, then Crawford singled to right field to send Wade, Jr., down to second base. The duo then advanced an additional 90 feet, when Mike Yastrzemski dropped down a perfect sacrifice bunt that he nearly beat out and then Casali hit the two-run single.

Once again, the Giants bullpen was dazzling in relief of Wood, as the combination of Zach Littell, Jay Jackson, Jarlin Garcia, Jose Alvarez, Tyler Rogers and Dominic Leone combined to go the final five innings, allowing zero runs on five hits, walking three and striking out five.

Morton went the first five for the Braves, as he allowed two runs on four hits, three walks and struck out three.

It looked like the Braves took a 1-0 lead in the top of the fourth inning, as Jorge Soler it looked like he hit his 24th home run of the season; however, Steven Duggar robbed him of the home run, when he brought the ball back into play and it was called a double off of Littell, who then gave up a single to Freddie Freeman.

Littell was able to get out of the inning unscathed, as he struck out Austin Riley on a foul tip that was reviewed and confirmed after 67 seconds to be the third strike, then Littell struck out both Adam Duvall and Travis dArnaud to get out of the jam.

With the Giants scoring the two runs in the bottom of the fourth inning, it gave the win to Littell and he raised his record to 4-0 on the season and Leone, who came on to close the game picked up his second save of the season.

NOTES: Wood was reinstated, as he started the game for the Giants, to make room for Wood, Sammy Long was optioned to Sacramento and Chadwick Tromp was designated for assignment.

The Giants home run streak came to a halt at 12 consecutive games (26 home runs overall) and this was the longest streak by the team since they hit home runs in 13 straight games from June 25-July 12 of 2019 and hit 25 home runs during the streak.

When Donovan Solano hit his pinch-hit home run in the bottom of the ninth inning on Friday night, it was the 16th pinch-hit home run of the season for the team and are one shy of the Major-League record set by the St. Louis Cardinals in 2017, when they hit 17.

The Giants record of 97-52 thru 149 games is the best by the team since they moved to California in 1958, passing both the 1962 and 1993 team that was 93-56 thru 149 games.

This was the 1,250th win by the Giants over the Braves all-time and have lost 1,097 times and tied 26 times.

UP NEXT: Anthony DeSclafani goes to the mound for the Giants, as they look for the sweep and DeSclafani goes for his 13th win of the season, while the Braves will send Max Fried to the hill, as he looks for his 12th win of the season.