San Francisco Giants podcast with Daniel Dullum: An interesting newsworthy homestand this week for the Giants

San Francisco Giants first base coach Antoan Richardson (left) and San Diego Padres third base coach Mike Schildt (right) address what Richardson said were racial overtones said to him by Schildt on Tue Apr 12th’s game. Schildt said that racial overtones was not his intent. (AP News photo)

On the Giants podcast with Daniel:

Daniel, on Tuesday night against the San Diego Padres the Giants were running away with the game 10-1 when all of a sudden it was announced that Giants first base coach Antoan Richardson was ejected from the game for instigation.

After the Giants had stole a base and bunted with the nine run lead things got hot as the Padres felt the Giants were piling on. Padres third base coach Mike Schildt too exception to the Giants extra handiwork and started trading words with the Giants dugout more specifically with Richardson when Schildt barked to Giants manager Gabe Kapler to “control this motherf—-er.”

Richardson then came out of the dugout and then was told by third base umpire Greg Gibson to back in the dugout when Richardson didn’t get back to the dugout he was thrown out of the game. Richardson said the words of Schildt had the undertones of racism.

The next day Wednesday Schildt wanted to clear up the misunderstanding with Richardson and the two spoke behind the batting cage and later both addressed the media. Schildt said it was not his intention to make Richardson feel what he said was racial in anyway.

Richardson said the impact of those words had racial undertones because how the words are perceived in the black community and that words can have an impact on a person of color and their community.

After the ejection of Richardson, Giants coach Alyssa Nakken took over coaching over first base for Richardson making Nakken the first woman first base coach in Major League history. Nakken was in the batting cage which is located downstairs behind the Giants dugout was asked to come coach first base.

Nakken said looking past the historical significance of being the first woman to coach in a big league game at first base saying, “Right now in this moment as I reflect back, I reflect back to somebody needed to go out, we needed a coach to coach first base, our first-base coach got thrown out. I’ve been in training as a first-base coach for the last few years and work alongside Antoan, so I stepped in to what I’ve been hired to do, is support this staff and this team,” 

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