That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Roger Maris Jr. Says Barry Bonds Home run record is Illegitimate

Mother and child reunion: New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge celebrates home run number 61 with mother Patty at Rogers Centre in Toronto on Wed Sep 28, 2022 against the Toronto Blue Jays. Judge becomes tied for the American League single season lead with Yankee Roger Maris Sr (AP News photo)

Roger Maris Jr. Says Barry Bonds Home run record is Illegitimate

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez

Roger Maris Jr. was in attendance in Toronto on Thursday, September 28, when Yankee slugger Aaron Judge hit home run No.61 to tie his father Roger Maris who established the Home run record in the American League hitting 61 in 1961. This is what Roger Maris Jr. told the Associated Press – “He should be revered for being the actual single-season home run champ,” Maris said after Judge hit his 61st on Wednesday night to match Roger Maris’ record-setting total with the Yankees in 1961. I mean, that's really who he is if he hits 62, and I think that's what needs to happen. I think baseball needs to look at the records and I think baseball should do something.'' Asked Wednesday whether he considers McGwire and Bonds home run totals to be illegitimate, Maris answered yes.I do,'' he said.I think most people do.” What Mr.Maris Jr said is much like what I wrote during my last article.

In 1999 St Louis Cardinals Mark McGwire hit 65 while Sammy Sosa had three seasons of over 60 home runs, from 1998 to 2001 hitting, 66, 64, 63. While McGwire admitted to using steroids, Sosa and Bond maintained they did not use it knowingly. It wasn’t until 2004 that Major League Baseball began testing for PED’s/drugs with penalties that same year.

The records and history are there for everybody to see, especially now in this age of high technology when all the information you can get in your cell phone within seconds. That was not the case in 1961, when nobody doubted if Roger Maris’s record was legitimate or not.

How much have times changed in baseball? Consider this, the biggest “controversy” in 1961 was when Roger Maris hit 61 home runs to break Babe Ruth’s 1927 record of 60. The argument was: While Ruth hit 60 home runs in the 1927 season that was 154 games long, Maris hit 61 but when the season was 162 games long.

Will Major League Baseball do something to “adjust” the situation, of who is the real holder of the one-season home run record? Probably not. I believe MLB is leaving this controversy to the record books, to history, to votes in the Hall of Fame and many asterisks to follow.

Aaron Judge needs one more home run to be the undisputed home run king for one season and he will have seven (7) more games left to do it. And then, there will be another discussion. I think.

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You Be The Judge: Should the Giants pursue the Yankees slugger in free agency?

By Morris Phillips

The Giants have been down this road before. In need of a focal point offensively, and wanting to get younger and usher in a new era, they signed 28-year old Barry Bonds as a free agent in 1993.

That move worked out tremendously.

The initial outlay was $43.75 million over six years, then the highest priced contract in total, and average value per year in the game. The Giants enjoyed a decade of success, and moved into their new downtown ballpark during that run. Bonds went on to be the biggest name in baseball with the records and accomplishments to match.

The 2022 Giants, coming off a 107-win season in 2021, have faltered and are on the verge of turning the page, and likely moving on from their most established stars and several pricey contracts.

The Yankees and slugger Aaron Judge have failed to consummate a contract extension, and the 30-year old is poised to hit the free agent market in the off-season as the game’s biggest prize.

Should the Giants be interested? Would the $200 million cost be a shrewd investment or a boondoggle? Let’s look.

In seven Major League seasons, Judge has showcased his trademark power, hitting 206 home runs to date. His high strikeout numbers and injury history have tempered the buzz surrounding his 6’7″ frame with his 2018 through 2020 seasons truncated due to injury.

But in the last two seasons, Judge has put it all together with 48 home runs and a .297 batting average to date, and attempting to register one of the biggest offensive seasons in the last 25 years. Judge is slugging at .663 clip with 1.056 OPS that leads all of MLB along with his home runs and RBI (105).

What players have put up a full season of comparable numbers? The list is short: Bonds, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.

Adding to the Judge aura: He’s cut down on his strikeouts, lifted his batting average to a career-best, and he’s a credible base stealer, successful on 14 of 15 attempts.

So why would the Giants be in play? Here’s where it gets interesting. Barring a triumphant run to the World Series, the Yankees and Judge may consider parting ways. Their contract negotiations have been contentious and eventually stalled prior to this season’s start exacerbated by the labor strife that pitted the player’s union against the 30 team owners.

The quiet and private Judge may have grown tired of New York City, and might be amenable to a change of scenery. His childhood home of Linden, California outside of Stockton would be nearby if he chose San Francisco.

And here’s the biggest reason the Giants and Judge might be a fit. The limited market for Judge’s services point toward the Giants as several other teams have made free agent moves in recent seasons while the Giants have swung and missed on Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper, Shohei Ohtani and Juan Soto.

And this time a superior trade package won’t Trump the Giants. Money and a belief that Judge can maintain is superstar status throughout a five or six-year deal will be all that’s needed.

Would you pull the trigger on such a move? You and the Giants are on the clock.

That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Stanton, Judge, Soto Outfield?

Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals gets a lift from the St Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols during the home run derby at the All Star Game at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Mon Jul 18, 2022. Soto could be a New York Yankee before the trade deadline (AP News photo)

Stanton, Judge, Soto Outfield?

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

August 2 is the last day this year for trades. Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals is the name that is on many contending teams. Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Cardinals and Toronto, yes, Toronto is a bigger market than most people believe and if they really want to make an “earth shaking” move, they would trade for Soto. Soto fits their profile, the Toronto Blue Jays are a very young and talented team, Juan Soto is 23 with all the talent in the world.

Of course the Yankees are always a player, because they have and spend the money. Just image this outfield: Giancarlo Stanton in left, Aaron Judge in center and Juan Soto in right.

That arguably could be the most powerful trio of outfielders in the history of the major leagues. Never discount the possibility about the NY Yankees making this type of a move. It should not surprise anybody.

A day prior to the All Star Game last Tuesday, Dominican star Juan Soto said no to the Nationals offer of a 15 year-contract for $440 million. Not because he would not like that type of contract, but because he knows the Nationals are not going to be contending for a few years.

Other teams like the Dodgers, (with Yankees type of money) have to be considered. The Dodgers have a very strong farm system and are capable of trading for Soto. However, the Yankees and Dodgers are going to be playing in October, maybe playing each other in a World Series even without Soto.

Then here comes the Houston Astros, but they will not trade for Juan Soto. The Astros are one the best teams right now in the. I do not believe Dusty Baker’s team is in the Juan Soto sweepstakes.

A team that could go for Soto and use his bat are the San Diego Padres, right now a playoff team with a very good pitching staff but an offense that, except Manny Machado has been sputtering for a while this season. They hope that, the often injured Fernando Tatis Jr. can play soon for the last two months of the season and obviously having him ready for the postseason.

The Boston Red Sox are going to sell soon, they are in serious trouble right now but I do not believe Juan Soto is what they need. Their shortstop Xander Bogaerts will be traded, if not before this deadline, somewhere after that.

Any other teams that could land Juan Soto, they would be a surprise. One thing I do believe is that Juan Soto will be traded before the August 2 deadline. Right now Boston is a seller not a buyer. Seattle was playing very well, they had a 14-game winning streak, until they faced “reality” and were swept at home this weekend in 3 games by the Houston Astros.

If A’s ace Frankie Montás pitches well tomorrow against the Houston Astros (like last week when he pitched three innings allowed no runs and made 53 pitches) he would be traded. If not, is because the A’s are still asking too much in return for him, but eventually Montás will not be with the team very long.

Do not be surprised if the A’s trade these players also: Ramón Laureano, Tony Kemp, Sam Moll or another lefty reliever, Chad Pinder and there is a long shot that even a guy like catcher Sean Murphy, for the right deal, could leave Oakland as well as veteran shortstop Elvis Andrus, since young Nick Allen seems ready now to be an everyday shortstop.

The Giants are in an interesting situation after they just got swept in LA in a four game series and they’re are not going to win the division, there is one pitcher that could help a lot of teams, lefty starter Carlos Rodón, he has a lot of value, but because there are more opportunities to make it as wild card this season, I doubt the Giants would depart with Rodón, but they could trade with Boston, who is ready to unload JD Martínez a professional hitter, a good defensive player going to San Francisco, a team that is not a good defensive team.

This just In: Congratulations to NY Yankees WFAN radio announcer Suzyn Waldman, she was just elected to the National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead play by play voice on the Oakland A’s Spanish Radio Network and does News and Commentary at

Yanks get four big flies–LeMahieu, Judge, and Sanchez (2), edge A’s 4-3 in 11

photo from @Athletics

By Jessica Kwong

NEW YORK — The Oakland Athletics lost to the New York Yankees for the first time this season on Saturday afternoon, 4-3 in 11 innings, after DJ LeMahieu hit a home run on Lou Trivino’s first pitch in the 11th inning.

Trevino allowed no runs in two innings before throwing a fastball that LeMahieu hit right field out of the ballpark, his second walk-off hit of the season.

A’s manager Bob Melvin said he has seen signs of Trivino and pitcher Blake Treinen, who allowed no runs in the ninth inning, “pitching better recently” and “hopefully it’s a trend.”

The Yankees gained momentum in the first inning when Gary Sanchez hit a home run on a fly ball to left field for a 1-0 lead.

Oakland responded in the fourth inning when Matt Olson hit a homer on a fly ball to right center field, and Matt Chapman scored, putting the A’s up 2-1. But in the fifth inning, Sanchez hit another home run on a fly ball to right center field to tie the game at 2-2.

The A’s took a 3-2 lead in the seventh inning when Chapman doubled on a line drive to left field, allowing Robbie Grossman to score. New York evened the score at 3-3 in the eight inning when Aaron Judge hit a home run off Joakim Soriaon on a fly ball to right field, and the game went into extra innings. All of New York’s runs were solo home runs.

“That was kind of the theme of the game today—solo shots,” A’s starting pitcher Homer Bailey said.

Oakland left 15 players on base and was 1-for-10 with runners in scoring position. A’s manager Bob Melvin did not think (too bad).

“You leave 15 on, it comes back to bite you at some time,” Melvin said. “But you know what, we came back and the lead and were one pitch away from going into the ninth inning with it and Chappie’s ball, unless you have a 10-foot outfielder in right field, it probably goes out.”

Melvin concluded “it’s a game of inches today,” and, “sometimes they don’t come through, most times here recently, they do.”

A’s batter Mark Canha said the bullpen gave them opportunities and “we just couldn’t do it.”

“We just have to have some better at-bats tomorrow because I felt like we were just bon the cusp of breaking it open a few times,” Canha said. “We just needed that one hit and it didn’t work out unfortunately.”

The A’s beat the Yankees 3-0 in Oakland and won Friday night at Yankee Stadium. The A’s (78-57) and Yankees (89-48) play the last game of the series, tied at 1-1, Sunday with first pitch at 1:05 p.m. ET.

MLB podcast with Matt Harrington: Seinfeld sidearms first pitch at Citi Field, what’s up with that?; Padres-Dodgers play rival type ball; plus more

Photo credit: @mets_fanly

On the MLB podcast with Matt:

#1 Friday was Seinfeld night at Citi Field and there he was the star of sitcom’s all-time best show Jerry Seinfeld getting ready to throw out the first ball and he did so with a side arm pitch that ended up as a strike. He impressed the crowd so much he ended up getting an ovation and tipped his hat.

#2 No matter where the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers are in the standings, they both play rival type ball and get involved in a deadlock on Friday night which the Padres won it 3-2 during an 7.1 earthquake. There was no exception Pads and Dodgers playing to a close contest.

#3 With all the home runs hit this season in the show, will the big build up lead up to some bombs hit during the All-Star Game home run derby in Cleveland this Monday night. Lots of hit leaders preparing to enter the derby.

#4 The Angels are a team on a mission since the sudden death of their late teammate Tyler Skaggs. The team has been on a roll, the Angels have won six of their last ten games and trying to make a climb out of fourth place in the AL West.

#5 Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees are starting to pull away from second place Tampa Bay and are now 8 1/2 games in front in the AL East and Judge powered his 11th home run on Friday night against the mighty Houston Astros.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Will Kawhi say goodbye to Toronto?; Giants’ Pomeranz throws heat, strikes out 11 Rockies Monday night; plus more

Photo credit: @ChrisBHaynes

On Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 Will Kawhi Leonard bolt from the Toronto Raptors? It looks like Leonard will decline the $21.3 million player option and will consider becoming a free agent. There is talk that Leonard is considering signing on with the Raptors and Leonard said he love playing in Toronto so much last season why ruin an opportunity and re-up with the Raptors again.

#2 San Francisco Giant starter Drew Pomeranz, who had some very rough outings this season, has also had some successful games. Monday night against the Colorado Rockies was one of them throwing for 11 strikeouts at Oracle Park after throwing 93 pitches was lifted in the bottom of the fifth inning.

#3 The New York Mets are going through some rough times. There is talk that the Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen has been making in game moves and over ruling Mets manager Mickey Callaway. What’s so bizarre about it is Callaway has followed Van Wagenen’s decisions resulting in the Mets finding themselves nine games out of first fourth in the NL East.

#4 The biggest baseball name was Aaron like in Hank Aaron famous for the home run, then there is the New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge, who had a lights out season last season, then there’s the Yankees’ Aaron Hicks, whose home run on Monday night help extend and tie the Major League mark for the most consecutive home runs by a team at 27.

#5 After a young girl Katlin Salazar was hit in the face by a Cody Bellinger bullet, the Los Angeles Dodgers have decided to extend the netting from the dugouts to the foul poles at Dodger Stadium. The bullet hit the girl who was seated four rows just up from the dugout. She had to leave some 15 minutes after being hit and was also paid a visit by Bellinger between innings.

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Yankees need 11 innings on Saturday in the Bronx to beat the A’s 7-6

NYY Neil Walker
Neil Walker gets the treatment after hitting the game-winning hit Photo: @Yankees

by Charlie O. Mallonee

It took four hours and 15 minutes, 11-innings, 13 pitchers, 34 baserunners, 17 hits, four home runs and one controversial video replay to bring game two of the three-game series between the Athletics and Yankees to a conclusion on Saturday afternoon.

In the bottom of the 11th inning with two out and runners at first and second, the Yankees Neil Walker stepped into the batter’s box to face A’s relief pitcher Chris Hatcher who entered the game in the 10th inning. Walker hit the first pitch to him from Hatcher into center field. Gary Sanchez took off from second base at the crack of the bat and never had any goal in mind but to score the winning run. Mark Canha’s throw was off-line and Sanchez scored the run for a 7-6 New York walk-off win.

Walker is now 9-for-25 (.360) including nine walks in his last nine games after hitting just .163 in his first 21-games of the season.

Oakland thought the game might be over in nine innings

Was he safe or was he out? Photo: Yankees Facebook

In the top of the ninth inning, the Yankees brought in the fire-balling Aroldis Chapman to shut down the A’s. It became apparent immediately that Chapman did not have his usual unhittable, strikeout “stuff” on Saturday. After loading the bases on three consecutive walks, Chapman was able to strikeout Mark Canha.

Jonathan Lucroy was inserted as a pinch-hitter for catcher Bruce Maxwell. Lucroy was 1-for-9 versus Chapman with the one hit being a home run. Lucroy hit the first pitch from Chapman into shallow left field. As Brett Gardner caught the ball, the Athletics Matt Olson tagged at third and headed for home. Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez moved about three-feet up the baseline, caught an on-target throw from Gardner and made a sweeping tag at Olson who was sliding toward home plate. Home plate umpire James Hoye called Olson safe without hesitation. The Yankees immediately challenged the call on the field.

The replays made available to television made it look like Sanchez did indeed make the tag except for one crucial angle where it looks like the catcher misses the tag. The replay center overturned the call on the field. It became an inning-ending double play.

Personal opinion inserted here: I hate replay in all sports. You have professional officials on the field to calls. Let them do their jobs. Yes, they will make some mistakes. over the course of a 162-game season, all of the mistakes will balance themselves out. Review your history if doubt my opinion.

Oakland Postgame Notes

NYY Khris HR
Khris Davis celebrates after hitting HR No. 11 Photo: @Athletics

  • This was the A’s first extra-inning loss of the season. They were 3-0 in extra-inning games until Saturday.
  • Starting pitcher Andrew Triggs did not record a decision. He worked 4.1-innings allowing six runs (all earned) on six hits. He struck out six Yanks and walked four. Triggs real undoing was allowing three home runs.
  • Reliever Chris Hatcher (3-1) took the loss on Saturday. He pitched 1.2-innings giving up one run off two hits.
  • The A’s other five relievers – Coulombe, Dull, Casilla, Petit and Treinen pitched 4.2-innings of shutout baseball.
  • Khris Davis hit another home run on Saturday – number 11 of the season. This one came in the fourth inning with two runners on base and gave the A’s a 3-2 lead.
  • Mark Canha went 2-for-5 with two RBI in the game. He is batting .400 (6-for-15) with nine RBI and three walks with runners in scoring position.
  • The A’s are now 19-20 for the year.

Yankees Postgame Notes

  • This was the Yankees fourth “walk-off” win of the season and ended a two-game losing streak.
  • The win ended a five-game losing streak to the Athletics.
  • New York starter RHP Domingo Germain took a no-decision whiled working 5.0-innings and allowing six runs (all earned) on six hits (one HR). He walked three and struck out one.
  • Yankees reliever A.J. Cole (3-1) picked up the victory. Cole struggled with the first two hitters he faced but then settled down to keep his team in the game.
  • Three big home runs helped the Bombers on Saturday: Aaron Judge hit a two-run shot, his 11th of the year. Gary Sanchez (10) and Aaron Hicks (3) went long back-to-back in the second inning.
  • Didi Gregorius ended a 30 at-bat hitless streak when he hit a single off Triggs in the fifth inning.

Up next

The Athletics and Yankees will wrap up this three-game series on Sunday in the Bronx with a 10:05 AM PDT first-pitch. Oakland will send LHP Brett Anderson (0-1,8.68) to the mound to face the Yankees RHP Luis Severino (5-1,2.21).


Yankees’ rookie plays Judge, jury and executioner in Home Run Derby

New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge smiles as he competes during the MLB baseball All-Star Home Run Derby, Monday, July 10, 2017, in Miami. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

By Morris Phillips

Back-to-back shots, 504 feet, then 513 feet?

That’s crazy, and that was Aaron Judge on Monday night in Miami, crushing baseballs in the Home Run Derby above and beyond the most prodigious feats ever in the event’s history.

In excess, and as a preface, to Judge being crowned champion of the Derby, the Yankees rookie survived an epic opening round, hitting 23 home runs after Justin Bour of the Marlins hit 22.

The much-anticipated matchup of Judge and hometown hit man Giancarlo Stanton didn’t materialize, as Stanton fell in the first round to Judge’s New York teammate, Gary Sanchez. Miguel Sano of the Twins outlasted Sanchez in the semifinals to reach the finals opposite Judge.

All four first round matchups were cliffhangers, decided by one home run, which in some respects robbed all the drama what transpired after that. Sanchez (18) and Sano (11) both posted totals that Stanton and Sano’s initial opponent, Mike Moustakas fell just short of matching. Charlie Blackmon of the Rockies and Bour posted totals, that were eclipsed, just barely, by Cody Bellinger and Judge.

If most of the drama was contained in round one, then the remainder was spent in round two, along with all of the fireworks courtesy of Judge. In defeating Bellinger, Judge clubbed 12 homers, half of which traveled at least 445 feet, and three of the last four went over 500 feet. Judge’s tie-breaking blast traveled 507 feet and bounced high off the Marlins Park glass facade in left field.

“I don’t know what to say,” a disbelieving Bellinger said. “What do you say after those balls?”

In Bellinger’s case, the answer was ‘say good night.’ In both of the initial rounds, Judge went last and eclipsed his opponent’s total without needing the 30-second bonus he earned.

In the final round, Sano went first and hit 10 home runs, and Judge followed with 11, ending the competition with nearly two minutes remaining on his clock.  Like Bellinger, Sano expressed his respect for his competition who, according to Sano, may have lapped the field before the competition commenced.

“The first time I saw Aaron Judge hit BP, I could tell he was a monster,” Sano admitted.

Judge’s four 500-foot blasts registered as the longest ever in the Derby’s history. With the new rules that give each competitor a definitive time block, Judge had no incentive to pad his totals, still his first round total of 23 ranks third all-time behind Josh Hamilton (28, 2008) and Bobby Abreu (24, 2005).

“It was a blast,” Judge said. “I enjoyed every minute of it–watching the other guys swing, coming here early and talking to the media. Everything about today was fantastic.”

The competition figured to be epic with the largest field–by the combined height and girth of the eight competitors–ever assembled. Led by the Bunyanesque Judge who is 6’7″, 282 pounds, Stanton (6’6″, 245) and Sano (6’4″, 260) the anticipation for the event was at level above normal.

For sure, those that watched the event from its first launch were not disappointed.


A’s beat the Yanks 5-2 Saturday for third consecutive win

The 2:20 Wrap 

by Charlie O. Mallonee

As Butch Cassidy asked the Sundance Kid in that now timeless movie as they were being pursued by a posse who would not give up, “Who are these guys?” Who are these guys indeed? The Oakland Athletics have come home and looked like an entirely different team against the powerful New York Yankees.

The A’s have won the series

The 5-2 win on Saturday guarantees the Athletics will win the four-game series. In a four-game series you pray for split. You fear a 3-1 loss. Your worst nightmare is being swept.

On Father’s Day Sunday, the A’s will have the opportunity to sweep the Yankees in this four-game series. Oakland leads the season series 4-2.

The Athletics are 20-12 versus the Yankees over the last five years. That is the best record against the “Bronx Bombers” by an American League team over that period of time.

Jesse Hahn picked up the win but struggled early on

MLB: New York Yankees at Oakland Athletics
Jesse Hahn worked hard for the win on Saturday Photo Neville E Guard USA Today Sports

Jesse Hahn got the start for the A’s and it looked like it was going to be a very short outing. He threw 31 pitches in the first inning while walking two New York hitters. He worked out of that jam and managed to work 5.0-innings in the game.

Hahn gave up two runs (both earned) on three hits. He struck out six and walked three. Hahn threw 105 pitches (69 strikes). His record improves to 3-4 with a 3.56 ERA.

Liam Hendriks, Josh Smith and Ryan Madson each worked an inning of scoreless relief.

Sean Doolittle came on in the ninth to earn his second save of the season.

Santiago Casilla was not going to pitch on Saturday but he was hit in the left shoulder by a foul ball while standing in the dugout. X-rays proved negative so he will be fine.

Ryon Healy had a monster day

Healy hit two round-trippers on Saturday — one in the first inning and one in the third inning. He now has 17 home runs for the season.

This was is third multi-home run game. All three have come in this month of June.

Healy finished the game going 3-for-4 with two home runs, a double, two runs and two RBI. His batting average currently stands at .288.

Matt Joyce also had a big game

Joyce led the game off for Oakland by hitting the first pitch from Tanaka over the right field wall for his eighth home run of the year. Joyce came to the plate five times — hit a home run, a double, a single and walked twice.

He also raised his batting average 13 points from .211 to .224.

Rookie Matt Chapman continues to be hot

Chapman who joined the A’s from Triple-A on Thursday had a 2-for-4 day. He hit a double, a single and scored a run. Chapman also had the opportunity to show off his speed on the base path and it is quite impressive.

His batting average is now at .273.

They all stood but the Judge did not rule

MLB: New York Yankees at Oakland Athletics
Aaron Judge went hitless for the fourth time this month Photo Neville E Guard USA Today Sports

The Yankees young superstar — Aaron Judge — caused a stir in the big crowd every time he came to the plate. Fans were hoping to him display the power that has allowed him to record 23 home runs so far this year.

Judge walked in the first inning and was stranded at first base. He then struck out swinging twice and went down on strikes looking in his final at bat in the eighth inning. Yes fans — he is human.

Tanaka had a strange day on the mound for New York

NYY Tanaka
Tanaka had a rough start taking the loss for the Yankees Photo Neville E Guard USA Today Sports

Masahiro Tanaka (5-7, 6.34) started the game for the Yankees. The right-hander has been struggling recently and Saturday was no exception.

He worked just 4.0-innings giving up all five runs (all earned) on eight hits. Three of those hits were home runs — all solo shots. Tanaka walked one and struck out 10. He had a double-digit strike out game and took the loss. That is a rough start.

Domingo German entered the game in the fifth inning to relieve Tanaka. He pitched four scoreless innings giving up just four hits, walking three and striking out six. German earned himself some more pitching time with his performance on Saturday.

Where the teams stand after the game


The A’s are 30-38 on the season and have won three consecutive games. They are 4-6 in their last 10 games. The A’s are in last-place in the American League West 15-games behind division leading Houston. They are 2-games behind the fourth-place Mariners.


The Yankees are still in first-place in the AL East with a record of 38-28 and will probably stay there as Boston is losing as this story is being written. They started the day with just a one-half game lead over the Red Sox.

New York has now lost five games in a row and are 5-5 in their last 10 games.

Up next

The final game of the four-game series will get underway at 1:05 p.m. PDT on Father’s Day Sunday on Rickey Henderson Field. The Yankees will send Triple-A call-up RHP Luis Cessa (0-0, 5.40) to mound for the series finale. The A’s will counter with RHP Jharel Cotton (3-7, 5.52).