Former Staff Members

Some of the writers from Sports Radio Service history

The very talented Gary Araki was a do it yourself handyman around the computer. He helped webmaster Shawn McCullough with updating the site and installing audio. Gary was best remembered for helping the San Jose Sharks install their wireless system in the broadcast room at H.P. Pavilion. Gary helped with production and editing for the website and radio shows on radio stations, KLIB 1110 Sacramento, KEST 1450 San Francisco, KSJX 1500 San Jose, and KVVN 1430 San Jose. Gary also covered Sharks hockey and the former NLL Lacrosse team San Jose Stealth. Sports Radio Service sadly lost Gary in 2008 at the age of 50 as he passed in his sleep.

Joe Cronin passed away in 2011, after a long bout with cancer. Joe was honored with a memorial that consisted of family members, co-workers from the Sacramento Airport Weather Bureau, representatives from the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, and Sacramento Kings.

George Devine Sr. started out with Sports Radio Service doing commentary and remotes. He did commentary on his regular beat the Oakland A’s and had a vast knowledge of college football. He worked for the Oakland A’s Booster, Baseball Card News, Giants Journal, Giants Magazine, San Francisco Independent, and San Francisco Progress. He was a man about town in the media. He also worked in radio for Fox Sports Radio, Sporting News Radio, WDFN Detroit, WIP Philadelphia, and WSCR Chicago. He covered the Oakland Raiders for FOX Sports. He also was a member of Broadcast Legends and American Society of Journalists. He passed away in 2015 at 74 years old.

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