Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Quakes having early success in first two games; Face Chicago Sunday

The San Jose Earthquakes Shea Salinas (left) celebrates after scoring in the eight minute of stoppage time in the second half on Wednesday night scoring the winning goal for a 4-3 win over the Vancouver Whitecaps in Orlando (AP photo)

On Headlines with London:

#1 London you never would have predicted it but the San Jose Earthquakes came back from a two goal deficit on Wednesday night to defeat the Vancouver Whitecaps 4-3. It’s something that you didn’t see much of last year.

#2 Eight minutes into stoppage with the scored tied 3-3 the Quakes Shea Salinas scored the tie breaking goal for the Quakes first win of the second match group B Wednesday night at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando.

#3 Salinas took the shot 40 yards out worked the ball past three Whitecap defenders then took a shot past the Whitecaps goalie Maxime Crepeau for his first goal of the season. Talk about Salinas and the fashion of is goal?

#4 The game started out typical to some of the games you saw from last year’s Quakes games including a goal that was scored off the Quakes foot of Judson Silva Taveras who pulled inside on a centering pass that went off his foot and went into the Quakes net for a score for Vancouver that put them up 2-0.

#5 The come back in of itself and it has to inspire the Quakes to fight for another victory they came off a 0-0 draw with Seattle previous to facing Vancouver and now face the Chicago Fire this Sunday in Orlando could playing on a neutral site be the difference for the Quakes?

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Can WNBA, NBA, and MLS withstand Florida outbreak as their season’s begin; More than 170 black MLS players march before games in Florida; plus more

Members of all the MLS soccer teams march around the stadium before a soccer match Wednesday, July 8, 2020, in Kissimmee, Fla., wearing shirts and masks with messages about race. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

On Headline Sports with London:

#1 There are three leagues playing in the bubble called Disney World the WNBA, the NBA and MLS. MLS rushed to be the first league to start play as they opened on Thursday night with Philadelphia and Chicago with Covid cases spiking and Florida being a hot bed how much of a big mistake could this be asking the players to play during a huge epidemic like this?

#2 More than 170 Black players from different MLS teams marched around the stadium at Kissimmee Florida wearing masks and messages about race. The coalition Black Players for Change the players raised their fists for eight minutes and 46 seconds the same time that a Minneapolis cop had his knee on George Floyd.

#3 Justin Morrow of FC Toronto said that the players are standing with players in the European Soccer League as well who face discrimination as well.

#4 There will be no season for FC Dallas as six players who arrived in Orlando tested positive. FC Dallas arrived in Orlando on June 27th and are now quarantining in their hotel rooms. Nashville FC also had ten players who came down with Corona and have to withdraw. Which again raises the issue of how risky is it to play during a huge outbreak in a state that is simply out of control?

#5 London talk about the opener tonight as the San Jose Earthquakes and Seattle Sounders battle. Will Chris Wondolowski have another great season as he leads the Quakes in the opener.

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Headline Sports podcast with David Zizmor: Kings Hield, Parker, and Len test positive for Covid-19; Gerould interim TV play by play announcer for Kings

Sacramento Kings forward Jabari Parker who tested positive for Coronavirus with teammates Buddy Hield and Alex Len puts the breaks on the Kings practices for now. (yahoo!sports.com file photo)

On Headlines pod with David:

#1 The Sacramento King’s guard Buddy Hield, forward Jabari Parker, and center Alex Len all have tested positive for Coronavirus. After the discovery it was suggested by a number of media outlets that the NBA should shut it down.

#2 The Sacramento Kings announced on Thursday that longtime radio play by play announcer Gary Gerould will be the team’s television interim play by play announcer while the team tries to find a replacement for former television play by play announcer Grant Napier who resigned after tweeting “All Lives Matter” which the Kings organization was under pressure to do something about Napier at the time.

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Belmont Stakes one of the very few sports live; MLB negotiations

Tap with jockey John Valazquez is a favorite to win 6-1 in the Belmont Stakes this Saturday at American Grade Stakes Race (AP file photo)

On Headline Sports pod with London:

#1 London one of the very few sports that are live and with little doubt draw millions of fans who are starved for sports action of any kind the Belmont Stakes this Saturday the first of the Triple Crown races.

#2 The Belmont normally is the third race of the Triple Crown behind the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. The other differences in the Belmont as expected no spectators and the length will be 1 1/8 miles instead of the traditional 1 1/2 miles.

#3 Somewhere between 60-70 games the haggling continues with the MLB and the players union, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred proposed 60 games with full prorated pay to MLB players rep Tony Clark and the union has come back saying 70 games and they would have a deal.

#4 MLB also wants to have expanded playoffs with an extra round also with sponsors on the jerseys. These changes although nothing is officially announced are expected to be permanent to help raise revenue.

#5 Some of the NBA players are questioning if coming back is the right thing to do and not because of Coronavirus issues but is it the right thing to do with such racial strife happening in the US?

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Kareem says he’s proud of players from all sports speaking out against racism; Covid-19 spiking NBA players question if it’s safe? plus more

Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kareem Abdul Jabbar said he’s proud of professional athletes taking a stand against racism and hopes for a big change soon (New York Post file photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with London Marq:

#1 London in an interview with Yahoo! News on Thursday former Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar said he’s so proud of professional athletes speaking up about racial injustice, Jabbar said that when you have someone like LeBron James speaking up “that this is awesome this is going to make change.”

#2 London with the latest spike in Corona positive cases now reaching over 2 million in the US NBA players have expressed concerns about returning. Some of the players have questioned whether or not it’s safe to play in Orlando’s bubble facility at Disney World basically saying there is no guarantee of not getting the Coronavirus spread.

#3 The NBA said if some of the players who choose not to come back because of safety concerns that will not be a problem however those players not participating will lose a portion of their salary.

#4 At the funeral of George Floyd MSNBC contributor and Rev Al Sharpton said that if the NFL and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall was serious about racial equality and racial injustices he would not only allow the players to take a knee during the national anthem but also hire Colin Kaepernick back in the NFL working in some capacity in the game.

#5 Portland Trailblazers veteran Carmelo Anthony said that he also has reservations about returning saying as far as playing in Orlando there is just not enough answered questions about safety concerns and Melo said he could not commit 100%.

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: If he’s really sorry should Brees take a knee himself

Malcom Jenkins safety for the New Orleans Saints sends out a message directly to Saints quarterback Drew Brees about how he got the message wrong about taking a knee. Brees spent Thursday trying to do damage control with apologies all around. (photo from espn.com)

On Headline Sports podcast with London:

#1 When football returns should the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to demonstrate his sincere apologetic feelings about his saying the players are disrespecting the flag by taking knee should Brees take a knee himself?

#2 Brees has been heavily involved in the black community in New Orleans but said on Thursday that he needed to do more listening and less talking.

#3 Other NFL players are voicing their opinion about Brees saying taking a knee is disrespectful to the flag that it’s disrespectful to the US military might. In response the San Francisco 49ers’ Jerick McKinnion tweeted a middle finger amoji.

#4 Brees certainly didn’t expect the firestorm of criticism for his tweet saying his teammates and NFL players are disrepectful for taking a knee and that it’s an insult to the flag and the US military. Richard Sherman of the 49ers says that Brees has lost creditbiltiy and that Brees interjecting the military into the conversation is part of the problem.

#5 What’s the next step for Drew Brees now will he be able to be a team leader at quarterback for the Saints and help the Saints drive towards the post season? Or will he be pretty much persona non grata and the players will request not to play with him in anymore in NFL games?

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: A look back on Roy Steele A’s PA announcer; Kaepernick says Minneapolis right to fight back; plus more

Former Oakland A’s PA announcer Roy Steele who passed away on Thursday worked A’s games from 1968-2005 and returned to make appearances in the 2007-2008 seasons (mercurynews.com file photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with London:

#1 He was known as the voice of God and the voice of summer Oakland A’s PA announcer Roy Steele passed away Thursday at his Auburn home and was the A’s PA announcer from day one when the A’s moved to the Oakland Coliseum in 1968 to 2005 and made appearances during the 2007-2008 seasons. Roy was also a kind gentleman and a Baptist minister when not working at the A’s. Roy now joins his long time friend scoreboard operator Chester Farrow who passed away at age 77 on Sunday. Chester also worked at the A’s since day one in 1968.

#2 On Thursday following the protests in Minneapolis following the murder of George Floyd who was choked out by Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin with his co officers  Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J Alexander Kueng assisting. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick weighed in saying the people of Minneapolis have a right to fight back.

#3 After Kaepernick’s statement CNN’s Don Lemon said that it should be very clear to everyone why Kaepernick led the way in taking a knee during the national anthem and why there is injustice. Lemon said Trump calling football players SOBs for taking a knee was a bad message to NFL players who wanted to demonstrate in their way injustices.

#4 NFL owners viewing that a fourth and 15 to replace an onside kick would be an advantage for certain teams declined to move forward with the rule change. The league said that they did not rule out revisiting the rule change at a another time.

#5 The Washington Nationals Max Scherzer says the owners need to show financial transparency as they owners claim they are taking a financial hit and can not pay the players their full salaries when they come back based on revenue sharing. Players have questioned why ownership are willing to pay top salaried players 70% of their salary and lower paid players 47% of their salary. Scherzer said there is no reason the players should have to take a second pay cut.

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Prescott wants a short term deal with Cowboys; New Doc series for Tom Brady; plus more

sbnation.com file photo: Dallas Cowboy quarterback Dak Prescott reportedly was offered $175 million for five years from the Cowboys

On Headlines podcast with London:

#1 The Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was rumored to have turned down a five year offer from the team for $175 million. Prescott wants $45 million on the fifth and final year of his contract.

#2 Prescott’s representative says the Cowboys didn’t make the offer and that Prescott wants a short term deal and the Cowboys are asking for a long term deal.

#3 Coming off the success of their documentary series with “The Last Dance” with Michael Jordan ESPN is coming up with a nine part series “Man in the Arena” featuring former New England Patriot quarterback great Tom Brady.

#4 Brady as the series will point out was an overlooked six round draft pick but when he came to the Patriots everything jelled for him and he rode a championship winner.

#5 Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis says the Rooney Rule is equated to the Jim Crow laws. The NFL is constituting a policy that teams who hire minority head coaches would get better draft spots. Lewis said it’s offensive and it’s like having Jim Crow laws.

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Universal designated hitter on the table for MLB; Greatest moments in MLB history

photo of New York Yankees hitter Babe Ruth pointing to the fences before going deep on an 0-2 count against Chicago Cubs pitcher Charlie Root at Wrigley Field in game 3 of the 1932 World Series. London discusses some of the greatest moments in MLB history (wikipedia.com)

Headline Sports with London:

#1 MLB is planning to introduce the universal designated hitter if and when the season starts back up again on July 1st. There are some players, fans and media who say that the uniqueness of the National League is allowing the pitcher hit why change it?

#2 There was a discussion today on yahoo sports about the most iconic moment in baseball history starting with the Boston Red Sox Carlton Fisk’s home run against the Cincinnati Reds in game six of the 1975 World Series

#3 Babe Ruth’s called shot in game three of the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field did the Babe call the shot or not?

#4 Willie Mays’ centerfield over the shoulder no look catch in the 1954 World Series and turning to throw the ball back into the infield in one motion while falling down.

#5 The game six NLCS at Wrigley Field with Steve Bartman fan interference play which he reached over for the ball and the Cubs outfielder Moises Alou lost it and blamed Bartman for interference which led to the Cubs losing the 1997 NLCS.

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: They fought together and won Championships together The Last Dance with Michael Jordan continues; plus much more

Steve Kerr and Michael Jordan celebrate one of many great moments as teammates on the Chicago Bulls. Kerr does recall the time when Jordan gave him a black eye during practice as practice got competitive and Kerr said the experience was “weird” (file photo from ESPN)

Headline Sports pod with London:

#1 In the ESPN Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr who played with Jordan during those championship years 1996-98 got into a scuffle during a practice and got a black eye from Jordan who later called Kerr to apologize and Kerr said that call reset the relationship as the two respected each other going forward.

#2 In the 1997-98 season Scottie Pippen was nearly traded from the Bulls because he said he was underpaid in part 2 of Last Dance Jordan says he felt that Pippen was being selfish. But being underpaid during that period still bothers Pippen who Jordan calls the best teammate he ever had.

#3 Pippen talked about the 1998 season being the last season that that nucleus of Rodman, Jordan, and the whole team would be together before breaking up as all of those players were free agents after that season. They pulled it together one more time and who would forget Jordan’s buzzer beater to beat the Utah Jazz to win their last championship.

#4 London your old beat Major League Soccer has MLS players from Orlando City and Sporting Kansas City arriving for practice not mandated but players who do arrive are getting medical exams and their temperature taken is this an indication that soccer could be back and soon?

#5 I know for you who covered the MLS and the San Jose Earthquakes that had to be a special time but knowing the players and how the MLS worked it has to be a cautious but yet some light at the end of the tunnel moment that they could have the opportunity to be to get back to work.

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