Sacramento Kings podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: Walton expects Fox to recover from ankle injury by Jul 31 restart date

The Sacramento Kings De’Aaron Fox (5) says he’s ready and anxious to get back in the line up on July 31st at the Walt Disney World bubble. Fox has suffered two ankle injuries this season ( file photo)

Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah:

#1 Jeremiah the Sacramento Kings restart the season on Friday July 31st at the Walt Disney World bubble in Orlando that’s almost two weeks of recovery for De’Aaron Fox who is suffering a mild to moderate ankle injury.

#2 It’s bad enough as the Kings now have four players sidelined with Coronavirus issues with Harrison Barnes being the latest King to contract the disease. None of the four Kings players are suffering symptoms and are waiting to test negative before returning back. The Kings Alex Len who had C-9 has been cleared to come back and should be in the line up for the game on the 31st.

#3 How creative does head coach Luke Walton have to be now with his line up with players out Corona and De’Aaron out with the ankle?

#4 Fox you may recall missed 17 games before the shutdown with a grade 3 sprain. The sprain caused a complete detachment of the ligament requiring 10-12 weeks on the injury list.

#5 After much time off Fox has to be anxious to get back in the line up after the two ankle injuries will he be up to the task to help the team out in this last eight game stretch?

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Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: Giants Samardzija says owners interested in money more than safety; Sierra Club says environmental issues should stop A’s downtown stadium build file photo: San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija winds up and has spoken out about the owners making it more about the money than the players safety

Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson:

#1 San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija is just about had enough of the MLB owners saying they’ll do anything to make a buck at the cost of the safety of the players.

#2 How bad is the look for the owners for their pushing 60 games on the players and the players are contractually obligated to play the games with great risk?

#3 The Oakland A’s team president David Kaval was upset over a letter drafted by the Sierra Club stating that environmental issues including parking, congestion, the railway system that surrounds Howard Terminal, no transportation to the park and other sticking issues to try and stop the A’s from trying to build.

#4 The A’s have reportedly are seeking to find a new radio station that would pick up their games for the 2020 season as they were originally going to stream all their games on Tune Ins but have been looking for a flagship to broadcast their games. The general manager of the A’s flagship station from 2019 860 KTRB has approached the A’s about returning. The A’s left because of KTRB’s right wing broadcast format.

#5 The Washington Redskins are under a ton of pressure to end their mascot name and after all the racial discussions in the country the heat has been turned up on Washington to dump the racist name can it really be true?

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Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: Ranadive says Disney bubble in Florida better than playing in Sacramento

Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive said that playing in Orlando would be safer than in Sacramento because of the safety guidelines set up by the NBA for employees and players ( file photo)

On Headlines podcast with Jeremiah:

#1 The Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive said that playing at the Disney World bubble in Orlando is the best way to go and that Ranadive said he’s confident this is better than playing at home.

#2 There will be 22 teams at the Disney World bubble a 113 page outline describes how safety steps will be in place to guide the players and their families during this first time bubble format which includes mask wearing at all times, hand washing, and social distancing.

#3 The Kings are in a three way tie with Portland and New Orleans going into these last eight regular season games in Florida how much of a long shot would you say the Kings are from getting that last and final coveted eighth spot?

#4 Jeremiah the Kings had some rough goes during the season before the shutdown which included an eight game skid and also two five game losing streaks has there been enough time that has gone by that the Kings can make these last few regular games interesting?

#5 One other possible advantage is the Kings had eight players in double figures with points per game averages led by De’Aaron Fox 20.4 per game and Buddy Hield with 19.8 per game.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: NBA owners waiting now for agreement from players to re-start the season

“The Bubble” know as the Walt Disney World Arena in Orlando home of the NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals starting in July. No fans will be permitted during playoff games. (photo from

On the podcast with Jeremiah:

#1 The NBA owners have approved to continue the 2019-20 season with support of 29-1 NBA teams with the Portland Trailblazers opposing to reopen.

#2 The plan now lies with the NBA players who will most likely approve to return. The pay package and going straight the playoffs after playing eight regular games is part of the plan.

#3 It’ll be a like a March Madness set up as the 22 teams will play under a bubble at Orlando’s Walt Disney World. With teams staying at the hotels and playing in the Disney World Arena with no fans in the stands and huge social distancing policies.

#4 Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr wants to get the Warriors mini camp going as Kerr said, “We’d like to get together for some kind of mini camp or two. I’m thinking that the league will allow us to do something, especially given that 22 teams are gonna be playing and eight of us are not. I’m fairly certain the league will allow the other eight teams to do some practicing at some point whenever the time is right.”

#5 For the Sacramento Kings they will not have to face the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers (twice), Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Golden State Warriors. They also won’t have to face the Clippers, Nuggets, and Lakers (twice). How do you see the Kings chances.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: Players and Commissioner still working on a deal; A’s refuse to pay rent to Coliseum Authority

As the Oakland Coliseum sits empty the A’s organization refuses to pay for something their not using and didn’t pay the rent for the 2020 season to the Oakland Coliseum Authority (AP file photo)

On Headline Sports pod with Jeremiah:

#1 Jeremiah baseball negotiations is on between the players and the Commissioner and his staff as to how the 2020 season will start. Amongst some of the key concerns revenue sharing and how the players will get paid?

#2 Another concern is where the games will be played will baseball will they be in Arizona and Florida contained only to their spring training locations? Or will they play in their home parks which would mean more air travel involved and playing in front of empty parks?

#3 Baseball’s biggest concern is social distancing, no interacting with the fans, no high fives, celebrations after games, no sitting together in the dugout, and a new baseball must be in play after every closing play.

#4 Oakland Coliseum management said on Thursday that the Oakland A’s are using the Covid-19 pandemic to get out of their rent they said that they didn’t use the Coliseum in April and will not pay the $1.2 million they annually pay to the Coliseum.

#5 The A’s said they were of the understanding the Coliseum would be used and reserve for potential Covid-19 victims and housing them at the Coliseum where needed. With that understanding the A’s have said they can not pay rent. Coliseum Authority Board member Ignacio De La Fuente said, “It’s just an excuse to try to not pay when the city needs the money the most.”

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