Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Cleveland pitchers late night out throws rotation off; NFL to introduce strict protocols; plus more

Cleveland pitcher Mike Clevinger took the team plane after he possibly might have been exposed to outside sources with pitcher Zach Plesac when they snook out to meet with friends in Chicago (AP file photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Tony R:

#1 Tony talk about Cleveland pitchers Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac who both left their hotels to be with friends while in Chicago. Plesac was busted trying to get back to the hotel in the early hours of the morning and Clevinger didn’t return to the hotel was found out in a later investigation by MLB security.

#2 Plesac had to drive back in a rental car and Clevinger took the team flight back to Cleveland but later was found out that he was out with Plesac with friends in Chicago possibly exposing themselves to Covid-19.

#3 The NFL is taking a lesson in all of this and they want strict protocols to watch the players that they don’t sneak out and meet with friends will the NFL take a page out of the MLB rulebook and batton stricter guidelines about leaving a bubble?

#4 Should the NFL have bubble locations split up amongst the west, central and east with the same kind of bubble rules the NBA and NHL have?

#5 16 years in a Dallas Cowboys uniform Jason Witten was waiting for the call to join the team for a 17th year but that call never came and now he’s in a Las Vegas Raiders combine after reaching out to Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, Tony what are your thoughts on Witten joining Las Vegas?

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NFL podcast with Tony Renteria: NY Giants Solder opts out; Eagles Johnson tests positive for Covid-19; plus more

New York Giants offensive tackle Nate Solder (76) otped out of playing this season after concerns for his family and not taking any chances of bringing the virus home with him (Newday file photo)

On the NFL podcast with Tony R:

#1 The New York Giants offensive tackle Nate Solder has opted out of playing this season because of family concerns he said he had been praying to God and wrestling with the concerns of playing this season and came to the conclusion it was a family decision to opt out.

#2 Three time lineman and Philadelphia right tackle Lane Johnson has tested positive for Coronavirus and will be sidelined on the reserve/Covid-19 list. Johnson said that he will follow the team and NFL protocols and looks forward to coming back after being quarantined.

#3 Tony San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch said that despite a 2021 salary cap floor of $175 million which is $40 million less that was anticipated before the Covid-19 epidemic the 49ers feel like they can get a deal done with tight end George Kittle who is expected to make $2.1 million this season which is the last year remaining on his contract.

#4 Tony talk about Los Angeles Charger defensive end Joey Bosa who had agreed to a five year extension with the Chargers at a price tag of $135 million. This season is the last year on Bosa five year rookie contract with the Chargers.

#5 Jamal Adams who is a All Pro safety who was dealt from the New York Jets to the Seattle Seahawks was also sought by the 49ers and Dallas Cowboys. Adams deal was to make $9.86 million in his last year of his contract with the Jets.

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Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Barnes fourth Kings player with Corona; Kings Fox out 7-10 days after injuring ankle in practice

Sacramento Kings forward Harrison Barnes said he tested positive for Covid-19 before the team headed to Orlando, and now is following protocol. Photo: AP

Tony on Headlines podcast:

#1 The Sacramento Kings assistant coach Roy Rana says he’s comfortable being at the bubble in Orlando he said upon arrival that everything has gone smooth and he’s things aren’t bad at all. Florida is leading three other countries in the world in Coronvirus cases.

#2 Rana was asked that about safety at the bubble and said there was some semblance of anxiety but after a while the players, coaches, Kings employees settled down and are ready to get down to business.

#3 The Kings might get a new life in these last six regular season games which starts out against the San Antonio Spurs Fri Jul 30th. The Kings started the season with injuries to their key players D’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley but hope to get a shot at the eighth and final spot in the Western Conference.

#4 The Kings reported on Wednesday that they have a fourth player Harrison Barnes who has come down with Coronavirus. Barnes tweeted that he’s quarantined and is abiding by the NBA’s shelter in place protocol in the Sacramento. Buddy Hield, Alex Len and Jabari Parker are the other Kings players who have tested positive.

#5 Kings head coach Luke Walton said that it’s been a tough four months off but the team is looking forward to getting on the floor and making things happen. Walton said he’s preparing the team and some critics say this might very well be the Kings best chance to get into the playoffs when other teams might be rusty coming back.

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Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Kings new schedule out; Kings Parker playing tennis in Chicago after Covid-19 diagnosis

The Sacramento Kings De’Aaron Fox billboards the new Kings regular season schedule the last eight games starting July 31st though August 13th (NBC Sports image)

On Headlines podcast with Tony R:

#1 Tony with Covid 19 spiking and no end in sight of flattening the curve how long do you see professional and college sports starting and then having to call it off.

#2 Tony it was just reported today that last Saturday the Sacramento Kings Jabari Parker was filmed playing tennis without a mask in Chicago after testing positive for Coronavirus last week Wednesday.

#3 Additionally Parker was seen at a restaurant but told the press that he fulfilled the shut in protocols for isolation but might have been in violation of the NBA shut in which is 14 days

#4 Taking a look at the Kings remaining eight regular season games just before post season starting July 31st through Aug 13th can the Kings do it? They’ve got some very tough opponents including Mavericks, Rockets, and Lakers.

#5 Tony talk about what this does for the fans watching at home, the players and the employees who work Kings games to finally be back.

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Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: The facemask will remain in fashion if the NBA bubble opens up

Camping World Stadium in Orlando is part of the bubble for Major League Soccer for 24 teams and 36 games. Some of the players are questioning the lock down restrictions by the league with players staying in their hotel rooms with the exception of going to work at the stadium (booking.com file photo)

Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria:

#1 Tony the NBA and MLS will be in a bubble called Walt Disney World but as exciting as that may sound they won’t be taking in on the amusement park’s rides or entertainment but buttoned down at the Disney Hotels after workouts, practices and games for six weeks.

#2 There is a fear in returning back to the regular season for the MLS who are two games in before the Covid-19 shelter in and the NBA who are trying to finish the last eight regular season games before starting the playoff. That fear is that local workers at the arena and at the hotel do not have the same mandated requirements like the players. The NBA has maintained that the risks of getting sick by arena security, custodians, camera production crews, and others are low.

#3 Bill Hamid of the MLS’ DC United said that being restricted to going from the hotel and the stadium in Orlando would be like being locked up. Hamid said he talked about this from the beginning. The next question how will this plan work keeping players in their hotel rooms and then back out to the stadium?

#4 The Milwaukee Bucks have a real shot at winning the NBA Championship but for the Bucks Kyle Korver he said if the NBA’s black players feel like not playing is the best idea Korver said he’s in full support behind them. Korver added that he cared more about a change in society than a championship.

#5 In the NFL the tune is changing at least for quarterback Colin Kaepernick as Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said that Kaepernick has the style that fits in with the Chargers offensive system and that the Chargers will be a team that will be running.

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Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: How bad is the damage after looting in downtown Sac?; Was Napear tone deaf in his tweet to Cousins; plus more

A Rite Aid store on K Street in downtown Sacramento was damaged over the weekend (abc10.com photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Tony R:

#1 We wanted to open with asking you about the recent riots in downtown Sacramento feeling are very fragile over the loss of George Floyd that said peaceful protesters have made it clear that the violent attacks in downtown were disgraceful and it was not what the recent protests were truly about.

#2 Former Sacramento Kings play by play announcer Grant Napear who resigned this past week sent out a tweet to former King DeMarcus Cousin saying “All lives matter” in response to Cousins question “what do you think of Black Lives Matter” former King Matt Barnes tweeted that Napear was a “closet racist” was it a matter of Napear being tone deaf or was he being racist in his tweet to Cousins?

#3 With the NBA inviting 22 teams to Orlando to most likely play some tournament style scheduled basketball with eight regular games to determine the eighth seed. There will be 13 Western Conference teams and nine Eastern Conference teams.

#4 The NBA regular and playoff campaigns get off the ground on July 12th and finish with the NBA Finals October 12th isn’t this schedule an overlap into when the NBA starts it’s pre season schedule traditionally in October?

#5 The New Orleans Pelicans Zion Williamson will be summoned to the 11th District Circuit Court of Florida by Judge David Miller. The discovery case will require Williamson to answer whether or not his family received benefits from Duke University where he played in college. This is the second of two lawsuits against Williamson who is also being subpoenaed after he signed a deal with Ford. Attorneys for Williamson said that Ford and Prime Sports Marketing and their deal with Williamson wasn’t valid because Ford wasn’t a registered agent in North Carolina and the contract didn’t include protecting amateur athletes from unscrupulous agents.

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Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Raiders sign three defensive players; Nat’s GM says players could be ready in two weeks

Former Los Angeles Ram defenseman Cory Littleton is one three Las Vegas Raiders who signed with the Raiders on Wednesday (photo credit radierswire.com)

On Headline Sports with Tony R:

#1 How important is it for the Las Vegas Raiders to have their defensive players Cory Littleton, Maliek Collins and Nick Kwiatkoski signed Wednesday?

#2 The other question is will the Raiders sign Caleb Nassib a veteran defenseman?

#3 In Nassib’s last two seasons with the Tampa Bay Bucs he started in 17 games and had 12.5 sacks over the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

#4 In MLB the Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said that it would take about two weeks to get everybody ready before the first pitch of the season which has a target date of July 4th

#5 It all goes back to one thing that Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell said “I want my money” and “I will risk my life” this seems to be a sentiment echoed by the players who quietly feel the same way as Snell. Can MLB and the players get a deal done?

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Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Former Jaguar Telvin Smith pleads not guilty in sex with minor charge; Pittsburgh teams donate $800k for Covid-19 vaccine research; plus more

Former Jacksonville Jaguar linebacker Telvin Smith who played in Jacksonville from 2014-2018 (nfl.com file photo)

On Headlines podcast with Tony R:

#1 Former Jacksonville Jaguar linebacker Telvin Smith is under investigation for having sex with a minor according to court documents and media reports. Smith was arrested April 29th by a SWAT team. Police found the 17 year old girl’s DNA in Smith’s Cadillac. Smith could face 15 years in prison if found guilty. Smith has pleaded not guilty in Duval County Court in Florida.

#2  Coaches from the University of Pittsburgh and the pro teams in Pittsburgh have donated up to $800,000 towards Cornavirus vaccine research. The Pirates, Penguins and Steelers are all involved in the research drive.

#3 The NFL are not taking any chances they have outlined plans to their teams for ways for fans to get ticket refunds in the event the season gets suspended if there is a second wave of Cornavirus. The league is planning to release a schedule soon with pre season kicking off in August.

#4 Over 30 athletes have teamed up in putting the names of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals on their jerseys, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees and Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees are amongst those who are putting the names of those who put it on the line everyday.

#5 As we all know six time Pro Bowl offensive tackle Joe Staley retired last week but it’s being revealed that doctors told Staley the seriousness of his injuries. It was no doubt a factor in his decision to retire. Staley suffered from neck and back pain during his 13 year career.

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Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Did Warriors make a mistake not testing their players for Covid 19; PGA Championship cancelled in San Francisco; plus more

photo file from coachingclipboardl.com: Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers says it was not necessary to test players for Coronavirus because they are not interacting

Headline Sports podcast with Tony R:

#1 Are the Golden State Warriors making a big mistake not testing their players for Covid 19

#2 Warriors general manager Bob Myers said that there isn’t enough testing for Covid 19 and that the players aren’t interacting so Myers said there is no need for testing.

#3 The PGA Championship in May at Harding Park in San Francisco has been called off due to the Coronavirus epidemic. The PGA says their pushing to get it rescheduled.

#4 New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft shared his thoughts about losing former quarterback Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Bucaneers saying that it was unfortunate to lose a great talent like Brady.

#5 The San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s have pledged to fund $1 million towards covering payment for their employees. The Giants CEO Larry Baer said he wants to provide peace of mind for the employees and the A’s said their working on a $1 million fund for their laid off employees in Oakland.

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Headline Sports with Tony Renteria: Bickerstaff take over coaching reigns in Cleveland; NFL to add more playoff teams; plus more

cavsnation.com photo: New Cleveland Cavaliers head coach JB Bickerstaff will take over the coaching duties after former head coach John Beilein resigned

On Headline Sports with Tony R:

#1 The Cleveland Cavaliers John Beilein resigned as head coach and replaced him with JB Bickerstaff who is the son of former NBA head coach Bernie Bickerstaff who coached around the league for many years.

#2 The NFL are adding more playoff teams will this be a matter of making the post season more competitive or is the NFL just milking that much more

#3 The Kings have won four of their last seven games and host the Memphis Grizzlies on Thursday night at Golden One Center their coming off two tough loses to Milwaukee and Dallas

#4 The players in baseball are ready to riot as MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is under pressure by the players to take the World Series Trophy back from Houston and officially cross the Astros off as the 2017 World Champions

#5 The sign stealing scandal has dominated baseball so much its all anyone talks about will fights with the Astros turn the average fan off and they’ll go somewhere else?

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