Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Snydergaard to wear a Halos hat for 1 yr at $21 million; Kyrie won’t take the shot Nets could make him trade bait; plus more

Former New York Met Noah Snydergaard will be winding up for the Los Angeles Angels during the 2021 season he’s signed onto a one year deal which was completed on Mon Nov 15, 2021 with the Angels (AP News file photo)

On Headline Sports with Jessica:

#1 Former New York Met pitcher Noah Syndergaard has signed onto a one year $21 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels. Snydergaard pitched for seven years for the New York Mets Snydergaard joins an Angels team that is struggling with starting pitching and hopes to shore that up joining forces with the face of baseball and new teammate Shohei Ohtani.

#2 Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving on Sunday sent out two tweets one showing a picture of the matrix and the other saying “God never fails.” The City of New York has a full vaccine protocol for employees, players, and fans and Irving can’t come into Barclay Center until he’s fully vaccinated.

#3 From all indications from his responses and convictions he will not take the vaccine. Kyrie is allowed to travel with the Nets but the Nets have elected to have him sit out for road trips until he is fully vaccinated which does not look likely.

#4 Former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan had some heavy criticism for Jets head coach Robert Saleh saying he has philosophical differences in his coaching abilities and Ryan added that he’s insulted when he’s compared to Saleh regarding defensive strategies. Saleh said if Ryan feels that personal about it he knows where to find me.

#5 Jessica the New York Yankees and Mets are looking to make some moves to acquire free agents Starling Marte and the Yankees have express interest in Matt Chapman both who were teammates on the Oakland A’s last season. Marte last season played with the Miami Marlins before being dealt to Oakland mid season and hit .310, 145 hits, 12 HRs, and 55 RBIs, Chapman hit .210, 111 hits, 27 home runs, 72 RBIs.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Met’s now have 3 front office openings after firing GM; Jets have a quarterback controversy; plus more

The New York Mets have lots to work on in the off season after the recent firing of Zach Scott which now creates three front office openings. AP file photo show the Mets hosting the Washington Nationals Sun Aug 29, 2021

On Headlines with Jessica:

#1 The New York Mets fired acting general manager Zack Scott, Scott who served for the Mets for only two months was arrested for driving under the influence. Mets team president Sandy Alderson has assumed Scott’s general manager duties.

#2 The Mets who fell apart in the second half of the season was an additional reason to the Scott firing, Alderson is now looking for a new general manager, a field manager as Luis Rojas was fired, and a new president of baseball operations.

#3The Mets also were trying to hire former Oakland A’s manager Bob Melvin who has signed on with the San Diego Padres and A’s vice president Billy Beane. Beane is part owner of the A’s and it’s very unlikely he will leave Oakland for New York.

#4 Jessica it looks like a quarterback controversy at the New York Jets, back up quarterback Mike White threw for 405 yards and first stringer Zack Wilson came over to congratulate him after the game. White said that Wilson was “more juiced” about the win than he was. Jets head coach Robert Saleh said he’ll see how Wilson is doing coming off his knee injury regarding who he’ll start against the Indianapolis Colts this week on Sunday Night Football.

#5 Jessica, the New York Giants (2-6) are struggling having lost the Kansas Chiefs (4-4) last Sunday in Kansas City. The Giants quarterback Daniel Jones was 22-32 for 222 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. The Giants host the Las Vegas Raiders (4-2) this Sunday in the Meadowlands.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Yankees give Boone 3 more years; Nets will feel Irving’s absence; plus more

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone seen talking to the media before the AL Wild Card game on Mon Oct 4, 2021 at Fenway Park in Boston has signed a three year deal with the Yankees for three years to remain as manager. (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Jessica:

#1 New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone will return next season. Boone signed for a three contract and has an option for 2025. Yankees managing partner Hal Steinbrenner said that Boone has acumen and brings respect in the clubhouse.

#2 Boone and the Yankees finished in third in the AL East and lost to the Boston Red Sox in the Wild Card game that put Boone’s future with the Yankees in jeopardy. Steinbrenner felt that Boone had the respect of the players to return and make a run at the post season.

#3 Jessica turning to the NBA the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks who battled in an opening night game in Milwaukee. The Bucks held the lead for pretty much of the game later to win it 127-104. It’s early to tell but without Kyrie Irving in for the Nets does his absence from the team for Covid-19 protocol issues have an impact on the team?

#4 Taking a look at the MLB post season. The Atlanta Braves have had such a hold on the Dodgers winning the first two games of the series by two walk off hits in the ninth in Atlanta. The Braves taking a significant lead on the Dodgers on Tuesday night 5-2 in Los Angeles. The Dodgers made a comeback 6-5 to win game 3 with a 2-1 Braves margin. The Braves now with a 3-1 series lead won a laugher in game 4 on Wednesday night need one more win to sweep the series.

#5 It’s been a series the Houston Astros have a 3-2 lead on the Boston Red Sox taking a 9-1 laugher in Boston in game 5. The Astros had their biggest inning in the top of the sixth scoring five runs and now returning to Houston on Friday night for game 6 and they are the brink of eliminating the Red Sox needing just one more win.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Cole, Yankees hanging their heads after Wild Card loss; SF Giants avoided a huge concession stand strike for playoffs; plus much more

Losing pitcher of record Gerrit Cole delivers to the Boston Red Sox line up in the first inning during the ALWC game on Tue Oct 10, 2021 at Fenway Park in Boston (AP News photo)

On Headlines with Jessica:

#1 Jessica, You had a chance to see last night’s Wild Card game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox just how shocked was this good hitting potent team the Yankees that they only could manufacture just two runs in the 6-2 one and done loss to the Sox in Boston on Tuesday night.

#2 Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole was pulled he coughed up a Kyle Schwaber home run in the third inning. Cole said that he’s sick to his stomach over his poor outing going two innings, four hits, three runs, two walks and three strike outs.

#3 The San Francisco Giants are in the NL Division Series playoffs and will be hosting the series at Oracle Park in San Francisco which starts on Friday. What made a national story was Oracle park concessionaires Bon Appetit were planning to walk out at the beginning of the playoff meaning this Friday. That was averted when both labor and Bon Appetit management came to an agreement giving concession employees a $3 retroactive raise which covers this and the last two years, a $1.50 in hazard pay that also covered the last two years and increases that will total $7 an hour by 2024. The concession staff currently makes over $20.00 an hour.

#4 The Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving is still unclear whether he will take the Covid 19 vaccine but the pressure is on with opening day for the regular season around the corner. If Irving does not get vaccinated he will not be allowed to play any of the Nets home games at Barclay Center in Brooklyn until he does gets that first shot.

#5 Jessica, the San Diego Padres fired manager Jayce Tingler after he served two seasons with the Padres. The Padres at one time were within striking distance to get the second spot in the Wild Card standings but ended up not being able to seal the deal. Strong possibility to replace Tingler is former San Francisco Giant manager Bruce Bochy who led the Giants three World Series championships.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Return of Yanks Severino; MLB Players prepared to sue MLB over shortened 2020 season; Packers Rogers calls out Pat McAfee show over work ethic remarks, plus more

New York Yankees pitcher Luis Severino returned to the pitcher’s mound Tue Sep 21, 2021 as he has recovered from Tommy John surgery and could be a big push in the Yankees bid to make the post season. Severino watches the Yankees from the dugout on Jun 20, 2021 and was activated on Mon Sep 20, 2021 (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports with Jessica:

#1 The Major League Players Union are prepared to sue MLB over the 2020 season shortened season due to the Coronavirus epidemic that the 60 game schedule was too short. Martin F Scheinman an arbitrator will hear grievance proceedings as the Players are seeking hundreds of millions of dollars for losing out on some 102 regular season games.

#2 The entire 2020 regular season was played in front of no fans, limited amounts of media, front office employees and player personal were allowed during the 60 game season. The loss hit the players in 2019 that went from $3.99 billion to $1.54 billion in 2020. This could be a stigma in negotiations in the Collective Bargaining Agreement which expires Dec 1st as the 2022 season could face a lock out.

#3 The New York Yankees on Monday who are a 1/2 game back in the AL Wild Card race were glad to announce the return of pitcher Luis Severino who made his first appearance in two years after having Tommy John surgery on Tuesday . Yanks manager Aaron Boone says he’ll be using Severino out of the bullpen. Severino signed a four year $40 million deal before 2019 campaign. He also could make appearances in the post season.

#4 After the Las Vegas Raiders came calling to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers the Steelers came away with multiple injuries which included quarterback Joe Roethlisberger who is suffering a left pectoral injury. The Steelers don’t know when in the game Sunday that Roethlisberger got the injury.

#5 Despite the Green Bay Packers win over the Detroit Lions Sunday 35-17 critics on the Pat McAfee show are questioning Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers his performance, work skills, mental make up and are questioning Rogers work habits. Rogers in return called out BS in his response to the McAfee show saying, “”It’s absolute (expletive) to give people a platform who have no idea what they’re talking about as far as my mental state and my focus, my work habits – people who are not in my life or I’ve not had communication with them or not in the locker room,” Rodgers said. “That’s just (expletive). It’s so ridiculous that people can get a platform to do this.” 

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Guilty pleas by NFL players in fraud case; Jones is prepared for starting job at Patriots

Former Washington Football Team player Clinton Portis is one of three NFL players who have plead guilty in a fraud case, Porter is facing a maximum of 20 years (file photo from CNN)

On Headline Sports podcast with Jessica:

#1 Former Washington Football Team player Clinton Portis, former Kansas City Chief Tamarick Vanover and former Washington Football Team player Robert McCune all have plead guilty for fraud schemes trying to scam the NFL’s retiree health benefits plan. They submitted claims worth $3 million the Justice Department said. Porter is facing a 20 year maximum sentence, Vanover will be sentenced on January 22 and McCune will be sentenced Jan 6th.

#2 New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is not surprised that he won the starting job for the Patriots saying “Not really. Like I always say, I prepare to be the starter. I got a chance to get a lot of reps. Nothing really changes.”

#3 Jones also said that he got along with Cam Newton who was released from the team that he was there to help Cam and Cam was there to help him. Jones said he hopes Newton lands somewhere and that he is a great guy.

#4 Jessica turning to baseball, Former St Louis Cardinal and current Los Angeles Dodger Albert Pujols had a memorable evening hitting his career 679th home run against his former team on Tuesday night to a standing ovation. There is little doubt that Pujols will go into the Hall of Fame as a Cardinal when his career is over.

#5 The New York Yankees are slipping they have lost seven of their last ten games and they are now 8.5 games behind first place Tampa Bay. They haven’t been getting the pitching in the loses and were landslided by the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday night 8-0, on Tuesday night the Yankees suffered another loss again 5-1 and dropped Wednesday night’s contest 6-3 their just one more game from being swept in a four game series with the Jays.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Baez might have trouble finding a new team after season; Cam Newton cut from Patriots

The New York Mets Javier Baez scores ahead of the tag by the Miami Marlins catcher Alex Jackson for the winning run in the first game of a doubleheader at Citi Field in Flushing on Tue Aug 31, 2021 (AP News

On Headline Sports with Jessica:

#1 Javy Baez and Francisco Lindor of the New York Mets went from thumbs down to thumbs up after Baez and Lindor both apologized for giving Mets fans the thumbs down for booing them and the team in past games. Baez who got hit by a pitch which resulted in cheering from the Mets fans as Baez scored from first to home for the game winning run over the Washington Nationals 6-5. Jessica would it appear that Baez has redeemed himself?

#2 Mets team president Sandy Alderson said that the thumbs down gestures had to stop as Alderson had spoke to both Lindor and Baez before Monday night’s game to stop. They both apologized and Baez needed to do something to make up for his mistake and scoring the winning run is a good start.

#3 Jessica, will this hurt Baez’ chances to sign on for a new team and other teams who saw this will just move past Baez as Baez becomes a free agent in 2022.

#4 Jessica, turning to the NFL the New England Patriots released Cam Newton who in pre season threw for 14-21 for 162 yards, the Patriots will go for Mac Jones as their starter who was 36-52 for 162 yards. Newton was a Super Bowl quarterback when he was with the Carolina Panthers but lost in the Super Bowl, Newton said on Instagram regarding his release from the Patriots “don’t feel sorry for me I’m good.”

#5 Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyers said that he has weighed some of his cuts on the roster after the last pre season game based on unvaccinated and vaccinated players saying “Everyone was considered,” Meyer said. “That was part of the [considerations such as] production, let’s start talking about this, and also is he vaccinated or not? Can I say that that was a decision maker? It was certainly in consideration.”

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Warriors Green said Kerr acted like 2018 argument with Durant didn’t happen; Raiders-Rams joint practice turns into slugfest

Second round of joint practice between the Los Angeles Rams and Las Vegas Raiders on Thu Aug 19, 2021 was more like the second round of a prize fight as punches and helmets were thrown and players trying to break it up (photo from the Orange County Register)

On Headlines with Jessica:

#1 Jessica, Golden State Warrior Draymond Green and former Warrior Kevin Durant are passing off the blame for for a very public argument they had on the bench during a game against the Los Angeles Clippers in 2018. Green hosting a podcast called Chips by Bleacher Report said the argument led to Durant leaving and it was head coach Steve Kerr and general manager Bob Myers fault and Green said that Kerr “acted like it didn’t happen”

#2 The blame game by Green and Durant are baffling because it was Green who shouted at Durant during a time out about a botched play that led to Green telling Durant to leave the team if he wasn’t going to sign a contract extension. Green’s outburst was seen on national television and later Kerr suspended Green for one game and Durant did leave for Brooklyn after the Warriors lost the NBA Finals to Toronto.

#3 Jessica, how bad are these practices and scrimmages with other teams. Some might think it’s a bad idea when the two teams meet each other in practice the week before the game. The Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Rams were no exception on Wednesday when bad blood led to helmet throwing and punches thrown.

#4 Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was asked what his message was that he had no message that there was a lot of “trash talking, it was sickening, it’s just stupidity. I’m done with that. It’s just child’s play to me.” Pre season is in it’s second week and there is a long season to go don’t be too surprised to see more these types of scrapes in practices.

#5 Jessica, how heartbreaking is for the Jets after losing free agent defensive end Carl Lawson ruptured his Achilles tendon. The injury took place during a joint practice between the Green Bay Packers and Jets during a red zone run during Thursday’s practice. The players took a knee in prayer for Lawson as he was attended to by the medical staff.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Women’s US soccer team makes come back with 6-1 win; Men’s US basketball team tips off against France; plus more

US women’s soccer Lindsey Horan (9) is jubilant after scoring against New Zealand on Sat Jul 24, 2021 at Saitama Japan for the US’ first win at the summer games (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Jessica:

#1 The US women’s national team came back from their opening loss in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with a 6-1 victory over New Zealand on Friday. Goals scored by Rose Lavelle, Lindsey Horan, Christen Press, Alex Morgan with two goals.

#2 US men’s basketball players Devon Booker, Khris Middleton, and Jrue Holiday flew to Tokyo by private jet and got into town before 11pm on Saturday as they will tip off against France less than 24 hours later after arriving in Japan. Booker, Middleton, and Holiday all played in the NBA Finals.

#3 In water polo the US women’s Olympic team made history with a dominant victory over Japan’s women’s team 25-4 a record for one sided win but the record fell hours later when Spain won in a water polo laugher beating South Africa 29-4.

#4 From a national TV standpoint from sponsorships and the networks in baseball behind closed door they’re pulling for the Los Angeles Angels to get a shot at the post season because of marquee players Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout who are baseball’s best two players as TV and sponsors could only hope the showcase both players in a post season situation. The Angels are in fourth place 11 games out of first in the AL West.

#5 New York Yankee two time Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber is working his way through rehab to get back in the Yankees starting rotation. Kluber suffering shoulder strain is hoping to get back sometime this season. Kluber said he’s not trying to think about a timeline but try to work his way though rehab one day at a time.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Serena, Naomi and others out for Mubadala; A’s one foot out Kaval heads to Vegas day after the vote

Serena Williams seen here during the Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic in 2019 will take this year off from the Mubadala in San Jose (file photo from the Mercury News)

On Headlines with Jessica:

#1 Tennis returns to the San Jose State campus for the Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic for Aug 2-8. This year’s tournament will be missing Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Ash Bartly, these are some top names that draw fans to the tournament. None the less with Sloane Stephens, Madison Keys, Sofia Kennin to name a few will be in the tournament it should be a draw.

#2 The Oakland A’s who have been a mainstay in the Bay Area since 1968 have one foot out the door as the Oakland City Council votes on the A’s new Howard Terminal ballpark this Tuesday. The A’s want three infrastructure developments the park, retail and housing without affordable housing. The city is willing to do the ballpark and half a billion apart on financing it.

#3 Former San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman might have put the icing on the cake for any chance of returning to football after having a driving under the influence, reckless endangerment of roadway workers, second degree criminal trespass, third degree malicious mischief, and resisting arrest on Tue Jul 13th. Sherman appeared in King County District Court and plead not guilty on Fri Jul 16. Thankfully no one was hurt or killed during Sherman’s drunken tirade. Sherman has never been in trouble before and has had such good reputation on and off the field.

#4 New York Yankees have Aaron Judge, Gio Urshela, Kyle Higashioka, joined the Covid 19 injured, New York pitchers Jonathan Loaisiga, Nestor Cortes Jr, and Wandy Peralta some were vaccinated and still tested positive.

#5 You could see the difference in the Yankees play as they have six players on the Coronavirus injury list and were defeated by the Boston Red Sox behind a 4-0 shutout. Eduardo Rodriguez pitched shutout ball for 5.2 innings and the bullpen kept the Yankees off the scoreboard the rest of the way at Yankee Stadium Friday night.

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