Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Former Sac Bee Kings beat writer Marty McNeal dead at 64; MLB 67 page proposal to players

Marty McNeal, sports reporter for the Sacramento Bee, squeezes between two other journalists to interview Shaquille O’Neal at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta. Hector Amezcua Sacramento Bee photo file 

Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O:

#1 The Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred and MLB presented MLB Players Association representative with a 67 page operations manual to Player Representative Tony Clark which included health and safety issues there was nothing about the 50-50 sharing revenue issues.

#2 We’ll go over some of the proposed safety rules, no spitting, no sitting next to each other in the dugout or in the bull pens it may sound simple but in the Show that’s some old habits that’s tough to break.

#3 One of the key things to get the players interest is the 50-50 gate revenue split as Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell said “I want my money” the other thing he said “I risk my life” can MLB get a deal done with such stringent policies from the Commissioners office?

#4 Our former colleague former Sacramento Bee beat writer for the Sacramento Kings Marty McNeal passed away from Leukemia at age 64 on Thursday. He was surrounded at a Dallas Hospital by family. Marty as we knew very well in covering Kings games for 13 years was a friendly and knowledgeable writer he was very funny and he was just great with the TV-radio reporters. He will really be missed.

#5 There were so many stories about Marty a favorite as told by the Sacramento Bee in Thursday’s edition that Marty was involved with not only covering the team but almost was like an assistant coach former King Mike Bibby was having a bad night as the reporters were seated at courtside. As Bibby was walking off the court Marty would say to him “What the hell is wrong with you” Bibby and Marty would end up talking.

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Kings will return to practice facility on Monday with strict guidelines

The Sacramento Kings D’Aaron Fox will he be one of the four players who will attend the practice session for the Kings on Monday at the practice facility? (forbes.com file photo)

On Headlines pod with Charlie O:

#1 Sacramento’s ABC 10 reports that the Sacramento Kings are opening up their practice facility on Monday but under stringent orders from the Sacramento Public Health Order. Lots of temperature taking, social distancing and no fans in the building.

#2 With the Kings opening up their practice facility to players on a voluntary basis does this open a light at the end of the tunnel and that the Kings and NBA Basketball could very well be back very soon?

#3 This will be the first time since March 11th when the Utah Jazz Rudy Gobert tested positive for Covid-19 triggering a shutdown for the Kings and the NBA to get the green light to start practicing again.

#4 The NBA set very strict guidelines for the practice, no coaches whatsoever watching or participating in the practice, only four players can be at the facility at the same time, players can not shoot at the same basket, and everyone must wear a mask.

#5 There are a awful lot of precautions for this practice drill but looking past all of that what are some of the things the Kings hope to gain from the players showing up for drills and what benefits will there be?

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Michael Jordan was offered a chance to play with the Oakland A’s in 1994; plus more headlines

Former Chicago White Sox Michael Jordan taking an at bat against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley before swinging for an RBI double in 1994 (cbssports.com file still)

On Headline Sports with Charlie O:

#1 The Michael Jordan documentary “Last Dance” has been the talk of the sports town. With it’s well received viewership on ESPN at 6.1 million viewers some of the topics have been interesting and extraordinary.

#2 The one story that stands out is when Jordan had retired from the NBA to play baseball in 1994 Jordan got an offer from then former Oakland A’s general manager Sandy Alderson who asked Jordan’s agent at the time if he would be interested in joining the A’s on their Major League roster. Jordan in double A for the Birmingham Barons declined saying he was loyal to White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf and didn’t want to upset the big leaguers who worked hard to get to the show by skipping grades to get to the A’s.

#3 Charlie how crucial is it for the state and the Sacramento community to have the state paying the Sacramento Kings $500,00 a month to rent Arco arena as a field hospital for incoming Coronavirus patients.

#4 Charlie could you fill us in on the MLB video game tournament that will be televised live and will there be a lot of ribbing and joshing amongst the players during a tournament like this?

# 5 Former Los Angeles Dodger play by play announcer Vin Scully certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humor after taking a tumble at home saying he’s done with head first slides.

#6 Charlie can you tell us about the Boston Red Sox losing a draft pick for sign stealing and that the penalty was far less than the penalties the Houston Astros got.

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Two leagues, six divisions, two different states in MLB idea for regular seaon

photo file from City of Scottsdale: Scottsdale Stadium in Arizona will remain empty one way or the other as fans will not be allowed to watch exhibition and regular season games from inside the park if baseball season is ever to resume

Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O:

#1 MLB is considering realigning MLB teams and canceling out the National League and American League traditional schedule where teams like the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees could be rivals.

#2 The alignment would be changing six divisions. The two different leagues would be called the Cactus League in Arizona and the other league the Grapefruit League in Florida with three divisions in each league.

#3 The idea is to play regular games in two different states with no fans in attendance in an abbreviated season how will that work for TV revenue and most importantly for radio.

#4 How will an idea like this be received by the fans? They’ll miss baseball but some might just tune out if they can’t get to the ball park or if they feel like their team is away and it doesn’t have the local feeling to it.

#5 The other benefit to it is they will all be one hour drive from each other and if they going to compact so many games in in a short amount of time this might be the best way to do it.

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Trump hopes to have NFL going by August; Antonio assault charge on repo man pretty much ends career; plus more

file photo from nbcnews.com: Former Oakland Raider Antonio Brown appears in front of Broward County judge. Brown is facing assault charges of assaulting a truck driver.

On Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O:

#1 Trump hopes to have the NFL season going and able to start on time when August pre season kicks off. Trump was in a conference call with other pro sports commissioners and the discussion was on where the country was at in flattening the curve. No doubt the commissioners were concerned about the economic impact from the shut down.

#2 Former Oakland Raider Antonio Brown was accused of assaulting a moving truck driver, Brown refused to pay moving fees, and forcibly retrieved his possessions in the truck. Also a Broward County prosecutor said that police had been call to Brown’s house some 18 times in two months after the assault on the truck driver.

#3 Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are set to be honored as they get inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame this has been billboarded  one of the best classes of the NBA’s Hall of Fame classes.

#4 Houston Astro veteran pitcher Justin Verlander  said he’s donating every check he gets during the pandemic shut down to charity. He and wife Kate Upton said they will be donating to a different organization each week.

#5 Charlie O what do you miss most about baseball right now, is it the smell of the concession stands when you first walk into the ball park, the cut green grass, your seat ready when you walk into the pressbox after picking up the stat sheets and line ups, or Dick Callahan on the A’s PA system doing play by play on which is fastest BART car?

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