Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Kings new schedule out; Kings Parker playing tennis in Chicago after Covid-19 diagnosis

The Sacramento Kings De’Aaron Fox billboards the new Kings regular season schedule the last eight games starting July 31st though August 13th (NBC Sports image)

On Headlines podcast with Tony R:

#1 Tony with Covid 19 spiking and no end in sight of flattening the curve how long do you see professional and college sports starting and then having to call it off.

#2 Tony it was just reported today that last Saturday the Sacramento Kings Jabari Parker was filmed playing tennis without a mask in Chicago after testing positive for Coronavirus last week Wednesday.

#3 Additionally Parker was seen at a restaurant but told the press that he fulfilled the shut in protocols for isolation but might have been in violation of the NBA shut in which is 14 days

#4 Taking a look at the Kings remaining eight regular season games just before post season starting July 31st through Aug 13th can the Kings do it? They’ve got some very tough opponents including Mavericks, Rockets, and Lakers.

#5 Tony talk about what this does for the fans watching at home, the players and the employees who work Kings games to finally be back.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Kaepernick to have six part documentary on Netflix; 49er Sherman says Newton contract not right; plus more

In this combination photo, filmmaker Ava DuVernay appears at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Feb. 9, 2020, left, and Colin Kaepernick attends The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute benefit gala in New York on May 6, 2019. Kaepernick is joining with Emmy-winning filmmaker DuVernay on a Netflix miniseries about the teenage roots of the former NFL player’s activism. Neftlix says the limited series, titled “Colin in Black & White,” will examine Kaepernick’s high school years. (AP Photo)

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 Barbara Netflix will be running a special on Colin Kaepernick that will document his high school years that took him all the way to his years of activism. This will be a six episode documentary and is expected to be timely and thoroughly riveting on Kaepernick’s rootsto his what brought him to taking a knee in the NFL.

#2 Kaepernick during his 49ers years in post game interviews used to give short worded answers and sentences until one day he spoke out after a game about racial injustices and injustices by law enforcement and announced he would take a knee during the national anthem until those justices were righted.

#3 It was a move that later got him banished from the NFL and rebuked by Donald Trump who said that any SOB taking a knee should be fired. This will be a huge part of the upcoming Kaepernick documentary.

#4 San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman is disgusted about Cam Newton’s deal with the New England Patriots questioning on twitter why he got the league minimum $1.5 million pay when he’s a seasoned veteran and other lesser quarterbacks are receiving $15-16 million?

#5 One other point why Newton took the deal from the Pats as it was reported no other team made Newton an offer. The Cleveland Browns had talks with Newton but nothing came to fruition.

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He Was A Giant? Jose Cardenal 1963-64 seasons feature By Tony the Tiger Hayes

Jose Cardenal as a San Francisco Giant who played in San Francisco during the 1963 and 1964 seasons (Amazon file photo)


JOSE CARDENAL – OF – 1963-64 – # 10

By Tony the Tiger Hayes

If you collected baseball cards as a kid in the 1970s there were three givens: “bubblegum” that crumbled into brittle shards the moment you touched it; hideous air-brush art work, and, finally, the incremental Chia-Pet like growth of Jose Cardenal’s unwieldy Afro. (Think TV artist Bob Ross.)

A fiery competitor with a stylish hairdo, Cardenal was a career .275 hitter and a familiar presence on the MLB scene for parts of five decades as both a player and coach.

But before the Cuban fly chaser picked his hair out to resemble a spinning classroom world globe, Cardenal broke in with the Giants, appearing in 29 games over 1963-64.

Why Was He a Giant?

Cardenal was one of the last ball players to escape Cuba before Fidel Castro shut the island’s borders. He was just 17 when the Giants paid him $200 to sign with the organization in 1960.

Though off the field he struggled with assimilation process – fueled by being cut off from family back in Cuba – Cardenal had no such issues in the batters box and produced gaudy minor league numbers.

Cardenal was just 19 when he broke camp with SF in 1963. He came and went a few times over the next couple of seasons but never could crack SF’s All-Star studded lineup.

Before & After

Despite great reviews for his on field play in the Giants farm system – hitting for power and stealing bases like a bandit – Cardenal developed a reputation of being a bit of a scoundrel.

As a young man he got into scrapes and arguments with teammates and ran afoul of team management and opposing clubs.

In one 1962 incident, when he was with the El Paso Sun Kings, Cardenal menaced the opposing Austin Senators dugout with a letter opener.

Mouthy bench jockeys had gotten under the young Cuban’s skin by calling him a “Castro Lover” and a “Communist.”

Cardenal became so enraged he considered skinning an entire minor league club. He was stopped however before he could initiate his Davy Crockett routine.

“There’s a lot behind the boy’s flare up,” said El Paso manager George Genovese after Cardenal was placed on Texas League probation. “He is immature all right but he hasn’t been home in a long time and hasn’t seen his family in two years. And there’s a language problem.”

Due to his hair-trigger temper and the fact that the Orange & Black were already brimming with talented OF prospects, the club moved on from Cardenal after the 1964 campaign, trading him to the Angels in a swap for C Jack Hiatt.

Cardenal jumped from team to team for awhile before finding a home with the Cubs for much of the ’70s. He later appeared in the 1980 World Series with Kansas City.

From 1993-2003 Cardenal was a major league coach for several teams including the 1996 World Series Champion Yankees.

He Didn’t Get His Own Bobblehead Doll (Or Chia-Pet). But…

Cardenal smacked the only hit of his Giants career in his second MLB at bat, lining a two-run, pinch hit single to left off the Cardinals Curt Simmons. Cardenal was then nabbed however trying to steal second base in a weekday afternoon 4-3 home loss (4/24/63).

Giant Footprint

It was against the Giants that Cardenal assembled a career best six- hit game at Candlestick Park (5/2/76), batting 6-for-7 with four RBIs in a 6-5, 14-inning Chicago win at Candlestick in the matinee of a double header.

The last several innings of that game can be viewed on You Tube – providing a good look at Cardenal’s glorious Afro in action and a rare look at the Giants much maligned mid-1970s AstroTurf era.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Will DH change the culture in the NL; The day SF Giant Marichal threw a no no; plus more

San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Juan Marichal, in uniform without cap, acknowledges his teammates’ congratulations as he marches off the playing field, June 15, 1963, after throwing a no-hitter against the Houston Colts. Teammates and man in suit are unidentified. (AP Photo/Robert H. Houston)

On That’s Amaury’s pod:

#1 Fourth of July is coming and that is the one day that you could always count on working an MLB game now that the season has been rescheduled for July 23rd it’s an awkward time of the year to open the season.

#2 Amongst some of the changes coming into the 2020 60 game season one of them is the Universal Designated Hitter where the National League will longer allow the pitcher to hit. Will this be a big adjustment for the pitchers and will the NL miss allowing all fielders to hit?

#3 Amaury how much will the Universal DH be a departure from the culture of the game and how much impact will it have as a change in the rules of the game.

#4 On June 15, 1963 a high kick wind up of Hall of Famer and San Francisco Giant pitcher Juan Marichal was all that the visiting Houston 45’s saw all afternoon as Marichal threw a no hitter at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

#5 The Oakland A’s English broadcasters are considering going back to last season’s flagship station and carry all 60 games on KTRB 860. The A’s left the station last year that there was just too much right wing programming. 860 tried to appeal to the A’s and now the team might reconsider and come back.

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Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Reopening spikes have impact on college programs and recruiting

Fatuvalu Iosefa is one top recruit that Cal picked up during the off season but the program has slipped from being in the top three in recruiting in the Pac 12 being overtaken by Oregon and USC (Golden Bears blog)

On Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips:

#1 NCAA Football Division 2’s Moorehouse College in Atlanta announced that they have canceled their program this season due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Moorehouse is one the best known black colleges in the NCAA.

#2 Also it was reported that the official US Covid count was really ten times higher than the reported two million plus cases causing fears and forcing games scheduled with Memphis against Tennessee State and Jackson State to be canceled due to the pandemic.

#3 The Covid crisis is also impacting Under Armour who had to cancel their $250 million 15 year deal with UCLA also their ten year $86 million deal with Cal, as revenue has dried up due to high umemployment and less people spending money.

#4 The Cal Bears who were No.3 in recruiting in the Pac 12 has slipped out of the top three as Washington and UCLA have moved past Cal.  Oregon and USC have moved into No.1 and 2. Cal who had recruited Fatuvalu Iosefa but he was not enough to keep them in the top 3 recruiting list.

#5 Coronavirus has played a role in recruiting. Cal is looking to pick up some players to come west but their are many players who are hesitating right now. So far Cal has offered out 101 scholarships.

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Headline Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum: MLB determined to play season despite Covid spikes; 16 NBA players come up positive; plus more

You Tube file image: The New York Yankees will open their regular season against the Washington Nationals July 23rd to kick off the MLB season

Headline Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum:

1 MLB season could continue even if Covid-19 outbreak forces teams to drop out

2 MLB season to open on July 23 with Yankees at Nationals

3 NBA: 16 of 302 players have tested positive for Covid-19; reveals opening night lineup at Disney World

4 Amazon buys naming rights to Seattle’s NHL arena

5 Group proposes to become NFL’s first Black team owners – and bring another team to Oakland

6 Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott sued by pool cleaner after alleged dog attack

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Headline Sports podcast with Mary Lisa Walsh: Rangers employees “terrified” as Covid-19 spreads at team facility; Lightning still shutdown until further notice; plus more

The New York Rangers Kakko Kaapo who has a underlying conditon is diabetic and is expected to and get back on the ice. New York Ranger employees said they are terrified about the spread of Covid-19 at the Rangers training facility (nhl.com photo)

Headlines pod with Mary Lisa:

#1 New York Rangers are quote “terrified” by the return of NHL play with safety concerns of health after several Rangers employees have tested positive for Covid 19. In an email to Rangers employees it was announced that a number of employees have come up positive.

#2  Rangers employees who wished not to be identified said that the fear is that an older  and pregnant employee could get sick and it would be serious end everything right there.

#3 Three team players and two staff members who had come up positive for Covid-19 at the Tampa Bay Lightning and closed their facilities two weeks ago have announced that the Lightning are in phase 2 and that they possibly reopen if no more positive tests come out.

#4 The Seattle NHL team has said they will announce the new team nickname soon enough team CEO Tom Tod Leiweke said he wanted to wait until the protests in Seattle and Covid-19 situation is settled and not be a distraction in announcing the new team name.

#5 Doug Wilson, Jarome Iginla, Marian Hosa, and Doug Lowe were named to the newest class of NHL Hall of Famers last Wednesday also named was Team Canada’s  Kim St Pierre who is the first woman goalie to be enshrined in the Hall.

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Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: How risky is it that NHL will not quarintine players?; Corona spiking in US as Vancouver drops out to be bubble city; plus more

AP file photo: Fans prepare for the Feb 15, 2020 Los Angeles Kings vs. Colorado Avalanche out door game at Falcon Stadium at Air Force Academy in Colorado

Matt Harrington podcast with Matt Harrington:

#1 Matt Carolinas Medical Center medical director of infection prevention Katie Passaretti said that NHL players who travel together and have been exposed to a number of people to individuals who were asymptotic as the NHL is not planning to quarantine players.

#2 Vancouver is out of the bubble running of the three Canadian cities vying for a shot to host the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Reports say that politicians in Vancouver are listening to local medical professionals who have leaned on the side of caution and said it would be best not to have people from all over who have been exposed especially after learning 11 players in the NHL have come up positive.

#3 That leaves Edmonton and Toronto left to be one of the hub cities but with the recent spike in the states could they back out too?

#4 The NHL Seattle francise team president Tom Leiweke announced that Key Arena that has been newly refurbished will now be called Climate Pledge Arena and will be the first carbon neutral arena in the NHL that will be powered by renewable energy instead of using natural gas.

#5 Matt how safe is it now that the NHL has got report of several players coming up positive for Corona but they will loosen up the rules allowing 12 players to workout up from six players?

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Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: With the US spiking how practical is it to return to MLB; No hub cities everyone from all over coming in; plus more

Ballparks will remain empty through the 60 game regular season and post season as baseball is expected to open by July 24th with no hub cities and teams traveling. Reports of surging cases of Covid-19 could play a huge concern in the opening of the baseball season. This image describes some of the ground rules players will have to follow when returning back to work. (MLB image)

On Headline Sports podcast with Michael:

#1 Michael baseball will be using all sorts of caution when they return one of the first orders of the day no fans in the park and all the precautions taken. In spite of all of that three MLB training facilities had closed and several players have tested positive how practical is it to allow the return of the game when the country is also spiking?

#2 Baseball will not be doing hub cities like the NBA or NHL and using their home parks with that said how risky is it that in cities that are spiking like Houston, Arlington, Miami and Tampa Bay to name a few to return back to action.

#3 MLB said that they will not interfere or get involved in any individual team’s policy but at what stage will they feel they might have to get involved if more and more reports of positive tests come out?

#4 In the NBA the Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant said if his teammates wanted to play he’s cool with that but on the side of caution Durant said he probably wouldn’t and would just “chill” Durant’s teammate Kyrie Irving said there should be more of a push on the social issues of racial issues rather than return to play in risky conditions.

#5 MLB will soon set the ground rules up as to who will be allowed to have access to work at the park. Could you go over who will have access such as front office employees, trainers, medical staff, camera crews, media, security, custodians, players, coaches, and managers to name a few.

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Headline Sports podcast with David Zizmor: Kings Hield, Parker, and Len test positive for Covid-19; Gerould interim TV play by play announcer for Kings

Sacramento Kings forward Jabari Parker who tested positive for Coronavirus with teammates Buddy Hield and Alex Len puts the breaks on the Kings practices for now. (yahoo!sports.com file photo)

On Headlines pod with David:

#1 The Sacramento King’s guard Buddy Hield, forward Jabari Parker, and center Alex Len all have tested positive for Coronavirus. After the discovery it was suggested by a number of media outlets that the NBA should shut it down.

#2 The Sacramento Kings announced on Thursday that longtime radio play by play announcer Gary Gerould will be the team’s television interim play by play announcer while the team tries to find a replacement for former television play by play announcer Grant Napier who resigned after tweeting “All Lives Matter” which the Kings organization was under pressure to do something about Napier at the time.

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