San Jose Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa Walsh: Visits to New York teams won’t get the Sharks down as they prepare for LA on Thursday

by Mary Walsh

photo credit newsday of antti raanta rangers goalie

SAN JOSE–On the podcast tonight the San Jose Sharks after winning four straight drop two straight to the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers in the big apple. The Rangers who shut out San Jose 4-0 Monday night were stunned at what they ran into as Rangers net minder Antti Raanta stopped all 22 San Jose shots.

The Sharks have had some injuries with Logan Couture and his broken fibula being the latest as Couture will be out of action four to six weeks. This put some holes in the Sharks line up and Sharks goalie Martin Jones was seeing a lot of shots up front and could stop only 24 of 28.

The Sharks have to write the two games in New York off and prepare for Thursday night against the LA Kings who are coming off two straight wins and wanting some revenge after they got blown out by the Sharks in the season opener 5-1.

To tell you all about it Mary Lisa has your Sharks podcast below at

Stanford Cardinal podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: After huge blow out of UCLA the Cardinal can’t let down for Washington

by Jerry Feitelberg

photo credit google images Kevin Hogan Stanford QB

The game between the Stanford Cardinal and UCLA Bruins last Thursday night was supposed to be a barn burner but turned out to be a blow out 56-35 for the Cardinal fifth win. The Cardinal came into the game ranked 15th and UCLA at 18th. UCLA came in looking for some compensation after losing the week before to the Arizona Wild Cats but found none losing their second straight game.

Bruins quarterback Josh Rosen left with a huge disappointment after throwing two big interceptions in the game which not only changed the dynamic for UCLA offensively but the Cardinal gained confidence on defense to hold the Bruins to 35 points for the blow out. The Bruins played on Sunday the week previous and turned around and played the following Thursday night they were exhausted to say the least.

The Bruins got seven days off this week as they play at Cal this Thursday night so they should be rested for that one. The Cardinal will host the Washington Huskies and although the Huskies are 3-3 the Cardinal shouldn’t let their guard down for this one as they say in the NCAA “anything can happen on any given Saturday”.

Listen to Jerry’s podcast with complete previews of the Washington-Stanford match this Saturday at Stanford Stadium

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Political correctness in sports: a waste of time

By Amaury Pi Gonzalez

photo credit google images of Washington Redskin logo

LOS ANGELES–So there are no Indians in Cleveland? No Redskins in Washington, and how can there be any Giants in San Francisco, if the average height of a San Francisco resident is 5’7″? Friends, names of teams, are just that, n-a-m-e-s. With all the real problems we have in this country, some devote their time to “correct” the names of teams because they might insult a segment of our population. This is nothing but a waste of time, using energy for the wrong reasons and taking Political Correctness to a new level.

The Redskins, who currently play at FedEx Field in Maryland, announced that they were in the preliminary stages of searching for a new home field. Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland have been named as potential sites according to ESPN.

When reporters asked Allen if he would consider changing the name of the team as a condition to securing a new home for the Redskins, he replied, “No.”

The Redskins name remains controversial. Native Indian groups, politicians, and journalists continue to condemn Allen and team owner Dan Snyder for their unwavering commitment to keeping it as the team’s identity.

Maybe this continues because the Washington Redskins play in our nations capital, and everything there is political, lobbyist probably have focus groups to tell them where to go to lunch everyday. The media has a lot to do in keeping this narrative going. I have worked in newsrooms where on a slow day, an assignment desk supervisor would send a camera crew and reporter to a location where there are 6 people demonstrating, and all-of-a-sudden it is a story., it is inserted in the rundown for the 6PM news. Politicians are famous for debating stuff that nobody cares, and then when they agree,then they agree to disagree and the world keeps spining, and Native Indian groups (among other minorities)definitely have much more important issues to take care of than the name of sports teams.

So before we repair our bridges and roads across the country, which are badly in need of repair, we are going to try to change the names/logos of hundreds of high schools and colleges and universities that are not “politically correct”to some people?

Speaking as a minority myself, I do not believe in insulting anybody, any race, any gender. any religion, any philosophy, but this has to stop if we really want to continue as the “United”States of America. There are people that love to divide us, instead the other way around. Sports is an easy target, but it should not be an arena for these types of discussions.

Remember the movie “Stripes” when the young soldiers were telling their stories of each other, there was one guy that was as up-tight as they come, they have to tell him “ease up Francis”.

We should all “ease up”and we will be better for it.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Museum and is a talk show host for

Sacramento Kings podcast with Charlie O: Don’t expect to see Mayor at any Kings presentations in the near future

by Charlie O Mallonee

photo credit of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson

SACRAMENTO–Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive has not come out with a statement regarding the sex scandal involving Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and how the Kings will proceed with the very man who helped keep the Kings in Sacramento and who was instrumental for the Kings construction of their new arena downtown which is still the $100,000 question.

The whole situation of that dynamic really changed when ESPN backed off the 30 for 30 series doing a bio on Johnson and his success on pulling off keeping the Kings in Sacramento. ESPN said their not going to show the film until more information on the sex scandal comes forward confirming that has Johnson accuser Mandi Koba at age 16 in a 1996 video who said that she was sexually molested by Johnson when he was playing for the Phoenix Suns at that time. Johnson has since monetarily settled with Koba at that time but Koba said she was 16 then and now is old enough now to come out and tell all that happened.

Charlie O has the entire commentary of how the Mayor and the Kings plans to move forward regarding this sex scandal plus coverage of the Kings getting ready for the regular season. Listen to the podcast below.

Cal Bears podcast with Morris Phillips: Cal puts Utah behind them getting ready for UCLA this Thursday

by Morris Phillips

BERKELEY–With the Cal Bears (5-1) losing to a team of the Utah Utes (6-0) caliber and that being their only loss it’s still a sizable game for Cal coming close but losing it 30-24. If you lose it to a legitimate top five team on the road it really doesn’t take you out of the Pac 12 Championship, the Pac 12 North Championship, the Championship game, the BCS game, the national championship picture with the top four teams.

Obviously the Utes would have to lose somewhere along the lines and Cal would have to beat them in the championship game later on in December. That was an important development that Utah would continue to win and to keep the spotlight on themselves and also the league itself. With Cal up next is UCLA (4-2) this Thursday night and the key for them is to jump on back and keep them reeling. The Bruins were beat up at Stanford (5-1) last Thursday night 56-35.

Morris Phillips does the Cal Bears podcast each week at

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: SJ Sharks celebrate 25th anniversary

By Amaury Pi Gonzalez

SAN JOSE–The 2015-16 National Hockey League season just got under way, and the NHL team for the Bay Area, the San José Sharks are celebrating their 25th Anniversary. Hard to believe, this reporter covered the Sharks even since when they were building their current home SAP Arena in San José, and while they where playing their very first games of their history at the Cow Palace in Daly City. I remember when I was working for Telemundo 48 in San José, reporting from the construction site where the SAP Arena where it is today, and also covering their first game at the Cow Palace, and also their first game at their new arena in San José 25 years ago. A lot has happened during the past 25 years.

History tells us that the San José Sharks were the first NHL franchise in Bay Area history since the California Golden Seals, which -by the way- moved from Oakland to Cleveland in 1976. One of Sports Radio Service’s own, Mr. Len Shapiro has followed the hockey scene in the Bay Area longer than anybody I have known. Len was the assistant Public Relations man for the California Seals, and then the Public Relations man for the last two years in Oakland. Len covered the team 1967-1973 for KPEN radio in Los Altos.

The California Seals were part of the “Second Six”when they joined the NHL in 1967. They played through the end of the 1975 season and the last game was on April 4, 1975 as they beat the Kings. The next team in the Bay Area was the San Francisco Shamrocks and they played at the Cow Palace from 1977 to 1978. They won the PHL title in their first season 1977-78. Wayne “Moon”Rivers was the coach. The next segment of hockey history was the NHL exhibition games played at the Cow Palace and Oakland Arena from 1984 to 1992. The key game was played in 1988 when Wayne Gretzky was traded to Los Angeles. “We had the Kings scheduled to play the Red Wings and we sold out the game in 90 minutes”said Shapiro, today one of the great historians of hockey in Northern California, who continues “The NHL noticed and so did former Seals owner George Gund, who owned at this point the Minnesota North Stars, so when San José got it’s act together and built an arena, the National Hockey League then awarded San José a team”

Like Len says “today 25 years later hockey has a strong hold in Northern California”. It was because of people like Len Shapiro with their knowledge of the game of hockey, his passion and perseverance in promotion of the game of hockey that now the Bay Area enjoys an NHL franchise like the San José Sharks and thousands of fans crowd the SAP arena during their games. In my book he is truly a Pioneer in hockey for Northern California and Len deserves the recognition.

The San José Sharks are celebrating their 25th year in the Bay Area with numerous promotions. The team also extended their commitment to broadcasting all their games on KFOX 98.5FM radio with Dan Rusanowsky at the mic member of the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. While multiple Emmy Award winner Randy Hahn provides all the action on Comcast Sportsnet California.

Congratulations Sharks on your 25th Anniversary and the best of luck trying to bring home their first Stanley Cup.

(Thanks to Len Shapiro, who was there from the very beginning of professional hockey in the Bay Area for his collaboration)

Amaury Pi Gonzalez and Len Shapiro are both talk show hosts for

photo credit Sharks 25th anniversary logo


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NCAA Podcast with Michelle Richardson: MSU caps on Harbaugh and Wolves fumble; Fournette racks up big offensive day for LSU; Hogan has Cardinal headed for top rankings

On the podcast today with Michelle, Michigan State University Spartans (7-0) cashes in with a huge win over the Michigan Wolverines (5-2)9 after a fumble on a punt by Wolves kicker Blake O’Neil. Once the ball eluded O’Neil the Spartans defensive back Jalen Watts Jackson recovered the ball and ran it the other way for 38 yards for the game winner Saturday 27-23.

LSU’s (6-0) Leonard Fournette knows something about perfect records and play he ran for 180 yards and two touchdowns and LSU’s Les Miles faked a field goal with just seconds left in the game to get the game winner over the Florida Gators (6-1). This was the second time in five years that LSU has executed the fake punt against the Gators for the 35-28 win.

Thursday was a busy day for Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan who led the Cardinal to a 56-35 victory over the UCLA Bruins (4-2). Hogan tossed for 131 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception. The Cardinal keep on winning while UCLA are going the other way.

Listen to Michelle on her NCAA commentary podcast below at

photo credit Yahoo Sports MSU DB Jalen Watts Jackson

Oakland Raiders podcast with Jeremy Kahn: Tuck out for the year major hit on Raiders psyche

On the podcast today Jeremy discusses the effects of losing defensive end Justin Tuck. Tuck had surgery done for a torn pectoral and there is talk that he could be out next season too. Tuck reportedly is anxious to rehab and will try and do everything he can to get back for next season.

Tuck’s teammates have insisted that Tuck be there in the dressing room and for team meetings despite the injury the team respects his leadership and wants his presence around. Mario Edwards is expected to take Tuck’s place. The Raiders who are on a bye this week are getting ready for the San Diego Chargers for Sunday the 25th.

The Raiders have said they depend heavily on the pass rushing of Aldon Smith and Khalil Mack. Also after this meeting with the Chargers the Raiders have no further meetings with a divisional team until December 6th. They want to make this one count when the they face the Chargers on the 25th.

Jeremy Kahn does the Raiders podcast each week at

photo credit google images of Justin Tuck Raiders

San Francisco 49ers podcast with David Zizmor: Brooks a vital part of the 49ers defense looking forward to getting back into the line up

by David Zizmor

photo credit google images 49ers Ahmad Brooks

SANTA CLARA–The San Francisco 49ers Ahmad Brooks had to take a week off to be with family because of the death of his sister. Brooks is back and he’s a very vital part of the 49ers line up and defense. When former 49ers Aldon Smith was arrested and released again and is now an Oakland Raider the Niners weren’t sure how they were going to address the outside linebacker.

Brooks will be moved over to Smith’s old spot that’s Brooks assignment so far. Brooks hasn’t really done much of note this season and he didn’t recall any tackles or sacks or anything. He is a starter and he is a good player and when Brooks is away it hurts the defense. If you watched the 49ers play the New York Giants last week you know that NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning threw for 400 plus yards against the 49ers defense.The Giants put out some 500 yards of offense that’s not good. Having Brooks back on the field helps and what effect its going to have this week against Baltimore I couldn’t tell you exactly but having him out there is a positive for the 49ers defense.

Recently former 49er quarterback Joe Montana said that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick needs to stay in the pocket a little more, the only real problem is with that statement is the 49ers offensive line has done a really bad job protecting Kaepernick when he’s in the pocket. When Kaepernick is given time which we saw with the Giants last week he’s not so bad in the pocket he can make throws. It’s when he gets under pressure is when he has problems.

Listen to more with David on the 49ers podcast at click below

NHL Podcast with Joe Lami: Sharks goalie Martin stopping everything in sight; Sharks could get their fourth straight

On the San Jose Sharks podcast today Joe Lami covers how the Sharks are a wall of fire who have won three straight with two straight shutouts including blanking the incredible Washington Capitals 5-0 on Tuesday night. The Sharks will be looking for their fourth straight win in a row against New Jersey 0-3, followed by visits with the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers Joe takes you through each team on how the Sharks will fare in those contests.

Sharks goaltender Martin Jones has the hot hand and it looks like team general manager Doug Wilson made a wise selection that’s paying dividends. Martin has thrown two straight shutouts, one against the Anaheim Ducks and the other with the 5-0 win over Washington on Tuesday. He just might be able to pull off another one against New Jersey on Friday night.

Joe discusses this and much more on this week’s NHL podcast at click below

photo credit by google images of SJ Sharks Goalie Martin Jones