Oakland A’s podcast with Daniel Dullum: Will A’s leaving a large TV market for Vegas prove to be huge mistake?

Las Vegas Ballpark home of the Las Vegas Aviators the A’s minor league club beverages at the ready in the bleachers. If the A’s and the city of Las Vegas make it official to move the A’s could the A’s start playing their games at the minor league ballpark while the new stadium goes under construction? (photo from thelvballpark.com)

On the Oakland A’s podcast with Daniel:

#1 Daniel, just wanted to start the podcast discussing the elephant in the room it’s been weeks since we heard anything from the city of Oakland in their efforts to try and keep the Oakland A’s in Oakland those hopes are fading fast as A’s management in the last few months have been seeking a site for a new Las Vegas ballpark.

#2 Daniel, the average income in Vegas is $35,000 to $51,000 and a much smaller population than the Bay Area that said are the A’s looking at the successes of other sports teams who are in Vegas and they can sell games near capacity or is this just one big roll of the dice for the A’s going to a smaller 40th size TV market and hope to sell out most of their 81 home dates?

#3 The city of Oakland did not get federal financing of $182.9 million back in January from the US Department of Transportation. The City of Oakland’s Transportation manager Fred Kelly said that the city will seek other streams of income to finance the Howard Terminal Ballpark so far nothing.

#4 Daniel, back out on the field the talk of the town is Japanese pitcher Shintaro Fujinami who will bet the start against the Shohei Othani and the Los Angeles Angels on Thu Mar 30th at the Oakland Coliseum. Fujinami was 4-4 with an ERA 4.26 in spring training and he’s expected to be a key starter for the A’s this season.

#5 The A’s will open up their season against the Angels on Thu Mar 30 and have a rare Friday off on the 31st before getting back to the Coliseum on Fri Arp 1st against the Angels. One of the top concerns at the start of this season is how will the hitters and pitchers adjust to the time clock.

Daniel Dullum does the Oakland A’s podcasts each Friday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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