AFC Playoffs podcast with Tony Renteria: NFL orders Bills-Bengals game scrapped; Hamlin quick recovery addresses teammates from hospital on Face Time

Damar Hamlin seen here without his helmet on before game against the Los Angeles Rams at Inglewood at SoFi Stadium on Sep 8, 2021 (AP New file photo)

On the NFL Playoffs podcast with Tony Reneria:

#1 Tony, the NFL last night canceling Monday Night Football’s suspended game between the Buffalo Bills (12-3) and the Cincinnati Bengals (11-4) after defensive tackle Darmar Hamlin had to be treated on the field for a cardiac arrest. At first Tony it looked like this game was really need to be played at some point to help decide the outcome of the AFC playoffs now it’s not going to be played at all.

#2 Doctors have said that Hamlin has made dramatic improvements including squeezing the hands of family members in the hospital, he’s reportedly been able to move his hands and feet and has even spoken to family members.

#3 So this game with the Bills and Bengals is canceled and off the books but do you see a possibility that these two teams could match up down the line in the playoffs?

#4 The Kanas City Chiefs (13-3) are sitting in a good position and they’ve got home field advantage, they get a bye at the begging of the playoffs and have just dominate on both sides of the football going into post season.

#5 Tony lastly talk about the Los Angeles Chargers (10-6) and the Baltimore Ravens (10-6) both teams finishing in second in their respective divisions and have both finished soundly to end the regular season. What do you like about these two teams chances in the AFC playoffs.

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