Stanford Cardinal podcast with Michael Roberson: Big Game Friday as Cal hosts Stanford at Haas Pavilion

The Stanford Cardinal forward Spencer Jones (14) who led all scorers on Sat Dec 31, 2023 against the Utah Utes takes a shot against the Utes center Branden Carlson (35) (photo by Stanford Cardinal MBB)

On Stanford Cardinal podcast with Michael Roberson:

#1 It wasn’t a rocking New Years eve for the Stanford Cardinal (5-9) last Saturday as the visiting Utah Utes (11-4) defeated the Stanford Cardinal 71-66 at Maples Pavilion.

#2 Michael, the Cardinal who were down by as much as double digits closed in the Utes lead within two but couldn’t seal the deal.

#3 Despite the Cardinal making a charge and closing the game to just two points that speaks to the Utes defense and they were able to bring up the score to five points over the Cardinal to pull away from the Stanford surge.

#4 All things considered the Cardinal Spencer Jones led with 16, Isa Silva 11, and Max Murrell 10, these three players played key roles in the Cardinal keeping up with the Utes in that second half.

#5 Michael it’s off for the Big Game at Cal Berkeley you’ll be on hand covering the Cardinal and our very own Morris Phillips will be doing coverage for our page on the Cal Bears (2-13). The Cardinal go into Berkeley having lost three of their last five games and Cal has won two of their last three games. Michael tell us how you see the outcome of this game on Fri Jan 6th.

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