Will Mets reduce Correa’s pay and years after latest physical?; Latest physical vindicates Giants

Superstar shortstop Carlos Correa has yet to confirm if the New York Mets will confirm him to try on their uniform as contract negotiations have turned tide from the $315 million 12 year offer to something that could be significantly less after he failed a physical with the Mets (photo image from ESPN)

By Morris Phillips and Michael Duca

SAN FRANCISCO–To what degree is Carlos Correa damaged goods and will the New York Mets seek a reduced contract in years and salary after confirming what the San Francisco Giants had found when Correa failed his physical in San Francisco on Tuesday. Granted the Giants were accused of reneging on the deal and their was a cloud of suspicion over the Giants motives and was the failed physical of Correa at the time believable.

Some newspaper reporters said that the Giants credibility was shot after making the decision to back out on signing Correa and that the organization was not to be trusted and that this concludes why they can’t sign big name stars like Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, and Shohei Ohtani. Whatever happened in not signing those other players the Giants in the case of Correa were of good faith and up front that yes indeed Carlos Correa does have an injury that prevented San Francisco from signing the superstar shortstop.

While the Giants are vindicated amongst those who doubted them there was this push in the press on Giants team president Farhan Zaidi, a doubt at his word and a question why did Zaidi call off the press conference at the 11th hour on Tuesday morning, if Correa was so injured why wasn’t his injury disclosed? What was Zaidi really hiding in calling off Correa’s introduction and did the Giants really want out of the deal? Zaidi could not disclose the medical condition because of HIPAA laws that protect doctor-client privacy.

Now that the New York Mets have confirmed what Zaidi has said all along let there be little doubt that the Giants are vindicated by their medical staff’s findings. The Mets medical staff’s findings like a second opinion now confirm that Correa did have a pre existing issue but rather than send Correa packing they are exploring ways to work a new deal out with his agent Scott Boras and Correa.

One option might be that the Mets can reduce that 12 year $315 million offer to something for example in the neighborhood of four years and $60 million per say based on performance and staying healthy. As it was reported Correa had suffered a lower right leg injury when he broke a fibula while making a slide single A high ball back in 2014.

It also should be noted after the Giants voided the contract proposal Boras approached the Minnesota Twins this being after he and Correa turned down the Twins ten year offer to Correa after the 2022 season. The Twins after learning of Correa’s not passing the physical with the Giants took a turn at taking a pass on Correa and now the Mets and Correa are trying to “work through” a possible new deal for Correa for 2023 which most likely will be much less than what the Twins were offering after the 2022 season.

Morris Phillips and Michael Duca cover the San Francisco Giants for http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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