Mets sign Correa, San Francisco drops him after failing physical due to undisclosed reasons

Former Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa failed two physicals according to the San Francisco Giants thus forfeiting a $350 million deal. Correa came to terms with the New York Mets later on Tues Dec 20, 2022 signing Correa to a $315 million 12 year deal after the Giants deal fell through (AP News file)

By Morris Phillips and Michael Duca

SAN FRANCISCO–Carlos Correa who had signed a $350 million with the San Francisco Giants but the deal was annulled due failing two physicals. Correa who had past back problems it was reported that was not the reason why he failed his physicals.

The Giants and Correa could have negotiated for a lower salary number but that will not be necessary after learning the Giants had decided to drop Correa due to the failed physicals the New York Mets came in and signed Correa to a $315 million 12 year contract.

The Giants were set to introduce Correa to the media on Tuesday morning at 11 AM but the presser was canceled after learning of Correa’s physical results. The Giants would not disclose the specifics of why Correa failed his physical but it sure didn’t make a difference to the Mets who grabbed him right away after learning the Giants no longer were interested in his services.

Upon learning the news about the Giants and Correa no longer doing business together many in MLB and those who cover Correa were shocked upon learning the news on Tuesday. Once Mets owner Stephen A Cohen learned of Correa being back on the free agency market it didn’t take long for the Mets to reach out to him with an offer that he quickly agreed to and signed.

The Mets during the Correa sweepstakes weren’t able to sign him because the Giants had upped the offer to $350 million to the Mets $315 million. The Mets kept the number the same but figuring it was known that Correa failed two physicals and the Mets believed in Correa regardless signed him and hope to rehabilitate Correa inspite of his injuries.

Cohen was in Hawaii when the deal went down, “We need one more thing, and this is it,” Cohen said “This was important … This puts us over the top. This is a good team. I hope it’s a good team!” The Mets general manager Billy Eppler meanwhile kept busy and on Tuesday they also signed another big name pitcher Justin Verlander who had just won the 2022 World Series with the Houston Astros.

Eppler who was at the baseball winter meetings earlier this month on Dec 4-7 in San Diego pursued Verlander and with pitcher Max Scherzer in the rotation the Mets have two of the best starters in baseball for the 2023 season.

Michael Duca and Morris Phillips both cover SF Giants baseball for

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