That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Why the Giants need Aaron Judge

The author Amaury Pi Gonzalez prepares for doing the Oakland A’s Spanish radio broadcast at Yankee Stadium on Oct 3, 2018 against the New York Yankees for the American League Wild Card game (photo from Amaury Pi Gonzalez)

Why the Giants need Aaron Judge

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

SAN FRANCISCO–At the time of this article, the Yankees and the Giants are still on a bidding war to get Aaron Judge a long-term contract of over $350 to $400 million. What many consider now the legitimate home run king for one season, with 62 in 2022, Aaron was born in Northern California and was a Giants fan most of his life.

Although Judge has played only for the New York Yankees, in today’s baseball loyalty is out the window. We witnessed last season how Freddy Freeman left the Atlanta Braves to sign with the LA Dodgers. Freeman was the most popular Brave in Atlanta since the days of Larry “Chipper” Jones (HOF).

You would think Aaron Judge values the legacy of the Yankees, and their great history, winning more World Series than anybody else, plus the last three great home run record setters in the American League all are Yankees; Babe Ruth in 1927 with 60 home runs, Roger Maris in 1961 with 61 home runs and then Aaron Judge in 2022 with 62 home runs.

The three main reasons the Giants really need Aaron Judge.

1-The Giants haven’t had a slugger since the days of Barry Bonds, who retired in 2007 (15 years ago). Bonds failed again to get enough votes (getting only four votes) for the Hall of Fame this week. He is in danger of becoming the “forgotten slugger”, a man with a record 762 home-run career and seven (7) MVP Awards, whom baseball still doesn’t recognize.

2-Attendance has gone down during the last few seasons at Oracle Park in San Francisco, the Giants have a mediocre team, they did not make the postseason (not counting the Covid years). The Western Division is dominated today by the Dodgers and Padres. There is little excitement these days at Oracle Park, although they still have a very good fan base.

3-The Warriors who play within walking distance of Oracle Park, at Chase Center, have become San Francisco’s most popular team and have taken the shine out of the Giants.

If the Giants do steal Judge from the Yankees, they still will need more talent to rival Los Angeles and San Diego. As good as Judge has been in a career of seven seasons with the Yankees with a total of 220 home runs and 437 RBI he has never won a World Series.

Even with one of the greatest individual seasons for a player in history, this 2022 when he set the new American League home run record with 62 and won the MVP, his Yankees did not make it to the World Series. Baseball is not football. The team with Tom Brady usually goes deep into the post season and most times to the Super Bowl and win it all, but there has never been one single player in baseball than can do that.

Aaron Judge is will be 31 years old next April and if he signs with the Giants for nine years (as his contract offer is rumored to be) will retire as a Giant. Not a bad deal for a kid who grew up less than two hours from San Francisco as a Giants fan.

The Yankees are the Yankees, they always build their teams with one goal only, to win the World Series. If the Yankees do not resign Judge, this will be one of the hardest punch-in-the-gut to their huge fan base, who spend a lot of money year after year and expect the Yankees to do the same.

There could be a misery team out there (not the Giants or the Yankees) it happens during negotiations of this sort, mega stars with huge contracts, but for now, there is a high probability that Aaron Judge will probably be wearing a Yankee or Giants jersey come Spring Training.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead Spanish play by play voice of the Oakland A’s on flagship station 1010 KIQI San Francisco and does News and Commentary at

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