That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Nevada Election could Impact the A’s move

Nevada Governor elect Joe Lombardo takes center stage at Rancho High School in Las Vegas on Mon Nov 14, 2022 he was elected governor the next day and the question remains will he publicly finance an Oakland A’s move with public money to come to Las Vegas? (AP News photo)

Nevada Election could Impact the A’s move

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez

Joe Lombardo (R) beat Steve Sisolak (D) to become the new governor of the State of Nevada. Sisolak (who lost) was a strong proponent of Southern Nevada’s $750 million subsidy to help build the Raiders stadium just west of the Strip. Sisolak aired two TV commercials highlighting his support for the Raiders, Las Vegas Aces, Vegas Golden Knights, and the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix set for November 2023.

Sisolak was not in favor of using tax money in order to help the A’s built their new stadium in Las Vegas. Even with the emphasis on sports growth in Las Vegas in his political spots, the sports theme was not enough to put Sisolak over the top. But, as much as Sisolak was a strong proponent for Southern Nevada’s advancement in the professional sports world, it was the former Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (Republican) who triggered the Raiders stadium project as he created the Las Vegas tourism panel that basically build the new stadium where the Raiders now play. In Las Vegas it is believed Sandoval and not Sisolak was the driving force for the big sports scene in Las Vegas.

So now a new governor takes over in Nevada. Joe Lombardo, a Republican, he was previously a Sheriff. Lombardo has not made any comments on how he stands as far as the Oakland A’s moving to Las Vegas, but it is believed he is not opposed to the idea.

Governments using public dollars for sports venues that help private sports teams are non-partisan public policy debates and transcend traditional political party talking points. Some Republicans and some Democrats support using public subsidies for sports stadiums and arenas and others oppose it. In other words, this is a regional situation, which has little to do with national policies regarding the two main political parties and their philosophies. This is more business than politics.

We will know sooner than later, what Mr. Joe Lombardo’s opinion is regarding the possible move of the Oakland A’s to Las Vegas, Nevada. If Lombardo is in favor of using tax money to help the A’s new stadium in Las Vegas, that would be a “game changer” and could move the needle for the A’s packing their bags to Sin City.

Meanwhile here in Oakland, there still has not been a decision who is the new Mayor of Oakland. Loren Taylor is leading Sheng Thao with thousands of votes yet to be counted. Probably (whomever wins) wants to keep the A’s in Oakland. Libby Schaff who is leaving, supports both of them as she believes they both want to keep the A’s in Oakland.

One thing is for sure, like A’s President Kaval had said in the past, if by this December the Howard Terminal project is not green lit by the City of Oakland, the project is all but dead. Now new leadership in Nevada regarding this issue is unknown but could impact the A’s move. Elections in Nevada, elections in Oakland, like somebody once said “timing is everything”.

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