Golden State Warriors podcast with Barbara Mason: Loss in Detroit is Golden State’s fourth in six games

The Detroit Pistons Cade Cunningham (2) gets a pass off under the double coverage of Golden State Warriors Kevon Looney (5) and Jordan Poole (3) at Little Cesar’s Palace in Detroit on Sun Oct 30, 2022 (AP News photo)

On Golden State Warriors podcast with Barbara Mason:

#1 Barbara the Detroit Pistons had some offense going for them on Sunday as Saddiq Bey scored 28 points and Cade Cunningham fell one assist short of getting a triple double in their victory over the Golden State Warriors at Little Caser’s Palace in Detroit.

#2 How surprising was it for the Pistons who had lost five straight games to defeat a team like the Warriors who lost on a second straight night.

#3 Barbara, what would you say is one of the top reasons why the Warriors have lost four of their last six games and have fallen off in the last week like they have?

#4 Warriors Stephen Curry scored 32 and Jordan Poole had 30 points but no matter how hard the effort on Sunday in Detroit they just fell short and the Pistons offense pulled away led by Bey and Cunningham.

#5 The Warriors next opponent the Miami Heat have had just gone through the same grinder, for the Heat coming off four loses of their last six games have the home floor Tuesday night and after losing to the Warriors last Thursday the Heat with top scorers Jimmy Butler and Bam Adedayo look for an opportunity to even the score with Golden State.

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