Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: Did Warriors Thompson show up Booker and Suns in first career ejection?; Will Judge leave the Yankees?

Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson (left) jaws with Phoenix Sun Devin Booker (right) before shoving Suns Mikal Bridges at Walking Stick Arena in Phoenix on Tue Oct 25, 2022 (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Jessica:

#1 Jessica in Tuesday night’s game in Phoenix their were seven technicals resulting in a career first ejection for Golden State Warrior Klay Thompson after telling Phoenix Suns Devon Booker who said Thompson was a four time World Champion over and over. Things got heated both bumped chests both were hit with technicals and as Thompson walked off he was bumped by the Suns Mikal Bridges and Thompson shoved Bridges resulting in a ejection. Did Thompson show up Booker and the Suns with his rubbing in the four time champion stuff?

#2 Jessica the big question everybody is asking in New York is Aaron Judge done as a New York Yankee as his contract in New York comes to an end. It’s going to be highest bidder for Judge and his Yankee teammates hope he stays on board “He exemplifies what being a New York Yankee is all about,” said Yankee first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

#3 Jessica, the 2022 World Series is about to get underway with the Philadelphia Phillies and the Houston Astros. All the talk has been about how many times Astros manager Dusty Baker had got to the World Series with other teams only to be denied a World Series ring. The Astros are undefeated in post season how do you see Dusty and the Astros chances in getting Dusty his first ring?

#4 The Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson said he’s ready to go this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London this Sunday. Wilson suffering from a hamstring injury sat out last Sunday against the New York Jets. Wilson rehabbed doing exercises on the plane to London.

#5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans said he did not sign an autograph for two officials sideline judge Jeff Lamberth and line judge Tripp Sutter following the Bucs loss to the Carolina Panthers 21-3. Evans said he was talking about golf with Lamberth and Sutter and did not sign an autograph for them.

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