That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Drama in Warriors’ World

The Golden State Warriors Draymond met with the media on Oct 8th will return to Golden State for practice Thu Oct 13, 2022 and will be in the line up against the Denver Nuggets Fri Oct 14, 2022 at the Chase Center in San Francisco (photo from the San Francisco Chronicle)

Drama in Warriors’ World

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

All the Warriors have done recently is win four NBA titles in the last seven years. The reigning champions open their 2022-23 season at home next Tuesday October 18 against the LA Lakers. Draymond Green is slated to return this Thursday for practice and will be eligible to play this Friday against the Denver Nuggets.

Green had been away since last Wed Oct 5th after violently punching teammate Jordan Pool in the face. When Green said he will take a few days off, Coach Steve Kerr called it a “mutual decision”.

The star forward publicly apologized Saturday and said he is taking a few days away to allow the team to ‘heal’ from the incident. It seems we as a culture has become much more up-tight and we are easily offended.

My brain reminded it that back in the day (1997) when the Warriors had Spanish radio and I was doing their play by play, during a practice session in Oakland, Latrell Sprewell snapped after coach P.J Carlesimo said something like “c’mon Spre put some mustard on that pass” Sprewell attacked Carlisimo choking the coach and threatened to kill him.

It was during a practice! But we all have the potential to snap; after all we are all human. In 1997-98 season the Warriors were one of six NBA teams broadcasting all their games in Spanish, the others were Miami, LA Lakers, Houston, San Antonio and Chicago. Right after that incident I received a few requests (calls from media) not only in the Bay Area, but outside across the country, they wanted to know what happened between Sprewell and Carlisimo.

I’ve got a couple of calls from people that were not sports reporters, but regular gossip stuff, (like TMZ these days). I once read that we all have a “rage circuit” inside our brains and at any time the circuit can have a short and prompt us to act violently and sometimes in a very stupid way.

Draymond Green is an amazing player. He always seems to see the whole court as good as anybody. He has an impressive high basketball IQ. When he first came into the NBA many said he was not athletic enough to be a small forward and too small (undersized) in the paint as a power forward. Many believe he didn’t fit into any position.

The were all wrong. Veteran guard Klay Thompson said last season about his teammate. “If you can’t be yelled at by Draymond, you can’t play on the Warriors. Its kind’ve like a bylaw now.”

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