Murray leads Kings with 16 pts in 105-75 victory over Lakers in the Southland

Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook, second from right, jumps as he guards Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox, second from left, as forward LeBron James, left, watches along with Harrison Barnes at Arena in Los Angeles on Mon Oct 3, 2022 (AP News photo)

By Jeremiah Salmonson

Monday night at Arena in Los Angeles marked the first Sacramento Kings game of the season. Granted, it was pre-season it was nonetheless exciting for Kings fans and NBA fans like to see their purple and black back in action. The Kings managed the Lakers with ease winning the game 105–75 in Los Angeles.

A lot has changed since the Sacramento Kings last took the court. New additions to the roster and draft picks have really shaken up the outlook for the Kings this season. In addition to roster changes for the on court ranks, the Sacramento Kings hired a new head coach in the off-season.

New head coach Mike Brown who arrived via the Golden State Warriors in the off-season is poised to take the helm of the kings and try to turn the culture of losing around in Sacramento. The Kings core group of De’Aaron Fox, Harrison Barnes, Domantas Sabonis and company are all back for another season in Sacramento.

In addition to the players remaining on the roster the Kings picked up the likes of Malik Monk via the market and Keegan Murray in the NBA draft. Kings fans are excited to see the development of this team and the new head coach who the current front office wanted not old leadership. On Monday night the Kings put forth a solid effort in their first preseason game of the year.

In the first half most of the starters for both teams played in the game. The contest in the first half was a very even matchup between Kings stars such as De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis taking the court against the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. After the first half of action, The Lakers led the Kings 46–41 going into halftime.

De’Aaron Fox led the way in the first half for the Kings scoring ten points in just over 15 minutes. For the Lakers, Anthony Davis scored the most points in the half with 11. The Kings were poised to take over the game in the second half with the main starters taking the rest of the night off.

In the second half it wasn’t even a contest. The Kings dramatically outscored the Lakers in the second half. The third quarter saw the kings outs score of the Lakers 35-13 while in the fourth quarter the Kings trounced the Lakers 29–16.

All in all the Kings would defeat the Lakers 105–75. It was an impressive win for the Kings who played well on every side of the ball. Keegan Murray led all scorers in the game with 16 points has Anthony Davis led the Lakers with his 11 first half points.

The Kings next match up is in Sacramento against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday at 6 PM PST

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