That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Howard Terminal-A’s lose legal challenge

Issues of about the environment surrounding the Oakland A’s Howard Terminal location and project includes toxic waste and melted shredded metal amongst other environmental problems at Schnitzer Steel Plant in Oakland. (Mercury News file photo)

Howard Terminal: A’s Lose Legal Challenge

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–A lost season with over 100 games in the L column is coming to an end, as the Oakland A’s will play their last three games this season, a series against the LA Angels at the Oakland Coliseum, Monday through Wednesday.

The Oakland A’s also lost a legal challenge in a state appeals court against a metal shredder named Schnitzer which is near the site of the A’s planned new Howard Terminal ballpark.

For decades Schnitzer metals plant has been turning discarded cars, scrap metal, and cars into recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Millions of tons of metals and plastics and others such as lead, copper, and zinc at a potentially dangerous levels.

But this Friday, September 30, a state appeals court overturned a ruling in favor of the A’s, saying that Schnitzer metal shredding company near the proposed Howard Terminal site for the new baseball park need not classify its treated residue as hazardous waste, In a 3-0 decision after reviewing the research studies, Judge Alison Tucher said that “there is no threat to human health or the environment from managing treated metal shredder waste as non-hazardous”

Refreshing our memory – The A’s sued the state agency in August 2020 for refusing to classify the waste as hazardous, saying the plant releases 200,000 tons of metal waste annually that pollutes the air, water and soil.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Paul Herbert ruled in March 2021 that a state law passed seven years earlier required the department to classify metal waste as hazardous, prohibiting its disposal in landfills. But the A’s did not win this one.

The A’s could come back with the argument that they disagree with this decision and they will not build their new park next to a metal waste plant that could endanger the health of their fans.

Now, this ‘legal jujitsu’ might continue as the A’s can seek review in the state Supreme Court. However, so far the A’s and the company have not made any statements regarding this most recent legal decision.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead play by play announcer for the Oakland A’s Spanish radio network and does News and Commentary at

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