San Francisco 49ers podcast with Marko Ukalovic: 49ers politics at play for Santa Clara’s Mayoral race; Bosa one of the most powerful pass rushers in the NFL

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor will be running against City Councilman Anthony Becker for mayor this November. The 49ers have contributed $750,000 to Becker’s campaign. (The Business Journal file photo)

On the 49ers podcast with Marko:

#1 Marko, the Santa Clara City Council who voted to approve accepting $1.6 million to settle stadium disputes with the San Francisco 49ers over city maintenance issues will have city councilman Anthony Becker running for Mayor against current Mayor Lisa Gillmor. This race is garnering publicity because of the F bomb filled debate language used by city councilman Becker before voting on accepting the 49ers offer to settle the dispute.

#2 There are Santa Clara City residents who did not want the 49ers to move to Santa Clara in the first place and are still steamed about traffic and noise issues will the voters vote for Gillmor as a protest vote against Becker.

#3 Onto the 49ers on the field for this Sunday in Chicago: 49ers pass rusher Nick Bosa has been like locomotive train and according to the Los Angeles Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth he said Bosa has shocking strength for a 21 year old to be that powerful.

#4 Marko, linebacker Fred Warner was noted as being one of the quietest players but now is a very vocal team leader how important is he to the 49ers core of veterans?

#5 The Niners open the season with the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field Sunday how do you see the 49ers defense going up against quarterback Justin Herbert and the offensive line?

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