That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Dodgers Spanish announcer Jarrin prepares for retirement after 65 years in baseball; plus more commentary

Los Angeles Dodger Spanish announcer Jaime Jarrin in his broadcast booth at Dodgers Stadium is good friends with Oakland A’s Spanish announcer Amaury Pi Gonzalez. Jarrin broadcasted Dodger baseball in Spanish from beginning to end of his career. (file photo Los Angeles Times)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 In recent interviews Los Angeles Dodgers Spanish radio lead announcer Jaime Jarrin reflected back on a long 65 year career. Jarrin will call it quits after the Dodgers post season.

#2 Amaury, Jaime is a Hall of Famer in the Ford C Frick wing of the Hall of Fame in talking with him what does his enshrinement mean to him.

#3 Amaury, there are a number of fans who are calling out teams who aren’t traveling their play by play announcers because they can tell by the delay on a play that is in question and something they might notice while waiting for clarification on a play that an announcer who is at a live game can call and dial up right away.

#4 Amaury, is it a matter of saving a buck for MLB teams not traveling their broadcasters and how much have has the broadcast suffered not having play by play announcers on the road?

#5 During Friday night’s game at the Coliseum relief pitcher Lou Trivino was warming up in the New York bullpen when bat boy came up to him with a No. 56 jersey Trivino was warming up with a No. 50 jersey. Trivino said after the mishap he wasn’t paying attention and it wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. Trivino said he might try on the No. 99 jersey Aaron Judge’s number for a little run.

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