Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Tough drills for Patriots with Raiders in today’s practice; plus more Raiders news

Miami Dolphins linebacker Duke Riley (45) tackles Las Vegas Raiders running back Kenyan Drake (23) during the first half of Sat Aug 20, 2022 pre season game at US Bank Stadium in Miami (AP News photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Rich:

#1 The idea of having NFL teams facing each other in practice drills has to be a given that friction will be no doubt. That’s what happened in today’s practice between the visiting New England Patriots and the Las Vegas Raiders in Las Vegas today.

#2 The Patriots no doubt were trying to impress their old offensive coach Josh McDaniels but it just wasn’t working on all cylinders for the Pats. On the 11on 11 scrimmages the Pats had only four positive plays in 18 attempts.

#3 Rich looking back on the Raiders last game against the Miami Dolphins they were down towards the stretch 13-12 but as all good teams do the Raiders came back with a fourth quarter touchdown and pulled off a 15-12 win. It might be pre season but the Raiders are 3-0 going into Friday night’s game against the Patriots.

#4 Rich, do you see quarterback Derek Carr getting some snaps in the fourth and final pre season game against the Patriots. Will coach McDaniels want to take a look at what Carr can do before the regular season gets started.

#5 Running back Kenyan Drake said in an interview with AP that the Raiders had no more room in the back field and that the 28 running back will be moving on. Drake was told personally in a phone call by Raiders general manager Dave Zeigler. Drake said that he appreciated the respect of the call from Zeigler.

Rich Perez does the Raiders podcasts at throughout the Raiders 2022 season.

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