Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria: McDaniels says it’s great to be back in Canton for the Hall of Fame game; Site of McDaniels old high school

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels looks forward to returning to his old town in Canton to play the Hall of Fame game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thu Aug 4, 2022 (file photo from The Spun)

Las Vegas podcast with Tony Renteria:

#1 Tony, Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels said that it means a lot to him to return to his old haunt at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium where he played as starting quarterback at Canton McKinley High School where the Raiders will face the Jacksonville Jaguars for the Hall of Fame game on Thu Aug 4h.

#2 McDaniels said it was special to drive down the road where it’s dotted with football helmets towards the stadium and where it was on McDaniels way to get to high school each day, “It was fun I played all my games in this stadium.”

#3Tony, how big of a move is it that the Raiders signed pass rusher Chandler Jones. Jones has not been on the field much for this year’s practices and has missed four straight practice sessions so far.

#4 James Palmer of NFL Media report said that there is no concern that it’s early in the pre season schedule and that Jones wants players to get some reps in before the regular season kicks off.

#5 Also tight end Darren Waller has taken the second straight day of practice off for basically the same reason. Besides giving teammates time to get more reps in no doubt Waller is getting some rest in before this Thursday’s Hall of Fame game?

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