Headline Sports with Jessica Kwong: Blue Jays fire manager Montoya despite being in playoff position; Ten Royals not admitted into Canada for not being vaccinated; plus more news

Charlie Montoya former Toronto Blue Jays manager was fired even though the Jays are still in playoff position. Jays general manager Ross Atkins said the team’s recent performance is the reason why he was fired. (AP News file photo)

On Headline Sports with Jessica:

#1 Toronto Blue Jays have fired Charlie Montaya Wednesday and named John Schneider as their interim manager for the rest of the year. The Jays promoted their Triple A manager Casey Candaele will be the Jays interim bench coach. Jays general manager Ross Atkins said he was disappointed on the Jays recent performance despite the team being in playoff position for a wild card spot.

#2 The Kansas City Royals have ten unvaccinated players who not allowed into Canada to face the Toronto Blue Jays who have refused to take the Covid 19 vaccination. Canada does not permit anyone from the US to enter without being vaccinated. Royals Operation Manager Dayton Moore said at the end of the day it’s players choice even though it impacts the team.

#3 Jessica the New York Yankees pitcher Luis Severino will undergo an MRI today because of right shoulder tightness. Serverino gave up three straight home runs to Cincinnati Reds hitters Kyle Farmer, Mike Moustakus, and Stuart Fairchild on Wednesday which raised red flags and the Yankees would like to find out more about his conditions.

#4 Washington Commanders owner Dan Synder will not be testifying at a House Oversight Committee hearing regarding Washington’s workplace culture which included sexual harassment. The NFL had fined the Commanders $10 million. Synder attorney Karen Patton said Synder won’t testify under subpoena and will do so voluntarily.

#5 Former Las Vegas wide receiver Henry Ruggs who was charged for the firey DUI crash on Nov 2, 2021 in Las Vegas that killed Las Vegas resident Tina Tintor 23 and her dog. Lawyers for Ruggs wanted his blood and alcohol evidence thrown out but the Clark County judge who is presiding over the case had permitted the test as evidence in the case.

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