Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Mariners Winker suspended seven days and Angels manager Nevin suspended ten days for Sunday brawl in Anaheim; plus much more news

Full blown melee at the Big A in Anaheim as the Seattle Mariners Jesse Winker charged the Los Angeles Angels dugout that led to full scale brawl on Sun Jun 26, 2022 in the top of the second inning (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Tony R:

#1 The Seattle Mariners Jesse Winker once he got plunked on the hip during Sunday’s match up between the Mariners and the Los Angles Angels at the Big A in Anaheim Winker was all about the throw down as he was intercepted by Angels catcher Max Stassi and the home plate umpire when he went tried to go out to the mound but when the a objective comment was made at Winker Winker then charged the Angels dugout and that’s when it became a free for all.

#2 The second inning melee resulted in 12 suspensions as result of the top of the second inning brawl. It all started the night before when Angels star Mike Trout almost get hit in the head with a pitch. Then on Sunday Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz threw at the Mariners Julio Rodriguez on a pitch that was behind his head in the top of the first inning.

#3 Turning to the Sacramento Kings the Kings are trying to make some off season moves on has them trying to acquire the Miami Heat’s Victor Oladipo. The Kings are trying to land two impact players that will help jump start the club going into next season.

#4 Former Oakland Raiders Warren Sapp said that Colin Kaepernick’s try out for the Las Vegas Raiders was a disaster but the Raiders general manager Dave Ziegler and Raider head coach Josh Mc Daniels thought Kaepernick had a good workout. Ziegler said that Kaepernick was in great shape and threw the ball well.

#5 San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is still rehabbing his shoulder which was surgically repaired this off season and in camp quarterback Trey Lance has been getting lots of reps and his teammates seemed to think Lance has handled himself despite being in Garoppolo’s shadow.

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