That’s Amaury News and Commentary: A’s at Yankees A Book End Series

The Oakland A’s Sheldon Neuse takes a hack for a RBI single in the top of the third inning at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx against hosts the New York Yankees on Mon Jun 27, 2022 (AP News photo)

A’s at Yankees: A Book End Series

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

After winning their 3-game series in Kansas City, the Oakland A’s are now in New York to face the New York Yankees for the first time this season. A three-game series, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. against the team with the best record in major league baseball, Yankees 53-20 will play the A’s 25-49, with the other 28 MLB teams in the middle.

The great disparity in records doesn’t mean the Yankees will sweep. The beauty of baseball, with so many games during a marathon of a season is that at any given time the team that is a long shot can come out on top.

Although these teams (at this time during the season) closing into the conclusion of the first half are at the top and bottom of major league baseball, one on a pace to win 100 or more games and the other one to lose 100 or more games.

After this series in the Bronx, the A’s will have 88 games left and the Yankees 89 to complete the 2022 regular season schedule. The Yankees could beat the best record for a regular season, which belongs to the 2016 Seattle Mariners 116-46, as well as the 1906 Chicago Cubs who also won 116 games.

In 2001 the Oakland A’s ended with 102-60 and 14 games behind Seattle, that year the A’s played to a .630 percentage. The next season, 2002 A’s had another terrific season 103-59 as they played to a .636 percentage. Both times they failed to win the league and advance to the World Series.

After the Bronx, the A’s will fly across the country to Seattle to face the division rivals Mariners for 4 games and then back to the Oakland Coliseum for a six-game home-stand on the 4th of July for 3 games against Toronto and 3 against Houston. Kansas City is the only team with a losing record that the A’s will face during this stretch.

After this week in New York, the Yankees will play the Athletics once more this year, at Oakland on August 25-28 a four-game series. At that time they could be on their way to the best record ever. But what we can predict is those four games at the Oakland Coliseum will be by far the best attendance for a series this season at the home of the A’s.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Heritage Hall of Fame Museum and does News and Commentary at

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