San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: Will Reds Pham be red hot over T Shirts poking fun over Fantasy Football IR players?

One of the T shirts that San Francisco Giants Joc Pederson wanted pulled and thrown away saying “Stashing players on the IR isn’t cheating” that has set off Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Pham who said he was ready to pimp slap Pederson (image from

On the Giants podcast with Miguel:

#1 Michael, the San Francisco Giants players thought the better of having the “Stashing players on the IR isn’t cheating” T shirts and had them thrown out after a pretty sensitive Cincinnati Reds Tommy Pham took exception to them. With the Reds coming to San Francisco on Fri Jun 24th was that the wise choice made on the Giants part?

#2 Get ready for the pimp slap: Pham was angry about Giants Joc Pederson’s setting injured players on the Injured List and saying it wasn’t cheating. Pham slapped Pederson in the face during batting practice on May 27th do you believe this is over or there’s plenty more of that coming next weekend?

#3 Pederson said that it was wise not to escalate the situation with the T shirts and Pham said all he had to do was release the IR rules and “text how I told Joc I was going to pimp slap him for cheating” which Pham did.

#4 Pederson was also not happy that his autograph was facsimiled on the T shirts as he did not approve the signature on the shirt and wants to prevent another brouhaha with Pham again. Giants pitcher Alex Cobb saw humor in them and was blown away about how Pederson could be so calm about the whole situation.

#5 The Giants open a three game series in Pittsburgh on Friday night at PNC Park. Starting Friday for the Giants Carlos Rodon (5-4, 3.18) and for the Pirates Zach Thompson (3-4, 3.50) a 4:05 pm PDT first pitch.

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