San Francisco Giants podcast with Daniel Dullum: Giants Yastrzemski and Longoria hitting for the long ball; Giants open three game series in Cincinnati tonight

Wilmer Flores (left) and Mike Yastrzemski (center) are excited for Evan Longoria (right) of the San Francisco Giants who just hit a three run home run against the New York Mets on Wed May 26, 2022 at Oracle Park in San Francisco (AP News photo)

On the Giants podcast with Daniel:

#1 Daniel, quite a turn around for the San Francisco Giants on Sunday and Monday they were whipped by the San Diego Padres 10-1 and New York Mets 13-3 but on Tuesday and Wednesday they beat the Mets by scores of 13-12 and 9-3.

#2 One of the key things for the Giants Evan Longoria had a break out game on Wednesday with his two home runs in building the nine run total for the Giants.

#3 Also Giants outfielder Mike Yastrzemski hit a home run to contribute to the cause it was hit fourth homer for the 2022 season.

#4 The Giants Joc Pederson has his groove he hit his fourth home run in two games Tuesday and Wednesday at Oracle Park. Giants manager Gabe Kapler is happy to see Pederson making good contact.

#5  The Giants open a three game series in Cincinnati (14-30) tonight. The Giants will start Carlos Rodon (4-3, 3.43) and the Reds have not announced a starter yet. First pitch is 3:40 pm PDT at Great American Park in Cincinnati.

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