Giants fans are the worst in baseball says Padres Profar; Profar was fantoss target of baseballs and beer bottles at Oracle Park Friday

Jurickson Profar (#10) of the San Diego Padres takes off for first after connecting for an RBI single in the top of the 10th inning against the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park in San Francisco (AP News photo)

By Jerry Feitelberg

SAN FRANCISCO–A fan threw a beer bottle and another threw a baseball towards leftfield at Oracle Park in San Francisco in the bottom of the third inning during Friday’s game between the visiting San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants and that was enough for the Padres Jurickson Profar who was a target by one of the bad aimed fans.

Profar said after the near miss that Giants fans are “the worst in the league.” Profar exchanged words with fans in the bottom of the third inning after he threw a ball into the third base stands after warming up in the outfield. Profar faked throwing the ball for a souvenir into the left field stands and then turned and tossed it into the third base stands. A fan threw the ball back onto the field.

Fans in leftfield took exception with the verbal exchange and the faking of the souvenir toss and decided to do a little tossing themselves throwing a beer bottle and a baseball at the Padres leftfielder. Profar at that point talked to crew chief umpire Ted Barrett who came out to leftfield to see what was going on as Profar was pointing to the leftfield stands.

Fans started booing when Profar picked up one of the tossed balls and Barrett picked up the other. Profar said he tried to throw it to a Padres fan but a Giants fan intercepted the throw and threw the ball at Profar nearly beaning the Padre outfielder. Profar said the then threw the ball back in the stands then one fan threw a beer bottle at Profar.

Profar said after the game that the fans can talk all they want but when they start throwing things that’s a different thing. It didn’t end there Profar had an silver aluminum beer bottle thrown at him in the bottle of the seventh inning. Profar said he was pretty mad and that he could get a concussion if a beer bottle was to hit him in the back of the head.

Profar said that nobody from security came into the left field stands to stop the beer bottle throwing and after teammate Manny Machado talked to Barrett and a security guard on the field. Rightfielder Wil Myers said about the tough crowd that it’s a tough place but Oracle Park is a nice environment.

Barrett was informed before Saturday’s game that extra police and security will watching for fans tossing anything on the field. Profar was not positioned in the outfield to start Saturday’s game but was in the line up as the designated hitter.

Jurickson a former Oakland A’s player from across the bay played for Oakland for one season in 2019. In spite of that the fans attitude is he’s wearing the wrong uniform and fans at Oracle are viewing the Padres as a rival team.

Jerry Feitelberg is a baseball staff writer for

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