Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Westbrook confronts reporter in post game presser; Gruden sells his $7 million mansion; plus more

Los Angeles Lakers Russell Westbrook left the podium to confront Los Angeles Times writer Brian Turner regarding Westbrook’s question to Turner about what needed to change and when Turner said “winning” Westbrook went to confront Turner (photo from TMZ)

On Headline Sports with Tony R:

#1 Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers was questioned Los Angeles Time reporter Brad Turner who asked Westbrook “what changes going forward?” Westbrook said “Nothing man Nothing” then asked Turner “What do you think needs to change?” Turner responded “winning” Westbrook got off the podium and confront Turner where he was standing and the two went back and forth before Westbrook asked the members of the media there present if they videoed the interaction.

#2 Westbrook has been struggling badly, he has been heckled by fans on the street and in the stands, the Lakers have struggled all season long and he and his family members have been called “the Westbricks” by fans. Were does Russell Westbrook go from here?

#2 Tony, former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden sold his Las Vegas mansion for over $7 million. Gruden was fired by the Raiders for sending racist, misogynistic and homophobic emails to former Washington Commanders team president Robert Allen which were uncovered in an NFL investigation. The $7 million Gruden mansion sold quickly.

#3 Talks between former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the Seattle Seahawks have not progressed. Kaepernick who had filed a grievance with the NFL over collusion which settled with him privately. It looks smells like a rat again as the Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll likes what he sees in Kaepernick but the Seahawks won’t sign him. Are the Seahawks management getting marching orders from the league not to sign Kaepernick?

#4 Rory McIlroy said it would be phenomenal if Tiger Woods could participate in next week’s Master’s at Augusta National Golf Club. It’s been over 500 days since Woods has participated in official PGA tour event. McIlroy and the sport would like to see him come back.

#5 Former Los Angeles Angels superstar Albert Pujols has joined the St Louis Cardinals for his last year of playing ball. Pujols formerly played first base for Cards before leaving for the Southland and played for the Angels for ten years and is back for a last hurrah with the Cards before retiring.

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