Oakland A’s podcast with Daniel Dullum: In a blink of an eye A’s household names gone

Oakland A’s pitcher Sean Manaea who is being sought by multiple teams is seen here walking off the field against the Chicago White Sox on Thu Sep 9, 2021 at the Oakland Coliseum. Manaea and teammate Frankie Montas are expected to be traded at anytime now (AP file photo)

On the Oakland A’s podcast with Daniel:

#1 It’s been a busy month for the Oakland A’s and the first pitch of Cactus League is today as the A’s face the LA Angels. The A’s with the departures of Matt Chapman, Matt Olson, Mark Canaha, Starling Marte, Chris Bassitt, have gone to greener pastures. Where does this leave the A’s.

#2 As far as the A’s brand goes fans should be familiar with the way the team goes about business when they players value goes up it’s time for a fire sale and time to rebuild no secret in what is happening with this year’s A’s team.

#3 Daniel, the A’s are looking to deal pitchers Frankie Montas and Sean Manaea is this more of the cost cutting moves by Oakland or is it a matter of seeing what they can get for two veteran pitchers.

#4 It was predicted by Baseball Prospectus that the A’s will have the second worst record in the majors second to the Baltimore Orioles. The A’s are predicted to finish the 2022 season with a .407 winning percentage just above the Orioles with .381.

#5 Three veteran players could be the only ones returning to the A’s line up as everyone including former A’s manager Bob Melvin have departed, the remaining A’s expected to return are outfielder Stephen Piscotty, infielder Elvis Andrus, and catcher Sean Murphy is a maybe.

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