San Jose Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa: Competitive game Sharks get edged against a good team in the Panthers

The Florida Panthers Nick Vatrano’s overtime shot finds the back of the net as the San Jose Sharks goaltender James Reimer is caught off guard at the SAP Center in San Jose on Tue Mar 15, 2022 (AP News photo)

On the Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa:

#1 Mary Lisa please talk a little about Nick Vatrano no doubt the number one star for the Florida Panthers on Tuesday night at SAP Center. Vatrano scored a tying goal in third period and at 1:11 in the overtime stanza scored the game winner for the Panthers 3-2 win.

#2 Vatrano was skillful as well as fast beating goaltender James Reimer to the net to get a top slot goal. It was a tough chance for Reimer to try to defend the puck.

#3 The Sharks had the lead for two periods before Vantrano’s one man come back to extend the Panthers for their seventh win after getting behind after two periods.

#4 Vatrano said that the Panthers have been coming back and winning games all season long and Tuesday night’s overtime is just another example of the success they have had.

#5 The Sharks will play the Los Angeles Kings for the third time in their last four games and the Sharks have beat them all three times this season on Thursday night at the Arena in downtown LA a 7:00 pm PDT puck drop.

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