Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Griner accused of drug smuggling in Moscow; Where MLB and players stand in lockout; plus more

The Phoenix Mercury star player Brittney Griner (42) is in a holding cell in Moscow as Rep Barbara Lee has demanded for her release. Griner has been detained for at least three weeks. (AP file photo)

On Headlines podcast with Jerry F:

#1 Phoenix Mercury and WNBA All Star Brittney Griner as it was learned that she had already been in a Russian prison for three weeks when it was announced on Saturday that a dog sniffing for drugs at the Moscow Airport flagged her suit case for cannabis. Griner is looking at ten years if convicted of illegal drug smuggling.

#2 Jerry on two issues surrounding the MLB lockout should the players consider relenting on the luxury tax and the players said the would relent on going from 12 to 14 teams for playoffs.

#3 Jerry another tough game for the San Jose Sharks on Saturday night against the Nashville Predators. The Sharks have lost ten of their last 12 games and the Predators have now won four of their last eight games. The Sharks were shutout for most of the game with the Preds carrying a 4-0 lead after two periods if you thought that was bad Nashville scored four more unanswered goals in the fourth period to crush the Sharks 8-0 in a shutout laugher.

#4 Back to baseball MLB and the players are still far apart on revenue sharing and the big market teams vs. small market teams, salary arbitration, and the MLB minimum salary.

#5 The Golden State Warriors (43-21) melted down in the fourth quarter 35-22 they just could get any offense going and struggled to even keep up with the Los Angeles Lakers (28-35) this is all kind of shocking as the Warriors have lost seven of their last eight games and have lost four games in a row.

Jerry F is filling in for Bruce Magowan who does Headline Sports podcasts every other Sunday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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