Sacramento Kings podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: All Star Break couldn’t have come at a better time for weathered Kings

Sacramento Kings Davion Mitchell will not participate in the NBA All Star break’s Rising Star’s Challenge in Cleveland due to suffering from a hand contusion. Mitchell is expected to return to action on Thu Feb 24, 2022 at the Chase Center in Sacramento (file photo from Hoops Habit)

On the Sacramento Kings podcast with Jeremiah:

#1 Jeremiah, going over some of the Sacramento Kings Domantas Sabonis who is averaging 18 points per game, 12 rebounds, and has 5.1 assists. How important is he since joining the team?

#2 The Kings DeAaron Fox led the Kings with 33 points against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night. When the Kings struggle in some of their games they always seem to look for Fox as their go to guy for offense.

#3 Sobonis didn’t hold back landing second on the Kings leaderboard behind Fox on Wednesday fending of the Bulls defense and scoring 22 points.

#4 Jeremiah the Kings Davion Mitchell has a hand contusion and will not participate in All Star weekend during the Rising Stars Challenge. With Mitchell out that means the Kings will not be represented at all during All Star weekend in Cleveland.

#5 Mitchell will rest the hand and hopes to be back in the Kings next game Thu Feb 24th against the Denver Nuggets at Golden One Center in downtown Sacramento.

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