Warriors Provide Electric Play To Trounce Bulls 138-96

Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole, left, dribbles against Chicago Bulls guard Ayo Dosunmu (right) at the United Center in Chicago on Fri Jan 14, 2022 (AP News photo)  

Warriors Provide Electric Play To Trounce Bulls 138-96

By Barbara Mason

After last nights game against the Milwaukee Bucks the Golden State Warriors were not entirely sure what they would be seeing from the Golden State Warriors going forward. The Bucks put the hurt on the Warriors in a blowout 118-99. At the half in that game the Bucks led by the score of 77-38.

Friday night the Warriors (31-11) took on another great team the Chicago Bulls (27-13). The Bulls are the leaders in the Eastern Conference and were probably pretty confident going into this game especially seeing what the Bucks had done to Golden State last night. Going into the game the Bulls were favored by four points.

We knew that it was just a matter of time before the Warriors shook off the funk they were in. We know what this team is capable of. What we saw in this game was a reversal of fortune. Golden State totally cleaned up the turnovers and the shooting in this game was a thing of beauty.

After the first quarter the Warriors led 37-28. In the second quarter it was the Warriors who took a significant lead into the locker room 78-47. Instead of giving up 77 points in the first half, Golden State scored 78 points.

Andrew Wiggins had 20 points at the half followed by Jordan Poole with 15. Jonathan Kuminga and Stephen Curry both had double digits. With only two turnovers in the game and 11 of 24 from downtown plus shooting at 57% it was clear that the Warriors were on a mission.

The Warriors had held the Bulls to 45% shooting and forced eleven turnovers which turned into 21 points for Golden State. There was a bit of a scare in the second quarter when Curry fell on his hand and favored his wrist for a bit.

He was able to shake it off and it appeared that he suffered no ill effects from the fall. Going into the third quarter the Warriors kept the pressure on the Bulls. Four of the Warriors starters had shot in double digits mid-way through the quarter.

Kevon Looney had a double double with 11 rebounds and 10 points. It was an amazing turnaround for the team. It was Warrior basketball at it’s finest. It was all Warriors through three quarters. When they should have been fatigued from back to back games, the Warriors were sharp and refreshed and showing not a sign of lethargy or weariness.

As the third quarter came to an end the Warriors were still tearing it up 112-72 for a 40 point lead.

In the fourth quarter it was Jonathan Kuminga who was attacking the rim like a pro shooting for 23 points. This was as complete a game offensively and defensively as one could ask for. In the fourth quarter Curry went to the locker room to have his hand evaluated. He returned without a wrap on his hand and appeared to be just fine. The final was 138-96 in a blowout.

Off the bench Kuminga had 25 points in an excellent game, his best of the season. Starters Poole had 22 and Andrew Wiggins had 21. They finished with only seven turnovers.

“We needed this win, it was important. We’ve got to be strong and show them what we are about,” said Wiggins after the game. “We have a lot of guys who can dominate,” he said.

The Warriors will be taking on the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday to end their road trip. Tipoff is scheduled for 5:00 PM. Golden State will head home after this game for a 7-game home stand.

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