San Jose Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa Walsh: Latest Kane allegation using a fake vaccination card

San Jose Sharks Evander Kane is under investigation by the NHL being accused of using a fake vaccination card. He currently is being investigated for being accused of assaulting his wife and has been on administration leave during this period (USA Today file photo)

On the SJ Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa:

#1 Mary Lisa we could be watching the deconstruction of a great talent in that of Evander Kane who scored 22 goals last season and has all sorts of abilities to help a club. Instead after being accused of gambling on hockey and getting cleared for those accusations. Kane now faces a new allegation that he used a fake vaccine card.

#2 The penalty for using a fake Covid 19 card in the US is six months in jail and a $750,000 fine. We knew that Kane was being accused of Covid 19 protocols but using a fake Covid card took everyone by surprise.

#3 Kane had been accused of gambling on hockey but was cleared of those accusations but is accused of assaulting his wife which that investigation has not cleared Kane as of yet.

#4 Mary Lisa wanted to now ask you about William Eklund who was drafted number seven overall this summer from Sweden, he will be 19 on opening night, he will be great in the mix, the Sharks were shocked that Eklund was available and was not scooped up quickly by an NHL club.

#5 The Sharks close out the pre season with a game against the Vegas Golden Knight at T Mobile Center in Vegas. The last time the Sharks met with the Knights on Sun Sep 26 the Sharks came out of that one a 4-2 winner. There is little doubt with players fighting for a job this last game should be a thriller.

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