San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: Gausman gets start against Padres to conclude four game series today

San Francisco Giants starter Kevin Gausman who goes today against the San Diego Padres has won five in row and goes for his sixth at Oracle Park in San Francisco (file photo from the Advocate)

On the Giants podcast with Michael:

#1 Lots of excitement this past week the Giants who ended a nine game win streak winning nine of their last ten games clinching on Monday night against the San Diego Padres and most important with our very own Morris Phillips in attendance.

#2 During the nine game win streak they really got some suburb pitching we’ll start with Kevin Gausman 14-5 ERA 2.65 Gausman has won in his last five starts.

#3 Gausman who signed with the Giants last season for $18.5 million has really paid off with the work he’s done. He’s good but did the Giants expect him to be this good.

#4 Catcher Buster Posey whose been around for all three World Series Championships in 2010. 12, and 14 wanted to share Monday’s clinch for post season and let his teammates be the face of the celebration and Posey loved every second of it.

#5 The San Diego Padres have not announced a starting pitcher as of deadline last night but you’ll never guess whose starting today’s game for the Giants, Kevin Gausman gets the call. Knowing and seeing the Padres line up for the last few nights how do you see Gausman matching up against their line up this afternoon?

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